: Have been playing Amumu ranked past few days. AP Amumu to be exact. I win way more games now. So yes, more damage = higher chance to win.
Though not very satisfying when damage is so high, teams just surrender 20 minutes into the game.
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: > [{quoted}](name=CrazyKrypto,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QAEdUobr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-27T19:08:50.754+0000) > > playing with Orianna against a veigar. We both have the same items and CS. Everything is going fine. We both hit level 6. I engage on him, hit all my abililies flawlessly. Got 40% of his hp. He oneshots me with 2 of his own spells while airborne in my ulti. Seems like all mages can oneshot except the one i like. Orianna isn't suposed to oneshot or burst an enemy. She is a control mage with high cc that can turn a teamfight around with 1 ult. She can waveclear hard and is good at anything a midlaner needs to be not perfect at anyone of them. She is a jack of all trades master of none kind of champ so why even compare her to high burst monsters.
Ergo... pretty useless in a high burst meta that we've had for 2 years. The longest meta in League's history because Riot love that $$$ from gullible assassin players using mummy's credit card.
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: If you're asking for my theory: It basically has to do with... luck and maybe the time of day it was posted. The first people to see posts are people regularly using the boards, since they tend to sort the boards by "new", while people new to the boards will sort the boards by "hot". Well, it's not like they will conciously do that, the boards are just sorted by "hot" when you first use them. For people new to the boards, this will give them a quick overview over still recent but also relevant posts - not the 1 upvote post about some dude searching for someone to play with. If the new person wants to search for teammates, they can still go to the Teams, Clubs and Tournaments subboard. To simplify things, I'll just say that regular users of the boards often (not always) tend to be more... "pro-Riot". If a new post criticising Riot gets posted and they see it, they'll downvote it or otherwise shut it down - it'll never get shown on the "hot" tab and people new to the boards and will never see it. In this case, due to the time of day or whatever, regular board users probably didn't really pay a lot of attention to it - or the regular users of the boards who tend to have a negative opinion of Riot saw it first. In the end, the post ended up on the "hot" tab and new users got to see it. Now, new players could've upvoted this post for a lot of reasons, for example that they're unsatisfied with Riot, that they're just searching for somewhere to vent and so on. In any case, if this happens more often or this post gets a lot of attention, then that means Riot should probably take a look at it (even if they won't, or I doubt they will, especially since no one working on the Matchmaking System is on EUW).
Biased emissary is biased. Its funny that the people sucking Riot off like this get nothing real in return. These are "randells", like "Randel" from the cartoon "Recess" and I bet these kind of people would be the first one to tell a teacher at school on another pupil. A lot of companies these days are protected by "shills", its so they can keep producing substandard products without criticism.


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