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PaperNay (EUW)
: I don't think this is a good idea - you should focus on the champion select instead on the Friend List.
Ehem, I think u shouldn't be forced to focus on the champion selection by hiding the friendlist ^.^ I mean of course I do focus on the selection, but there is often time to have a look on the friendlist..
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: Profile Customization [With Images]
I agree completely to these ideas. As a compromise on the background: It could show the most / last used Skin on the champion instead of the normal skin background.
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Jamez3000 (EUNE)
: Friends List
+1 : I really would love to be able to minimize the friend list as well. But the fun thing is, even though it is always there and so big. **It is not there at all anymore, when in champion selection of a game. This really is bad for me**, cause sometimes I am looking who comes online or is playing / in Queue etc. when I am in champion selection. I have only the option to see chats that are already open, but I can't even start a new chat. That is really bad for my feeling.


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