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XRay Fox (EUW)
: Freljord Sylas Adjust
Would be pretty fun ye
: You understand that if one is wrong so is the other? And if winrates are wrong so are the counted games. So all stats are wrong.
But I just don't understand what you're talking about
Exzoe (EUW)
: Riot your placement games is the biggest joke, %%%% off
: The names in the chat turned to gibberish
: Stats / winrate [will it be fixed?]
I don't really understand what you mean. What stats? Overall winrate? champion winrate?
Shamose (EUW)
: That's a dangerous thing to say.
Especially as a security engineer xD
: What to buy late game
Elder dragon and Baron buffs are way to directly make you stronger for a small time period, as well as red and blue buffs. Item wise, besides swapping items out (as Idgaf I am Iron has pointed out), no. Once you reach 6 items and an elixer, you can't buff yourself more than previously mentioned if you are not a stacking champion (I.E. Nasus, Veigar, Bard, Senna, Kindred, etc).
: Just a question off-topic does critical chance also work for ults for example Lux or Xerath?
As far as I can remember right now not a single spell can critically strike based on crit chance, so no, Lux, Xerath, Ziggs, etc.'s spells can not critically strike the same way an auto attack can. There are some spell interaction (often spell combinations) that causes spells to "critically strike" (simply increase damage by a lot). Examples of these are Cassiopeia's E when the target is poisoned or Ryze's Q when the target is marked by his E.
AspNeves (EUW)
: Not getting sett card
Pretty sure it's a semi random event. Nobody knows how or when you get it. Most people claim you get one by doing good in several games but I got it in a game where I did terribly (and might even have lost).
Çhip (EUW)
: Isn't it sad how they rip their customers off a 'Jackpot' that they make for free? (The design team probably gets 0.0000000000000001% of what riot actually makes off those)
Granted they are giving probably millions a year away with their loot system for FREE. Yes, the jackpots now are worse than last (though the droprate is doubled), but "rip of their customers"? How is it ripping off if you don't read what the loot contains? Get back to reality and stop blaming everything on a company if they're giving it away for free, AND provide all details about droprates and what it contains.
: > [{quoted}](name=NewDragongamesnl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oBnAEQu3,comment-id=00020004000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-29T20:42:37.514+0000) > > And you're lvl 49. i'm plat lol, i didn't need 235 levels to do it
At least I'm not a onetrick :)
: > [{quoted}](name=NewDragongamesnl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oBnAEQu3,comment-id=000200040000,timestamp=2019-12-29T16:28:17.879+0000) > > Ever played or seen Jhin? Jhin counters Ekko through his movement speed. Ekko can't stay on him. Think before you speak. you are silver, keep on building your full mr jhin ahaha. shush trash there's a reason you're in silver aka the bin
aipx (EUW)
: Is anyone knows how many games you need to play to refresh acc from 14 days ban to 10 chat bans ?
It shouldn't matter. Something should ring a bell after 2 or 3 punishments. Stop being toxic or griefing games. > and if you are not robot ofc you gonna be mad, so you have all rights to get out of patience some times, so if you get ban 14 days, and after this you flamed like 3 games out of 100, and you get permaban only cuz of 3 games, this is against human rights Ok. First of all, I get mad, but I don't flame in chat. Problem 1 solved. Getting banned for something you do wrong is everything but against human rights. Gimme one reason why it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=brownfoxlazydog,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oBnAEQu3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-28T22:39:00.415+0000) > > Counters against the combo ult+dmg from the top of my head: > {{champion:103}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:7}} cc him if he goes in and do not stand in his short range. He cannot use his ult if he is silenced or immobilized. I mean he has to be in meelee range at least after one e. It should be possible to catch him > > * when he rolls with his e skill, > * when he is walking closer to proc e and passive and > * After the proc if he used e and is unable to tumble and flash. Careful though, the proc gives him high movement speed. > > Also poke him slow with longer range spells or burst him quickly down. Ekko bets on fast burst because this allows him to heal the most by turning back time. Slow burn>burst. > Otherwise you can buy items against the heal from ekko's ult{{summoner:14}} imagine jhin being a hard counter to a very mobile assassin with a get out of jail free card, are you silver?
Ever played or seen Jhin? Jhin counters Ekko through his movement speed. Ekko can't stay on him. Think before you speak.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Racial slur? I refuse to believe this isn't just a generic insult, like so many others. Against which race?
Granted everything is seen as racist in 2019.
Jimiboss (EUW)
: Kayn can ult twice bug
It's a buggy interaction indeed and the Kayn should not be able to ult again. However, to give some insight: Morde R forces a 1v1, always. Champs that latch onto people (I.E. Yuumi with W, Kayn with R, etc.) get pushed off the target. Why it reset Kayn R cd, idk. Also, posting this under "bug report" instead of "technical support" helps this getting to Riot, as this forum is community driven and Rito doesn't always look at it.
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Alzokdal (EUW)
: Playing support in solo queue, ranked, has been an absolute nightmare so far
Haven't read, too long. I just spam brand. No adc needed.
: I'd word it more like having regular shoes or football shoes while playing football. It's a really huge advantige, it is a third party tool, and yet, here we are using them in every single game. Or maybe baseball gloves. Sure, you can catch the ball with your hand, but using the glove is easier. I can see how scripts are cheating. But macro is quite literally the same as using glue to connect 2 keys together and press them at once...
> Or maybe baseball gloves. Sure, you can catch the ball with your hand, but using the glove is easier. A good (mechanical) keyboard and gaming mouse both improve gameplay by the quality of the product. THAT would be the equivilant of getting better shoes or a glove. A Macro is a cheat. It allows you to do stuff that require skill, without being skilled. A pro can win a football match on sandals, but that's because the pro is skilled. Somebody that sucks at football won't suddenly win from getting better shows. [Everybody can play league with Banana's (if they have the right setup)]( and surely play worse, but still win through skill. Using macro's is like flying a drone with the ball to ensure the homerun, or using drugs to enhance performance.
: if is on your keyboard or mouse yea is ok, anything else is scripting.
Still not ok. A script is a piece of code executing a certain thing (E.G. [ward] + W for Lee Sin). A macro is a piece of code executing a certain thing, often a key combination (E.G. [ward] + W for Lee Sin). Both are scripts (code files). EDIT: though as Glurch said, this only counts for multi-key combo's on the click of a button. Assigning your ward to a (extra) button on your mouse or keyboard is OK, as long as that button represents **ONE** button / key press. If that one button does two or more things, it's cheating.
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Spolchen (EUW)
: [Yasou vs Ornn] Yasou can destroy Ornn's Ult with his Windshield
: Aphelios - I am not impressed
Just wait until people figure him out. He's probably one of the most complex champs.
Pugnatum (EUNE)
: Recommended builds!!
It's not the fault of the recommended items that players don't care to change up their builds.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: How IS A SKIN affecting gameplay?You mean ...skins give advantages:O OO so p2win ah?
A skin changes the appearance, thus gameplay.
: It would be awesome if tier 3 support items gave 1% extra cdr for every ward killed (capped at 10%)
1312123 (EUW)
: is it legal use lolskin in EUW
Pretty sure using LolSkin is bannable as it's a both third party software affecting gameplay and you are basically pirating Riot's skins (although only locally).
Xylly (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=qXNdxYIQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-06T02:01:57.913+0000) > > It's not a bug. If Ekko times his E right, he will follow a champ's movement because the second portion of his E is an instantaneous blink. It is.
It is not. Ekko E is an animated ability, meaning that whenever the animation of the ability starts, it goes through. Ekko E has a small delay before the dash / blink happens. If LB W's back between Ekko E start of animation and the ability actually doing its thing (blink towards target), Ekko follows that target (though AFAIK ekko E has a max range. Something like a TP or base is too far for ekko E). This is the same reason why Ezreal counters a blitz hook with his E if timed well, or why lux / ezreal ults go through even if they zonya, flash or get CC'd.
: Just cause visual "spam" it make game look a bit heavy not the shiny interface like all game more info you have better for some people but for a new played he would think like "So many number to much stuff to learn and will take forever better drop". For example I like Dota 2 but I hate the game cause the crap interface (store, items explanation)
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: It's worse and worse
I got flamed for not noticing herald was being taken. I got spam pinged and sworn at by the top laner (insta mute) and actually had 3, non premade, people defend me telling him to calm down (without flaming themselves). I then realized how rare that actually is nowadays... I'm trying to defend people again, since I don't mind the extra flame anymore. Season 9 being bad lead to people being more toxic, sadly.
: it's enough to just leave the shop (click on your loot or your profile) and re-enter it. You don't have to restart your entire client.
Ah, didn't know that! I'll update the post, though it's a bit late.
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: Yeah, the new Elder Dragon Execute is utterly bullshit! There was no need for it at all as there is already so much damage in the game! Karthus does not need an excute. Darius does not need _another_ execute. Same with Garen. No one needs more damage in this game! There goes all the clutch outplays. Actually, I don't even understand the logic behind the buff? In many normal games, one team will dominate dragon more than the other. It's not giving "more value to the losing side", its "giving a bigger stick with a grenade attached to the end to the team that's already beating the shit out of the other team". Can Riot stop with the knife-edge gameplay? League of Legends isn't just the LCS...
I agree. Though I've had some games where we managed to steal the elder dragon and turn the game ( at least for a while). Execute broken tho...
SRT Nopliz (EUNE)
: Support items nerf
I've set it before, but I agree that taking all the gold from poke and such away after the t3 item is too harsh. I love the support item changes but it gets really hard for a support to get items in late game if they're not overly aggro (like I am). But then again, we get quite a lot of free stats too.
: supp items
I do love the new support item changes. I'm a huge fan of aggression (and it's pretty much the way you carry lanes as support) and the fact that I don't have to spend extra gold to upgrade the items allows supports to snowball and carry the lane harder. I personally don't feel like I fall behind TOO far (but that's also because I play extremely aggro, getting takedowns that way), but it does hurt (besides getting quite a bit of gold for free from upgrades). Rito is was quite hard on the not getting gold after third upgrade. I do fully agree. However, I'm still satisfied with the changes (for now).
: After patch game started running using CPU as graphics card, fixed after reboot
Hey there! Some patches might cause settings in the graphics drivers to reset. These settings are sometimes restored after restart. May this happen again and a restart doesn't help, (assuming you have an NVidia card) please try to go into the NVidia control panel (easiest way is to right-click on your desktop and clicking "Nvidia Control Panel)) -> "Manage 3D Applications" and adding Leauge of Legends back to the list of programs (and making sure the priotitized GPU is set to the NVIdia card).
: as ive said many times riot doesnt care as long as its a threath to competetive they hammer down anything cooldown limit changes to dragon and baron changes to champions reworking champions (aka gutting the old design becaus it couldnt fit in some stupid meta) removing items changing items adding limit on atackspeed unles you use certain runes then the limit gets a bit higher you know why becaus otherwise pro would rip into glitches and errors for gameplay the new refreshing type they speak off is only for the competitive scene its better to put the gun barrel to this old dogs head becaus it isnt going to get any better
> adding limit on atackspeed unles you use certain runes then the limit gets a bit higher **laughs in season 6 kog'maw**
: More items won't cut it because most of the players would still stick to those they are told to build, and ignore the others without ever considering if they could serve their needs given the situations of every single game.
Yes, but in this case, we're talking about bronze (maybe silver) and lower. New items will 100% introduce new tactics or versatility to players who have the skill level to not build the recommended items,, mobafire etc. For the people who don't think about their builds, none of the item changes matter what soever.
Although forum posts are read by Riot, the technical support forum is community driven. The best way to get support is to submit a support ticket (I normally do so by email - with the following down below. I also suggest updating the forum post (and providing this information in any future support forum posts). Info: - In what way doesn't it open? Does it not do anything? Do you get a warning / alert? Does it crash? They all result in different outcomes when it comes to resolving the issue. A video would be the best option IMO. - OS version: [**League is not supported on every MAC versions anymore**]( I don't know how to check your OS version, but you can use google to find this out quite easily. - Date of latest crash - Latest patch where this still happened (for future readers wanting to know if more people are experiencing the issue) - Patch where it started - System specifications (CPU, GPU, etc.). You can use Speccy (if it's for mac) for this. - Steps to reproduce the issue, if (in this case) it's any other than simply opening league. Hope this helped.
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Hahrimazd (EUW)
: You are showing someone his name on the boards. I believe that is considered naming and shaming. Time to report this thread.
Naming is only not allowed when outing people for (actual) toxicity. This is not to show everybody how toxic somebody is, or calling anyone out. Only hide names when it makes sense to do so.
: The real question is..where are these people in ranked? {{summoner:3}}
: I love Pyke on URF.
Pyke in URF is quite fun indeed. But you still can't stop a full tank exhause nasus or sion splitting, which seems to be the case 9/10 times.
: Already see that on urf or even normal game, ppl want to win and cut off the fun game, that sad I missed urf, still in my car and homeless but not for long I would really enjoy to do a big hug to Irelia but she is not material, can't wait to. Play her again. Wanted to spam her ap on urf
> Already see that on urf or even normal game, ppl want to win and cut off the fun game, that sad Yeah. I played against some trynd (-like) one tricks. You just do the same you do day in day out but 5 times faster. It must get boring some day... right? lol
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Hey, I still see the Fizz / Zed / Shaco / Hecarim spams. But yeah, ARURF is better.
I have honestly seen more trynd, heimer and Sion than any of those. I actually haven't seen a hecarim.
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