Perilum (EUW)
: You only skip Divisions if your MMR is not in line with your current or next rank. So if you were last season Diamond and got placed Bronze, you will start to skip divisions. Winning just regular ranked matches with the average winrate doesn't give you any chance to skip divisions. You were Silver last Season and you're currently Silver. You also played over 100 games this season in ranked. So you're pretty much in the fields where you currently belong and can regular climb. There is no catchup. So I actually don't know why you consider that you could skip divisions.
your right, i didn't thaught i would skip an divison. But i was wondering when it happens. thanks btw :D
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Doomley (EUW)
: kda has nothing to do with how fast you climb. It's all about mmr which is a hidden number. every division has their standard mmr for example, silver 5 is about 1200 mmr. If your own mmr is the same as the one the division standard mmr is, you gain and lose about the same amount of LP. If your mmr is lower, you lose more than you gain. Same work the other way around. The only way to improve your mmr is by winning more than losing and you can even out the mmr by having a winrate of 50% but it will even out slowly that way. you have a 41% win rate which means your mmr is quite a bit lower than it should be in your division. MMR also determines who you play with and against. You are playing with bronze level players with your current mmr. You could be plat 5 but if your mmr is low enough you could still play with bronze players (not physically possible but just an example).
Okey, thanks man. No i understand how it works. So if my win rate get positive than il climb faster?
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: Blue Essence
thanks guys :D
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