Shajney (EUW)
: Is there a way to find out in which language the broadcast will be?
Likely the language of the native country. If watching online, there are multiple streams
: If I really found all locatiaon: "across Europe" means "UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Belgium and Denmark". Is that correct @Riot?
Two places in the UK. I live in the East of England and won't be venturing down to London for it.
: Halp UK players!
I very rarely hear that there is a League event going on - the only one I heard about was League Fest but didn't get to see much in the way of promotion. I live in the East of England, in Suffolk, and would appreciate an event even in London, or Norwich.
: I need a Support :)
Hello. I finished Silver V last season but have now moved down to Bronze V. I mainly play Morgana, Janna and Karma support. My secondary role is mid. I play for the team; Sightstone is nearly always my first item when backing (replacing warding trinket with sweeper). I come from the UK. Available to play ranked on Friday evenings, and most weekends. Let me know if interested.
Driaven (EUW)
: If i end up bronze...
Are you seriously considering ruining the game for all of those people you would be playing with and against, because you cannot admit you aren't as good as you thought you were. You are very arrogant. I have no sympathy.
: Do not tell supports what to play
I'm a main morgana support - its an unusual pick nowadays because people favour tankier supports. I still have a great record on her.
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Nerebis (EUW)
: Champions: Sort by Hextech Chest Earned
This seems like a really good idea to me. Having that filter means that for those looking to earn chests as they are available, filter by chest earned seems like a good way to go!
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: what is this easteregg?
This was a prompt for Jhin - before he was released. You are several months behind
: It's incredibly hard for supports to get an S
I've had plenty of S scores as support Morgana, Tahm Kench and Janna.
Rattyy (EUW)
: Yeah thats one thing im trying to focus on now ive noticed over the past few days while looking at my kda
I used to really have a problem with high deaths in my games last year, when I was almost exclusively playing support. If anything its about making judgements on how much damage you can take, how much burst the enemy has and what spells/items you can use to prolong yourself. Even in dragon/baron pits, its always about having an escape plan that isn't "die"
: Jhin passive suggestion on pink wards.
If you have tried playing Graves, he also has this problem. Even when I play Janna support (who not only has one of the lowest attack speeds, but also one of the slowest auto-attack animations) clearing a pink ward takes a while. What Jhin is rewarded with is high single-target damage with his auto attacks, in the same way that Graves has multiple-hitting damage with his.
: Haha, nah, my reaction is just right for people who say stupid crap.
I'm an adult. I enjoy playing this game with people I knew from university. I graduated last year with a 1st in Economics. I have a brain in between my ears. Your original post insults anyone who plays support and enjoys it. You don't need a button that says "anything but support". When you choose a primary and secondary role in New Champion Select, just don't let one of those choices be support. Attempting to rile me up won't work.
Rattyy (EUW)
: Support in need of help!!!
Hello. I am not going to be the person that you are looking to duo queue with. Speaking as someone who also plays support, you have a good record, but really need to focus on dying a lot less.
: "Any But Support" option for role picking rito pls.
If you think that playing support is boring, then you aren't playing support. You are wasting people's times. Support is one of the most fun roles to play. Getting really tired of the support bashing posts, when its people like this that spend the first 25 minutes of every game stacking up devourer in jungle before actually doing anything
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Nerebis (EUW)
: Legacy Skins - Exiled Morgana and Sinful Succulence Morgana
:( I fear it's going to be a long time until they are sold again.
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: my demotion to silver 5, tips please.
You just need to keep playing games and take the losses with the wins. You learn more. I finished last season at Silver V, did promos this year and got demoted to Bronze V. I haven't played many games since my promos but just got promoted to Bronze III. Ranked is never about always winning games - you learn from your losses a lot more.
: Is it me or is Nami just the most versatile support ever?
Her kit means she's trying to do too much of everything, and in turn mean she's actually good at very little. There are so many better champions that do what she do - its not wonder she's left completely out of LCS games
HarrisBFD (EUW)
: 91? woah did you buy them all using IP?
> [{quoted}](name=HarrisBFD,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZFqyZkIZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-21T22:44:12.194+0000) > > 91? woah did you buy them all using IP? I bought most of them using IP. There were a few I bought with bundles, for example the Kindred bundle and Bard bundle. There are probably the odd one of or two that were just RP (Tahm Kench without skin - bought after hours of being released).
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Catchdown (EUW)
: Estimated mmr values of each and every division. Placements explained.
Doesn't seem like an explanation as to why I went from Silver V to Bronze V, unless my MMR was 0.
: is gankplank impossible to balance?
Gangplank's ultimate is getting a longer cooldown in patch 6.2. Patch notes are available from the News tab on the website.
: Slight bug i think
Please refer to the 6.2 patch notes from the News page on the website. They address the bugfix that is coming into place with the new patch. At present you cannot choose chromas. In 6.2 you will be able to. The patch will be out over the next 12-24 hours expected.
Nerebis (EUW)
: Bronze Mentality after Placement Games
Some really colourful language used by players in bronze. They really don't seem to either know how to communicate like human beings. I'm just focussing on playing well and waiting for at least one other person on my team to not die 8 times before 20 minutes lol.
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Husker (EUW)
: Squad Goals for Season 6?
At the end of last season I was Silver V - looking to go for Gold at least. Just had my first placement match and won, despite the enemy team securing two barons against us (we secured none).
: Rengar upcoming nerfs are insane
Supports have to help the whole team not just the adc. Any member of the team could be jumped by Rengar - you cannot defend against that. Even with good reaction times not much stops a Rengar. Rather than criticising people maybe you should also get some manners
: Rengar upcoming nerfs are insane
Rengar has needed a nerf for a long time. As someone who plays these "protect the adc" supports very often, not even a Tahm, Morgana or Janna can react as quickly every single time he ults. It is insane.
LZ Flame (EUW)
: fnatic vs vitality
They played the same team composition yesterday and were confident they could win again. Unfortunately, because they are a newer team, they were more predictable, having used the team composition before. Generally speaking, its a good team composition, but they didn't respect Vitality enough to meet counter-picks well. Poor rotations in first 5 minutes of the game.
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: Your Season 6 Goals?!
I'm going to reach Gold! {{champion:68}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:40}}
: PLS disable tahm kench on ARAM !!!
Everyone can troll and ruin games. Some of us Tahm Kench mains actually help the team and win games. Don't tarnish all Tahm players with the same brush.
MCminerva (EUW)
Azir Soldiers dance with Azir - why not Tibbers with Annie? Nice idea!
: Question to MF mains
When I take Miss Fortune, I go Q E W Q W R - then max Q then W then E Thunderlords is great on Miss Fortune as harass poke. Its very easy to get the 3-hit proc from the mastery, either by using the slow (E) and auto, or Q a minion onto them, then use E. Its a strong.
vladaza123 (EUNE)
: What are you thinking about this champion
This champion is pure brilliance. Unique mechanics - an individual identity and stunning to look at and read about.
Frostïe (EUW)
: hey buddy would you like to add me in game so we can discuss this as a coach is somthing on my list to find :)
> [{quoted}](name=DG Frostie,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=i0ktsior,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-01-06T19:35:58.226+0000) > > hey buddy would you like to add me in game so we can discuss this as a coach is somthing on my list to find :) Done!
Frostïe (EUW)
: DG Worrying Trend still looking for supports to trial :D
Summoner Name: Montagone Solo elo: (Looking to coach - not play) Past/ current team elo: Main Champs: {{champion:223}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} Most Hated Champs: {{champion:107}} On a weekly base what days are you free to play: More than available to provide additional insight to game replays Part 2 Cookies or muffins: Cookies Coke or pepsi: Diet Coke Cats or Dogs: Dogs CLG or TSM: TSM (the new TSM 2016 team looks very intimidating) Are you free on the 16th & 17th: Yes
: What if YOU could change/implement one thing in League ?
MAKE VISION EASIER TO GET - PEOPLE ARENT WARDING AND SUPPORTS STILL GET BLAMED. I main support and even though I have used my 3 wards effectively, apparently I have enough wards for the entire map.
: Is veigar a good support?
On Support - ABSOLUTELY NO Please dont
BraińFkr (EUNE)
: For all "support" players
See I'm a little bit on the fence here. I get what he is saying with regards to damage versus what people expect a support to be. As someone who mains Tahm Kench, Morgana and Janna support, I've noticed a trend of people who go support lux - but don't build sightstone, roam for no obvious reason and don't protect their adc/team as much as a support normally would. This isn't to say that this strategy of lux support doesn't work, its that the person playing that role probably got the last pick, and people don't want to play support. Support meta rarely changes, and when it does its not normally for the better. Changes to vision have put more pressure on the team collectively to ward, but that still isn't the case. Essentially, play support carefully.
: Why is there not an easy way to find a team to join?
Join the Chat Room - KG LOL Or head to They have a TeamSpeak channel so you can speak to other people in the gaming community. People will see if anyone is interested to play a game, regardless of rank, and you can all join the same team and talk over TeamSpeak. There is an induction period of two weeks to guarantee that there are no toxic players in the community. Well worth a look!
: > [{quoted}](name=Lovrothekid,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PgHmNUkU,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-31T15:10:41.623+0000) > > I have 6300 IP but i'm not sure which champ should i buy. Any suggestions will help :) Well, lemme give you a champ or two for each role... Jungle: Kindred/Rengar (Elise was nerfed D:) Top: Illaoi/Yasuo Mid: Zed/Darius ... honourable mention: Ekko - not the BEST but really good, can possibly make pretty good play and just is incredibly FUN to play! ADC: Vel'koz/Jinx Supp: Nami/ (maybe I guess...) Zyra Just a reminder... this mostly personal OPINION and not FACT so don't hate :p
> [{quoted}](name=DefiantGamer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PgHmNUkU,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-12-31T16:33:48.142+0000) > > Well, lemme give you a champ or two for each role... > > Jungle: Kindred/Rengar (Elise was nerfed D:) > Top: Illaoi/Yasuo > Mid: Zed/Darius ... honourable mention: Ekko - not the BEST but really good, can possibly make pretty good play and just is incredibly FUN to play! > ADC: Vel'koz/Jinx > Supp: Nami/ (maybe I guess...) Zyra > > Just a reminder... this mostly personal OPINION and not FACT so don't hate :p ADC Vel'Koz - what on earth are you drinking XD
Doddsy (EUW)
: Konvict Gaming (+16) Multi Gaming Community
The community has already given me so much! I'm glad I found it
f7cough (EUNE)
: Please make a way to see the skins owned as a collection type
Aimist (EUW)
: Vel'koz Top Tips?
Why are you playing him top? Most ridiculous place to take a VelKoz
Aimist (EUW)
: Vel'koz Top Tips?
The best thing to do is watch a Youtuber and Twitch streamer called Sp4zie. He plays a lot of Vel'koz and Xerath. You will often find watching his videos (which are funny to watch) will help you understand the combos and abilities you can perform
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