Pois0n Ivy (EUNE)
: nice concept , but u miss last ability for cannon
yes I know ... work in progress xD
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Not really good The concept is weird and u didnt explain how it will work Wtf do u do before lvl6 ? How u change forms Is ult remaining active or it works for period of time Idea of champ switching between ap and ad is weird bcs what he builds ? Like q is just same shit in different shape Q1:deal dmg Q2:deal dmg Q3:deal dmg...
U can posses a minion from lvl 1 as u start with posses skill and minions come before jungle monsters , so u can grab a minion and help jungler blue/red (R damage scaled and modified according to lvl ) To change form u need to have ur R ready so u can POSSESS , when u are in ur new body u need either leave with ERUPT / or be knocked out of ur body when ur health is low . yes Q is damage (just like any other champion) but Q1 is melee and close range , Q2 is skill shot in a line Q3 is long range dunk they all kind different depending on ur play style
: I like the concept, it's very creative, but I don't think it would work practically in-game for a number of reasons. Firstly, the kit is MEGA-overloaded. This champion has way too much diversity in their range, their utility, their stats, everything. They have buffs, debuffs, damage, CC, everything you could possibly want. How do you counter them in lane when they can just possess whatever minion works best against you? Imagine Kayn could switch between his Blue and Red forms at will - it'd be broken. Secondly, the whole split AD/AP thing wouldn't work super well. Hybrid champs are a thing, but they tend to be quite specialised in their itemisation and to lean heavily towards either AP or AD with just a splash of the other thrown in (e.g. Akali.) In this case, Arden would almost always want to be taking only one of his three potential forms, meaning the other two are wasted, because he needs to itemise - he needs to choose to build AD, AP, _or_ tank. Thirdly, his ability to function around objectives is severely limited by the fact that he needs to go and possess a minion to be able to do anything, which is awkward as hell. Similarly, nobody would EVER use the "Erupt" ability on his R, because you'd immediately be forgoing all of his stats from all of his items as you revert to ghost form. Lastly, mega-amped movement speed for multi-lane roaming is not very often a thing in-game for good reason - pretty much the only champ who has it is Quinn on her R and sort of Talon with his E. Both of these champs sacrifice a lot for this ability - Quinn has super limited utility and is very squishy and defenceless and has no combat-based R, while Talon gives up an entire basic ability for it and has to deal with walls being "timed out" for long periods of time after use. You can't give a champion with this much diversity and damage that sort of potential. They'd be broken. Overall, his strengths are too strong, and his weaknesses make fundamental parts of his kit/identity actively detrimental. The concept is cool, though.
Well overloaded or not , it could be balanced. And yes it WAS my idea to make a champion that can fill many roles at same time (jack of all trades , but muster of none if u will) . And yes counters in this game is nothing new. So point was that he cant just switch at any given time he will stil have a CD on POSSESS so will have too choose which role to be for lets say 3-4 min (or longer) . also if he leaves his host he can be killed very easy - the idea is when on low health hes knocked out of his "body" and become easy target with almost no health. I agree about items, it could be too much to think about and would be better just to make him AP , but i wanted to make him to swich from AP to AD u see that top lane builds too much MR and counter him . Well lets say u pushed ur lane and now want to help or need to help mid lane , so u need to use ur R to leave ur body to move faster through the river to mid and take new minion there and help mid lane. Also hes R could be used as a finisher if u need to but then u better be sure it kills. And its better to use it to do damage then being killed anyway. Well Quins R CD ist that long to be honest, and she gets nice aoe on arrival, also she has all of her defenses when she travel, Arden does not .
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: U trippin now already
hahaha not really just having fun :)
: Both of your champion ideas are very interesting, and could actually make for two different characters. But I'm not sure about hag's W; although idea sounds nice, it might be too much for players to bear. Imagine her spamming that W on her opponent in ARURF. It could be safely replaced with silence, if it is not a long distanced ability. And yet again, your ideas are great, keep up the good work and don't forget to make lore for her/them.
I agree , but ARUF is a special case on its own ... and again to compensate it will have a long CD so its still kinda long CD in ARUF . Same as other stun abilities on other champs. To fix a problem it can be changed to have a fairly short range so she has to choose to go into danger zone or by making it into a skill shot :)
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: The hags W is way too much, blind, slow and CDR penalty?
It is too much, I know , so it should have a large cool down to compensate , also it only used on one target so think of it as Lulus transform :) but its sure is one of a kind :P
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