: All 180+ Mordekaiser bugs ranked by importance and sorted into 17 categories
Must say the rework on mordekaiser was horrible. Forcing him into some kind of weird ADC was terrible from a champion design perspective because now the balance team can never really let mordekaiser shine and be viable.
: Turrets in 2k17
In season 5 (the tank season) they had much more armour and health, were much harder to kill. Basically if you buff the turret you slow down the pace of the game by a lot. But turret changes can really change metas and how the game is played though. I wouldn't expect massive changes to turrets mid season anymore.
Rstonius (EUW)
: What you're not understand is, people in challenger understand how adcs work this season and so on, whereas people in the elo that I play with still think adcs are the same from season 5. For a adc to succeed in solo q they must have a good team or get really fed really early.
How can you then say that ADC is a bad role if there are challenger players like this one: http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=PSG%20Pilot (just took the first I could find) who manage to get a 70% winrate on ADC at challenger level?
Rstonius (EUW)
: My opinion on why ADC is a somewhat bad role in Season 7.
At the moment there are many in challenger who have 70% winrate on ADC's and only play ADC's. In fact I think ADC is the most played role in challenger just like previous season. Your point about ADC being dependant on their team to get stuff done, what is wrong with this? As solo top you also rely on your team to get stuff done and as support as well. You don't really have solo carrying. It's ridiculous that for a duo lane in season 6 the ADC had soo much power as it did. We all remember the Lucian games when he was overpowered how every single game would just be Lucian going godlike and 1v2-5ing. I don't think it's just utility. You see Corki being picked on midlane, that's not just for utility. You get much more utility out of an AP that brings a stun or a slow than an ADC like Ezreal who can dash around and sometimes proc and icebourn gauntlet.
Anflux (EUW)
: Am i The only one seeing how unbalanced season 7 is?
I was kind of stuck at D5 0lp. Then I decided to play jarvan jungle a bit since I play him well. It's absolutely ridiculous how much more responsible I am for the outcome when playing a jungle compared to when I'm playing top. I'd say around 7 out of 10 times I lose a game it's completely attributable to the jungle / mid being garbage.
: Bring back draft, remove plants, nerf these new OP assasins
Agreed with remove plants. Normal draft pick is still up. Balance to assassins will come over time after preseason has ended. The plants really do feel terrible, it feels like the game has too much RNG especially at higher levels. I don't really like to lose a jungle or fail a kill because someone got lucky with a plant spawn. And this is currently the case. I don't really want a predictable plant spawn pattern either, that would just make jungle unnecesarrily complicated I would like to see them completely removed.
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CrazyGamerX (EUNE)
: Jungle champion pool in preseason 7 = MISSING
No the health simply scaled too quickly in the jungle and it ended up being so powerful that people even took it on kha'zix. I do agree there is not really a great keystone for the jungle, but in season 6 there wasn't really a great keystone for top lane. Grasp of the undying was only good for laning phase, after that it became kind of meh. So now Riot kind of shifted the problem by making a decent keystone for top lane, but in return giving jungle not much of anyhting. Well if you're playing junglers that don't really have CC that is such as nidalee. Its a pretty good mastery on stuff like Rek'Sai and Zac though.
: i have already received them... so you will receive them too soon
Nice to hear! Was just wondering about this since nobody in my friend list has received them yet.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Remove Inferno Drake.
I would like it if they didn't stack. 2 earth = kill baron in 4 seconds, 2 infernal = much stronger champions, 2 blue = regen (meh), 2 cloud = 40 movement speed (meh). Feel like stacking inferno's is just too strong. Would be better if they nerfed inferno to like 6%.
Orthian (EUW)
: Climbing Ranked With One Champion?
I reached master earlier this season using mainly Sion, then I dropped with Sion as well (my winrate was like 62% over 114 games or so, now 57%). Can you push high with Sion? Yes, but he has a lot that limits him. His laning phase and wave controll is hard to master. After that his teamfight is very inconsistent due to its ult. The ult inconsistency is btw why you won't see Sion for a while in competitive play, its too easy to dodge. It would be great if Riot made Sion charge up his charge faster and made some other stuff that he has weaker so that he has an actual useful ult that you can't just sidestep if Sion uses it when he's not sitting on your face. Fortunately Malphite is pretty much a much easier version of Sion so if you're good with Sion, Malphite is great. Maokai is similar as well, but atm in a kind of underpowered state. At like master+ a lot of toplaners have a really big champion pool and are able to play whatever is the most powerful in the current patch.
: Dynamic queue is being removed. your thoughts on this decision?
It was already kind of removed for diamond (just 3 people max) so in that way it is a bit better. A much worse thing at the moment is that on higher ELO autofill is permanently on and then you randomly have to play ADC or mid or jungle. Sometimes if I get that I lose interest in the game in the first few minutes and just decide to walk down the midlane because the game is already lost usually anyway because its like a 4 v 5 (and others are doing poor as well) because I don't play certain roles at diamond 2+ level. Or you need to keep dodging. Ever since Riot made ''protection'' for getting autofilled, I have actually been getting autofilled a lot more then before. Its stupid, rather go back to beginning of season and have 20-30 minute queues. Because at the moment people just dodge or if some crap game goes through just a 10 minute open mid game. So the queue times also have not been solved in my opinion and experience.
Larry (EUNE)
: Minimum requirements to reach diamond.
Another thing I would add: if you are picking up a new champion and losing, stick with it a bit longer especially if its currently a strong pick (not OP that it is banned all the time but just strong as in 52% winrate and viable at higher ELO). If its a weak pick I get it you might drop it but sticking with it is crucial since you will eventually start winning with that champion, and can add that champion to your champion pool.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Tthen you'll climb slower or won't climb.
I don't like communication that much, in lower ranking there are a number of people who just don't get you. In higher rankings you're distracting players from the game if you type longer stuff. And most communication is back and forth flaming that I see anyway regardless of ranking.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Why cant people end a game correctly?
This only happens in lower ELO levels. Since I played there I can somehow feel some of the pain, people can´t end and sometimes you´ll be stuck in a really long game. Even if I play on an alternate account I sometimes get this, that I´m in an unwinnable long game where I´m like 9-0 but my team can be too bad to win sometimes ;p. I guess I win around 80% if I go to silver though.
: Riot ranked drama vol.9999
Nunu's facial expression also is so trollish I have just noticed.
SiToasty (EUW)
: Can your account be permanently banned for leaving too many ranked/normal games?
No definitely not although the message claims you can get permanently banned, I got leaver bustered in both the new system and the old system (7 days) countless times! I leave many games when they just are not winnable, considering I was in master promos a while ago I consider myself a fair judge of that.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Riot, put it back in our hands
Ever since implementation of tribunal I found it quite retarded. People were basically going through tribunal describing what you did ´´oh he said gg easy, punish´´ ´´oh he called someone noob, punish´´ etc. There are quite a bit in the community who think the entire punishment system is whack as well.
: Looking for plat+/dia+ players for my casual 3V3 team funny and good ;)
I did add you in game I'm at the moment diamond 3 in solo queue (highest promos into master) in solo queue.
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Irrsinn (EUW)
: Well, you heard wrong. Normal or ranked or aram makes no difference for the punishment. Afks get into an escalating low priority queue and intentional feeders and trolls get directly to a 14 day ban and a perma ban afterwards if they are caught. Catching them is the tricky part.
I'm not sure what happens to flamers. I think they receive mutes. Some of them receive ranked restrictions if it is in ranked. I'm not quite sure what the conditions are to trigger a permanent bann. It is an AI and therefore contains flaws, probably less flaws than the old tribunal had though. Everyone on higher ELO was also abusing it with people who were premade reporting one guy over and over again because he would get banned eventually, since it took just 1 game out of the 5 where the person was reported where he acted like a douche to get a bann (which was also a flaw of old tribunal imo, that it only showed the worst games). I do think the system is very fast because every time I have reported someone and went to wait a bit for the next game I got within 5 minutes or so a notification of punishment. I never really got such notification if I logged in. I still think permanent banns are not that effective if it comes to higher ELO players though, I don't think banns are effective for them at all. If you took a look at someone like tyler1 who got like 17 accounts into diamond 1+ just to have them all permanently banned due to nonsensical flame every game.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Can we have the name of the rioter who wrote this ? for naming and shaming purpose
That guy has been working for Riot since before season 1. 6 seasons with millions of players yet nobody noticing this typo. It's also so easy to read over.
: What puts you instantly on tilt?
People trying stuff out in my ranked games that are diamond or higher. Of course as I watch them feed I get even more frustrated at the 4 v 5 that we're playing and that we can not win. Then people get mad at me for giving up those kind of games where you're playing 4 v 5. Worst anger I experienced that I recall with this game in a long time was a month ago or so. It was with some annoying ADC who fed his ass off and blamed me. I told him to not chat if he lost his lane that badly because he cancelled two autos (I saw it) and told him that he was obviously boosted or not playing ADC main. Then he got the enemy team who apparently was befriended with him to gang up on me in the chat and called for reports from everyone. At that point I think I told him to kill himself and muted everyone and reported everyone in the entire game since everyone was flaming me. Next game the same douche on my team (and 2 from enemy last game that were also jumping on the report wagon). I decided to not queue dodge and just never connect so they all got a free loss as they were already shit talking me in the queue. After that the annoying ADC added me sending some screenshot contacting Riot in German like some little kid. The other time I intentionally fed was when I had some people talking in Turkish constantly so I said that this is EUW not TR. Then they insulted me and said stuff like ''suck erdogan's dick'' so I decided that the 4 man Turkish premade didn't deserve a win. I wasn't angry at this one though, but the guy who kept calling for reports rubbed and then that screenshot rubbed me in an extremely wrong way.
: 5v5 is not good way to improve since your team will cover your weaknesses, and u might not even notice them. Solo Q is by far best way to improve. We still need 5v5 tho, but not for skill improvment reasons
No just no man hahaha. Because in 5 v 5 you played with people you know well vs a team that also has this. Everyone got his main role. So this means that if you made a mistake you could easily pinpoint it to someone who should have done something differently. The responsibility is obvious if things go wrong, in solo queue it is not. Also the enemy will very rarely just troll, because it also is a premade team they will their best to win. Because everyone is trying to make the right decisions all the time along with trying to get the best team composition possible against the enemy you pick up on a lot. In solo queue until you get to diamond nobody really cares about team composition and just pick whatever they want (this does happen at diamond+ but its uncommon from my experience). You don't really improve a lot by solo queue because you don't have the same amount of feedback. You can lose 1 and that can be entirely your fault then you win one because enemy is trolling or not main role. Then you win 2 because your teammates are fed and you made a lot of mistakes but you are like ''oh well'' and never pick up on those mistakes. The feedback is really important otherwise you're wasting hours upon hours trying to get the same effect.
anto38fr (EUW)
: I agree, delete Team ranked is disastrous... We can't try hard with our friend...
You can play ranked team. Just gotta go with the 3v3 map :D!
Swerii (EUW)
: Return of the 5v5 ?
It even limits playing 5 v 5 together. It has made Diamond 2 + super bad (I'm D4 at the moment so I haven't really experienced the terror of pre 5s, though plenty of pre 4s which felt very unfair). What I mean with limiting is that if you got one guy in your team who is diamond 1 and another who is diamond 4, well you can't play together.

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