: Can't queue for games, leave champion select or login to the client
same thing , it didn’t let me chose my champ , and when the banning phase came it banned my champ ... even though i didn’t press anything. Was stuck in the champ select with all my teammates. Exited the game thinking it will be ok when i log in again and ill be in the match already and tried to log in again just to find myself in a 30000 people waiting queue with 36 minutes to wait ... now im waiting to log in. thanks rito. I understand that everyone hates teemo but didn’t expect the client to tell me : no, u don’t play teemo, you ban him.
: Recorded on his potatoe
cant u see i got cursed by my adc fo playing janna supp and everything is possesed ? ;3
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wolf jade (EUNE)
: you need to go to the support for help maybe they well take it off. but give proofs. and if its just for you so if your internet isnt good ranked isnt for you
Thats why I didn’t play ranked at all cause i wont screw other ppls games just because the launcher hates me. I hope you are kidding cause the support doesn’t do anything , they will blame you or whatever and then flame you as if they are some 1700 earls who got stuck speaking to a lowly beggar.
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