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: Kind of, yes. Its toxic. Being toxic just once is often not enough to get you any kind of punishment. But doing stuff like that and many more things a lot of times, like you did, yes, that is bannable.
Read my new discussion i want to reform.
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: Line 3 "you are a troll" Not constructive, does nothing for your team and just gives that person a reason to report you.
so calling a player a troll that is an actual troll is bannable?
: > In all three of these games i have not even swore at anyone or used inappropriate/racist language and i get a 14 day ban Bans are normally not about the use of extreme words, they are about being a jerk towards other people. And if you read your chatlogs, you can't deny that this is definitely what you did. You insult and mock your teammates A LOT of times, you blame them, you accuse them, you constantly tell people what to do and how to play, you threaten with reports and you threaten to go afk. And you don't only do this occasionally, basically your entire chatlogs consists of this stuff, there is barely anything neutral or positive in your chat. I am not sure if you behave like this ALL the time, but this behavior is definitely far away from what could be seen as okay. You broke pretty much every behavior rules EXCEPT the use of extreme words. Like I said, I don't know if this behavior is normal for you. Maybe you had a bad day or something, I really don't know. But even when this is true...that's no excuse. Your behavior was completely inacceptable in those games and there you do in fact deserve this punishment and it's definitely fair. Please keep in mind that the 14 day is the last warning shot. Being toxic in a similar or even way smaller fashion just one more time can and will result in a permaban. So I'm afraid looking for excuses like "They trolled, so I had to flame" or whatever excuses you have...they are not going to help you. Realize your mistake now and fix it or risk losing your account. It's your choice, it's your decision and your responsibility what's going to happen next. Flaming is simply not allowed, no matter what. I can only recommend you think critically about your own behavior and allow the thought that you might have made a mistake. I know that admitting mistakes is tough, but just read your chatlogs and try to see them with someone elses eyes: Would you like to play with someone who behaved like you did in those game? Do you like people who constantly critisize what you do, flame you for mistakes, threaten to go afk etc.? I doubt it. Behaving like this doesn't make you a bad person, everyone makes mistakes. But not realizing your mistake and denying your obvious guilt here...that would make you a bad person. If you have any further questions I am glad to assist.
"there is barely anything neutral or positive in your chat." "gj tryndamere" "we can win this just try your best" "gj" "see thats how we should play" "not your fault lucian" "gj" i thought you said there is barely anything neutral or positive in my chat?
Allosen (EUW)
: > Neoblade1: tell yi to stop giving free kils Neoblade1: yi stop Neoblade1: yi is giving free kills report him please Neoblade1: yi Neoblade1: if you stop giving free kills i will give you a skin ok? Neoblade1: listen to me Neoblade1: listen Neoblade1: stop giving free kills and ill give you anything you want Hahahahaha, wtf {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
only way to convince an intentional feeder to stop giving free kills :/
RazerX (EUW)
: Maybe they banned you because you talk instead of play? How do you play a game and have so much discussion non-game related? From reading this stuff you're pretty negative. Sure you don't actually swear (you did call someone a noob though) as bad as other angry people, but I think it's your whole attitude.
i talk while i wait for my champion to respawn and i am a fast typer.
Neoblade1 (EUW)
: 14 day ban for this....
My previous one is deleted.
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