: Annie in Wonderland
Magnifanct TF is the worst 1820 skin, change my mind
: can someone explain me why ornn has only one skin while lux getting a skin every patch?! xayah came nearly in same year with ornn and now she has 3 skins!
Well one of Xayah's is a worlds skin and riot doesn't choose who to make those for, the team that won does so blame Ruler for that one. Same for Rakan blame CoreJJ and Baolan for that.
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AndrewGTR (EUNE)
: lol i though its only me too !! same problem..
Im suprised nobody else reported it when I looked seing as hes a pretty popular champion
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Fidda (EUNE)
: You guessed correctly the profile insignia (the one you call "border") isn't up to date yet. Same goes for other rewards like the Victorious Skin, Honor/Victorious ward and Icons, they will take some time to reach your account so be patient.
Ahh okay. Thank you for clarifying.
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