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: The placement of champions (death timers) and that its showing the enemy deathtimers, along with the 90% blue minimap (which is too small) the style is awfull, and all of the things is too small. Why fix something thats not broken? and replace it with the worst pile of HUD i have ever seen. and i have seen alot. Either roll back to prev version or make the old hud an option. i think 85% will pick the old hud. you fucked up the stats and the way they're shown, and listed. also the Fonts looks like a child draw them on with a poor marker. I have rarely been as mad (really mad) about something so basic. You turned our basic nice HUD into a futuristic rushed failure and i don't like it one bit.
Brother from another mother! {{champion:115}}
: This is a virtual game, not a restaurant :P
You get the idea, that's all that matters. :)
: I totally agree with that i just think they did it because the style.. It's nice that u can see the summoner spells and ult cds but u could do it too in the old HUD. An option to switch it would be nice!{{item:3612}}
Some time ago I worked as a chef. And one thing I learned pretty fast was: There are two important things: Speed ( Time ), Quality. And when you have to choose between those two, make sure the quality of food is right before serving it, even if it takes a little more time than expected. That's how I feel. That we got served a bad quality dish from top restaurant. {{item:3070}}
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: I think the new one is 1000% better. Tried it this morning, just the hud is gonna make me play better. It takes up less space and so on. I still think you should be able to choose since not Everyone likes the new one
Yeah. I noticed that opinions on this update are very mixed. I like the idea itself, where the style of it and all is going. But it just really looks poorly made, can't tell about functionality, but the style quality. Like said, even diamond players make bad decisions. :P Don't forget to vote! {{champion:99}}
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: How does the ban system work?
By reading the chat log I say only 1 thing. . . Glad you got banned! But at least you will think the next time you feel like flaming or whatever. . NOT! And trust me, we all know kids say "he trolls/ feeds intentionally" when actually the guy is simply a bad player. And then you show up flaming them, ruin their mood as well as yours. * And what you think happens next? Rain of reports and eventually someone gets banned. And if you got even banned for that, its obvious you are toxic like twitch in almost every game. The best you can do now is realize who you are and how you behave, and work on fixing that. Good luck!


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