silibum (EUW)
: You can reread [here]( Thats all we know about the restrictions... Noone can tell u details as they are kinda secret ;)
ok np thank u
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: It seems you are more triggered than I am since you became so defensive over Mordekaiser :). To stay on topic I will simply say this: you are in low gold ELO, Mordekaiser is rarely a sight to be seen, so he is just like Yorick and Urgot. A surprise effect, like you said. This doesnt mean he is a viable pick in higher gold and above. Because he isn't. And please, you played Malzahar this season once: with a really bad KDA. I dont think you understand where I am coming from at all.
It is funny how I never said anything about Malzahar & I love how u try to embarrass me by mentioning my rank & the bad game I had with Malzahar lol If u think a champion is garbage that is ur own opinion u r diamond so u have more game knowledge but that doesn't mean u know it all love cuz I am pretty sure the guy who reached master with morde would love to disagree with u
l3imbo (EUW)
: I flame just for the fun of it man. Do you not find it funny with the insults people make just for you? its the only fun in this game seeing a man thinking of some insult to completely roast you and it comes out like "lucian you coal skinned bitch play the game"
I know what u mean specially in normal I love talking trash like "u can't even 1v1" "git gud" "Sitdown" love taunting others with that mastery 5 emote
: I am not "sensitive to trash talk", but it annoys me nontheless. I do not play league to be a virtual punching bag to some hormonal, raging little boy. If you cannot control your temper, then maybe you should not play teamgames.
Well u trying to tell me u r the nicest person in the community and u never talked shit to someone?
: I'm going afk
That is not a solution & btw no one agrees that toxicity is ok but if u r sensitive to trash talk then u shouldn't be playing this cuz hey in a stressful situation lets say promo or dropping from a division & ur vayne ultis then tumbles finding herself in the middle of a 5 man gangbang don't expect me to be like lol cool ppl will lose their shit & I can understand that If u r toxic & i mean the type of person who says go kill urself or tells urmom jokes or u afk or troll u should be reported & belive me ppl who do this shit get punished talking from experience (I afked a couple of times when I was having a bad day & ppl were talking shit) got 5 mints and 10 mints low priority queue
Kurotsu (EUW)
: If Urgot was a hot girl, would people still not play him?
No thx I don't wanna be throwing vomit at ppl all day long Agame once in a while is ok but all the time nah
: What have you done to Malzahar? Come on.
"the second Mordekaiser, a failed rework" triggered Mordekaiser is so amazing right now he has so much potential Half of the guys I play against don't even know the dude abilities The champ is amazing and can win 1v1 easily has a good early an amazing mid game & not a bad late
: Ranked Trying to save people who don't listen cause of ego's How do I help?
In some situations u can't win if ur team is bad that is how it is If u know a jungler is gonna go for a gank try to counter gank him hide in a bush & wait if u think u can win the 3v3 also try to snowball urself & ur laners don't have faith in ur teamates try to play champions who can carry & who can work well in ur team comp Accept the fact that u r gonna lose some games either bcz u fuked up or others did
: "I did my best and lost"
U r being rude
Caraméla (EUW)
: Would i get banned for these?
Definitely I hope whoever says those things gets banned immediately
: We just began recruiting members for our second gold team so its fine untill we complete that team. But if you still cant fix your mic when we all ready complete the team am afraid that the answer is no.
ok thx will try to get a solution
: Team Semper Fi - Looking for Players! (Gold+)
I am gold 4 player I would love to join but my pc dosen't support microphones currently so communication is a bit hard so is it possible for me to join?
: How about creating a North Africa Server !
That is not rly a smart idea btw I am from Tunisia ok so lets c : We don't have a source for rp and i don't think a lot of ppl are ready to spend money to buy rp We download pirated games for fuk sake I would hate it if we get arabic voice overs also i don't think we have talents that can compete with other regions or even if we have sponsors for teams Don't take this the wrong way if u guys think this is a good idea then cool do ur thing
thankarezos (EUNE)
: patcher stuck ot 0% applying patches 5.24
Same here & aftera while an error screen pops out saying "retry"
: One for all is over soon - overall experience
Actually I enjoyed one for all I loved it it was fun sometimes I get bored when ppl nominate the champ that I used last game but It dosen't matter cuz it is a mode made for fun I met a couple of ppl who played this 2 srsly but most games were like lol we fucked up or yeah we got it and we made jokes it was fun
: Dodging ranked(upvote if you agree riot has to see this)
I really think the system works well why? to be honest i rarely get matched with trolls I have been playing for a whole year and iwould hate having a troll in my team but it is ok cuz this way i will report him and someone won't have suffer the same as I did (still i will get angry ) but think about it if u dodge that game u will lose lp & time but if u play there is a chance u will win
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Ichinose (EUW)
: Can i get a refund chance for refunding my Teemo skin ?
Nope u get 3 refunds er account that is all
Nesl (EUW)
: I can't disagree with the 1st one but for the rest I think u just have to adjust to the new hud that is all
oh and bthw i jsut noticed that if u r undr cc u can c when anything is available if it is on cooldown
214214D (EUW)
: HUD Feedback
I can't disagree with the 1st one but for the rest I think u just have to adjust to the new hud that is all
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 3 - July!
After a long chase, Jinx found herself in Chinatown. Even thought the night had already fallen, the town is still crowded .Jinx decided to blend in with the people so she sneaked in a shop and stole a dress and some weird dyeing chemicals She used the chemicals to dye her hair green and black and changed into the stolen dress in a blink of an eye . In the next few seconds,she heard explosion coming from the sky as she slowly turned her head to check its source her jaw dropped of amazement her mind went blank the sky was full of fireworks It stole jinx's heart Excitement has taken over her with the adrenaline rush she jumped on a dragon shaped rocket and let her mind run wild After This jinx decided that she will mix her love of guns with her new passion for firecrackers She decorated her guns and got a dragon tattoo and She became Fire Cracker Jinx.
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: i do the opposite, i dont report anymore, **i honor all my teammates if they didnt flame/afk/etc**... so i dont waste my own precious time rethinking the toxicity of their interactional output. I even made a similar thread some days ago: "I feel like an ant-worker filtering the toxicity out of the community". In the end we all must admit that we get nothing from reporting players, I play since season 1 (one) and the community gets worse and worse. I even made a one year break because of these toxic players. (Here my thead if you want to read further ) Hope to have some nice games where all are happy again, that happens only every ~10 game maybe? When even the losing team ist happy about a good game but still lost.
Plz don't do that and report toxic ppl and ppl who goes afk I know it doesn't do much but trying is always good
: Remove Ekkos ult damage
I really think that ekko is overpowered He is annoying and he need to get nerfed hard He can be played in any lane and I think that is a bit unfair


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