Ichitomi (EUW)
: I think I can see what you mean. https://i.imgur.com/HA11osW.jpg
erwoeew (EUW)
: Why did they change it anyways, there was nothing wrong with the old splash art, not an improvement imo
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ArrowOfEune (EUNE)
: Riot give me fragments!!!
THe drop rate of key fragments are minimal on honor level 1. You will get them, occasionally... Just try to level up your honor and they will start coming back (there should be a noticable difference once you hit honor level 2)
: Grab's tresh bugged or player cheating ?
Remember that scripts play the game for you, not actually change how the game works. It IS indeed weird how that hook landed... Only think I can think of is the hitbox being on the ground and the texture/model being in the air, resulting the hitbox to be a bit lower (on the screen) than it actually is, and clipping with a 1 unit collision or something.
: Have not read the thing yet, but we do not need another champion that sounds like Zyra and Xayah (maybe Xerath?). TOO MUCH CONFUSION!!!
This would be a very interesting champion - but again, needs a different name in order to avoid confusion. Anyways, I have one suggestion for her spells. The empowered W seems a bit off looking at the rest of her kit. I'd do it like this: (W) - Pin Down: [7-10 secs CD] Saya cuts through a critical point in the enemy's legs and makes them bleed, slowing for 40% for 2 seconds and causing damage that increases the more the enemy moves (a dash would do great damage, but a blink wouldn't. Also if the enemy doesn't move it'd barely do damage). (unchanged) Powered W: ~~The slow increases and it does extra damage based on enemy's max HP. Also inflicts Blood Mark.~~ double striking dealing, spreading the damage across the 2 strikes (assuming it can hit wards). The grounded effect will be afflicted on the victim for 0.52/0.64/0.76/0.88/1.00 seconds. I also have 1 concern: The activation of her ultimate really feels like a yi/aatrox ultimate, and you know what the weakness is with those... The idea of transforming into a final form/the demon possessing her is very fitting though.
: [Champion Suggestion]- Saya, the Demon Priestess (check it out!)
Have not read the thing yet, but we do not need another champion that sounds like Zyra and Xayah (maybe Xerath?). TOO MUCH CONFUSION!!!
Mark Sama (EUW)
: Spectre and Meltdown my friend.
I do not think it has anything to do with such an exploit. If anyone is able to do one of these exploits, why would they troll me in a game... But I will keep an eye on it
Rismosch (EUW)
: Honestly, you sound like a troll to me. If it is really a bug in Riots system, why are you the only one reporting it? Why are you the only victim? It's just dumb, it really is.
You've got a point indeed. I thought maybe somebody just simply wrote some software and was testing it, which might be a reason why i am the only/first person to report this, but that is pretty farfetched. I'll just keep an eye on it.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I highly doubt RIot is at fault here, because it is Riot with a massive online videogame; the security standards are most likely pretty high. Also, why would a hacker that found an exploit troll a random player? He could instead blackmail Riot and threaten to publicize the exploit, to make major befenits of it. Or he could use it for his own benefit, making the game unplayable for opponents and thus increasing his chances of winning. This sounds dumb, so I highly doubt there is an exploit. It could be, that a friend installed software on your computer, that allowes him to control your PC. I don't know what friends you are having, but if you are a little experienced in IT then that isn't that difficult to pull off. Also I think there are many "prank softwares" out there to troll your friends. And you could easily hide such programms from your anti-virus software, by telling it to just ignore it. ######(btw AVG sucks) Or it is like Tulkas Astaldo already pointed out: Do you use a wireless keyboard? If so, do you have other devices who use the same tech for wireless communication? If so, it could be that the other devices interfere with your keyboard and corrupted data is transmitted. Or your keyboard is broken.
I also doubt Riot('s security) is at fault, but you never know. As far as I know, no friends would do such a thing, really. I asked around hoping anyone would see that this is not really a joke (although I don't expect this to happen) and tell me about it. I'm not bad when it comes to IT and defenetly not insecure with what I install or download, always have my laptop logged off when I am not using it and my password is not quite easy to crack. Nobody else but have have gotten access to my laptop for about 2 weeks or so, so I doubt there would be a program on my PC allowing access. I've also run several different anti virus, malware, RAT-applications, etc. (including SpyHunter) and nothing was found. No random applications are shown in the windows event viewer (from what I was able to tell) and I sifted through each and every active application on my PC, checking the location of each application currently running. I did this after a restart though. My keyboard is defenetly not broken or malfunctioning, or this must be an incredibly big coincidence, that D, F, enter, "Verveel me" (which translates into "I'm bored"), enter is the result of a malfunctioning. I do not have any other devices plugged into my PC and Bluetooth is turned off.
: You happen to have a wireless keyboard?
Just a wireless mouse. But like I mentioned, no random USB adapters were plugged in and bluetooth is turned off
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Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: So basically don't play anything that can't dash away? As for time...yhea' i tend to rush in too much. Ty for pointing that out
You can play champs without a mobility spell of some sorts (Though, i do not recommend it), just be cautious how you position.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: So how is illaoi balanced?
Kite, take your time and don't hug her, cc, get healing reduction, cc, play safe early and rely on ganks - put her down early and she won't be able to do anything late, cc, dodge the E - doesn't go through minions, and CC. Don't stand on top of her when she ults, especially when with 3 or 4 people as she will get more tentacle's the more people are around her.
: why doesn't Vi use Aftershock?
Aftershock itself is not bad on Vi. It is simply that the minor runes don't fit Vi as well as the minor runes of other trees.
: Why ban flaming people instead of ranked game ruiners
being negative to a negative person is not fixing anything. Sure it's annoying as hell but play and move on, it's just one game. Your ban was (also) a worthy ban. It is like going to court for beating up somebody and saying "but he does it too!!!!". Two wrongs don't make one right.
: Nerf and Buffs Ideas!
Greetings. One of the points that made Xerath suddenly so strong without (real) buffs is because of the preseason. Xerath's stun is not the problem, his ultimate (though not talked about) is also fine - it is difficult to hit and should be rewarding. One of his standard combo's in lane for poking is W -> Q with a guarenteed comet hit, rougly dealing 130-160 damage at level 2 for 150 mana total (out of the top of my head). Xerath kinda sucks at killing front line tanks but exels at killing the backline. The changes that made him this strong however are partly the buff on his W slow when hit in the outer ring but also the changes to magic resist and magic penetration. With the changes to sorc boots, his levels 4-8 are a lot stonger now, more than you expected. What also is part of the problem is his Mana. Although he eats mana, he has his passive - mana surge - to have some mana sustain when played around it. This was balanced before the rune reworks simply because you couldn't quite spam his spells. Now with the introduction of manaflow band, he technicly has a lot more mana to play with, thus making him a lot more oppresive. The idea of increasing his mana costs are right in a way. I think instead of increasing his mana costs, decreasing the amount of mana he gets by upping the cooldown with 1-2 seconds or decreasing his mana gained by just 5% would be the best nerf, plus some base damage nerfs on his Q for his level one.
: He _is_ weak, as is clearly visible by his winrate. He is also out of date, yes, but he is definetely weak.
Azir got nerfed on a 42% winrate because he was too strong (I know he is more difficult to play mechanicly). Don't look at winrates to label a champion strong, balanced or weak.
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l MrD l (EUW)
: I kinda feel like they should remove pinging altogether .... theyre never being used for their proper user .... just as a use of spam and harrassment now.. especialt the ?????????? ping ._.
I see an "offensive" ping once in maybe every 10 to 20 games or so - coming from a silver. And if people only spam ping, just mute them. Pings are one of the most usefull features in the game.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Is there anyway I can make this my wallpaper
I am pretty sure WallPaper engine on steam allows easy acces to smooth wallpapers. I don't use it myself but multiple friends of mine use it.
: Q: How far does a champion's winrate need to drop before getting a buff?
There is a difference about a champion being weak and out of date. Nunu is not (as far as I know) too weak. He gets extremely tanky with moderate damage, really easy clears for the early jungling with decent-ish (...) ganks. It's simply that Nunu is heavely out of date and is in need of a rework.
: Try this - {{champion:86}} (have dmolished him a few times) {{champion:54}} (most obvious counter) {{champion:80}} (he'll never expect it) {{champion:24}} (haven't really tried him, but should be fine) {{champion:75}} (E reduces his armor) - every champion has a counter With him just monitor his passive
n00msy (EUW)
: Please make URF mode perma :)
IF they make URF a standard gamemode like ARAM, it will get very boring very fast. Also, the players are spread more over all the gamemodes making all queues longer.
: Can u pls buff Ornn !?
I thought you were serious for 1 second... about buffing
Çhristmàs (EUNE)
Also, Riot is not responsible for anything that happens to your account in most cases. I know it sounds dumb or anoying, but it is normally the player's own fault. Reasons might be as simple as having a weak/easely crackable password or falling for the free RP bullshit - [since that is not a thing](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHJ49zbGOW8). > if you can regain control of your email and prove you are the rightful owner of the league account... _~Robindin014_ That's really the only thing you can do in after it already happened, and warn everybody the link has been send to to not follow ANY instructions or even click on the link. I recommend changing your standard passwords (of any site, if you are using the same type of passowords) and be carefull what you do or what instructions you follow. Don't fool yourself! I also recommend sending an email to the Riot Games Support (support@riotgames.com) to see what you can do. P.S. One forum post is enough. We don't need 4 of 'em. I understand your thoughts, but it is anoying ¯\\(°-°)/¯
Tryficic (EUNE)
: Is playing Xerath an automatic way for people to just assume you're scripting?
Don't see the calls as negative or insults, see them as compliments. I used to main Xerath and had a 40% playrate for months on him. People calling you, on any champ, a scripter is basicly them not knowing any other way to say that you are great at the champion, league itself or just beat them.
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Pre-set runes
they are simply there for back up if you have an invalid runepage. I do agree they aren't the best.
Fusionn (EUNE)
: Dont get sleepy during battle if you dont whant her to kill you.She is made to eat players like you that dont know how to doge skill shots. And no she doesnt need remake she is perfect! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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xtheannax (EUW)
: Please don't try to fool us, Riot.
maybeh just maybeh you buy the box itself once, and a ticket each time you buy it. So that means that every time you buy a ticket, it get stored in that box, thus becoming a box of tickets ¯\\...(ツ).../¯
Dragunar (EUW)
: Missleading description on fizz playfull/trickster
The fish doesn't become invunerable though
Selena (EUW)
: A Christmas Suprise!
So any kind of comment? Well, here is the comment ;) I always like people doing these kind of events. ~NewDragongamesnl
: The problem is if u ar grounded u have no counter play because u cant remove it , a stun is qss able so its not that hard. the next thing is that camille ult is heaviung many counters , any knockbacks graps or pulls , or maybe a fling , can easily interupt ur ult the next thing is invisibility , i dont see them while they are invisibile, invincibility next counter and at last a zhonyas or for ad champs a stopwhatch or a GA are easy counter as well. also u can just use normal cc spells to stop her from doing damage or just kill her also u can just pick tham and eat the ulted champ.... there are so many posibilities Believe me every team is having any ability to help teammates against camille ult.... And in my opinion is camilles ultymate made to catch enemies if they are to agressive there are so many ways to stop her ult. so i think its fair if u can be shure if u ult an enemy that nothing too bad can happen
I mean, you can aply a grounded effect once you can QSS it (movement impairing effect) and it won't reapply again instantly like Singed or Cassi W, who deploy a zone that reapplies the effect at all times of being in that zone. Camille becomes untargetteble while casting the ultimate (in the leap itself) and, besides spell shields or abilities like Fiora W, there is no way to dodge it besides knocking camille herself out of her ultimate zone. Other counters are indeed Zonya's (or stopwatch) or invisibility. These are meant to be counters however. GA also couters all execute abilities (Urgot R, veigar R, etc.) and removes the effects, so why should it not interact the same way with camille R? Camille is meant to be a 1v1 champion. Almost all 1v1 champs in League have counter play when it comes to teamfights. I know it is weird how it sometimes does and sometimes doesn't follow. But if you make it a free pass, its basicly giving champs like Kha'Zigs a pull or grounded effect on their leap, so people can't get away from it.
: Camille Ult change idea
I think suppressing the target won't be the good option if something like this happens. Since they cant block it or whatever (spellshields or Fiora W). Grounded might be a better effect. This avoinds dashing or flashing. But. needing to follow the target, even through flashes or dashes, is a level of counterplay against camille, since you can easely trap her that way.
: where do I upload it?
Upload it to youtube, vimeo, etc. and post the link on the boards, in a ticket or in a support mail (support@riot.com).
: The first isn't enough to justify the increment in heals and the second, well she was healing from minions. Should I tape it and send it to Riot?
What he meant is that you can get another 8% lifesteal from the rune Legend: Bloodline, (...) the rune Revitalize increases all heals gained (so I assume lifesteal included) by 5% or 10% or the rune Ravenous Hunter which gainst up to 15% healing of abilities (which won't be the case with an AA).
: [Champion Concept] Mindbreaker
its a cool concept but the most unhealthy kit I've seen ever in my opinion.
: People complain about Yasuo players, but...
Didn't you know? Yasuo's passive got reworked a while ago. Not only the shield and double crit are features, every body hates you irl for that game :D Anyways, I don't hate Yasuo players. I often find them positive more then negative (depending on the playstyle) and motivating the team, even if they are 1/10 - which I like. He is a lot of fun to play and that helps staying cool. I just hate yasuo to have in my game. I have legit seen only one Yasuo where I said "He actually knows what he is doing as" instead of the "he's bad just got fed". I find them 10/0, thinking they are a god and jumping in 1v5 and they don't know what they are doing or 0/10 and still jumping in thinking they can 1v5 with their "pro mehoniks" I call it, because they don't know what they are doing...
skinTDM (EUNE)
: worst champion for each lane
{{champion:82}} This chad doesn't have a lane. That counts, right?
JuicySoup (EUW)
: Borderless, at 1080p, but that shouldnt matter since the game only uses 2 cores of CPU so I get same fps on whatever resolution I use. I have tried playing on lowest graphics settings, it does not affect the FPS at all, it remains the same. I have nothing in the background and no 3rd party overlays. Shadowplay is disabled and yes it is under the exclusion list of my AV software.
Play in fullscreen. I have a moderate pc (I5 quad, 970 4GB, 24gB ram) and when I play in borderless, my frames drop to around 40-65 fps instead of the usual ~120-150. Other things you can do: 1. check the energie profile management and check if this is set to "maximum performance" 2. play around in the NVidia configuration window - one important setting is the power management mode (name might be different. I have it set to dutch) and set this to maximum performance aswell.
: What about Demonblade Tryndamere? It's worth 1850 RP and looks like a 500 RP skin. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Thats really true. I don't play trynda myself and I never see the skin :p
Neamar1 (EUW)
: See your Season 7 achievements
"You have once killed 201 minions!" Purtty gud! Cool site though!
Rioter Comments
: How do you justify ruining a game.. please read fully.
Normally, from what I've noticed, the client/local game updates first. After around 3 to 4 hours, the servers update themselfs. This is to avoid this problem. I often found the play button greyed out on patch days if I play too long without restarting my client. A refund of account will never happen. Trust me. The only refunds that are possible are the 3 refunds you get from your account for ingame purchases. A rioter once told me this: > A purchase in League of Legends is meant to beunlocked permanant. We have implemented the refund system for those who made a mistake buying something they dont want or turned out they do not like it as much. No extra refunds will be given. Any purchase that you make - ingame from IP or BE, or items like skins (bought from RP or gained from chests) are deemed permanant. Also, when you have an issue with anything (not just a game), try to not call them out for names or swear at them, since that might lead them into ignoring you or giving you a time-out (what probably happened this time). I ofcourse don't know the forum post, ticket (, etc.) where you expressed yourself about this, so I don't know if your time-out is earned. -------- I always ask myself this question in these situations: Do I feel the same way if I was on the opposite side? So in this case on the losing team. If not, I won't complain and think "shit happens". Otherwise, if it is really impacting overall gameplay (to stick to this topic), not just one match, I go to the forums or submit a ticket. ------ One thing that really helps is to type something out in like a word document, let it sit there for about 30-60 minutes, read it again and if you still agree, THEN post it.
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: Patch 7.24 Constant disconnections + FPS drops
Although I don't have it myself, I've had a teammate that was constantly DC'ing since this patch and having some weird spikes. Upvoted this.
Borieko (EUW)
: Only play tank in every lane, works.... trust me
Ornn. Play Ornn then. Ornn doesn't die. :3
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