: 10 games in a row i have Autofill Activated WHY?
Autofill is always activated UNLESS you have been actually been filled (aka placed in none of your 2 preferred roles) within your last 2 games. That's perfectly normal. How the heck does one reach lvl 238 and not realize that...
: A little advice for fast climbing
Nothing like hearing the epic saga of Angus McFife battling hordes of unicorns and evil wizards in space while playing a good ol' game of league.
Wannes (EUW)
: Thx! So G2 and winner of tomorrow are in groups, number 3 has to go all the way true play-in's... got it!! I thought only G2 made it to groups. So FNC still has a change....... that is good to hear.
Yep, but G2 gets the "easier" group (more 2nd seeds from other regions) whereas the winner of tomorrow gets the harder group. Which effectively just means FNC gets to crush SKT's dream of getting to quarters, but still.
Wannes (EUW)
: Fanatic - Splyce
Whoever wins gets directly into groups. Whoever loses has to go through the play-in stage.
: think of nerfs as trains
Think of nerfs as trains? Yeah, that makes sense cause I wish they'd hit malphite players.
: So the Riven buffs has nothing to do with her new skin + prestige
The community is dumb af and has no idea what's good for the game, as exemplified by this circlejerk...
: LoL back to the beginning - Season 10 = Season 1
"No gapclosers" Behold the return of 97% banrate Kassawin...
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What does this mean?
I think it has something to do with the pajama guardians. IIrc it means that there exists a variation of this skin, that you can purchase at a discount, not sure though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nightangael,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=RsRWRg4R,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-12T15:23:05.040+0000) > > Games just disappearing happens occasionally. It's normally just a small hiccup on the server side, so it should only happen very rarely and not repeat too soon again, which means you can probably play again without worrying too much about it. Oh, thank you, I had no idea this sort of thing happened! I must have just been lucky over the years.
It's relatively rare so it's not unusual that you'd never have encountered it before. Of course I could be wrong and this isn't a serverside issue, but considering that the game simply "ceased to exist" so to speak, it appears relatively likely.
: Unable to get back into a ranked game
Games just disappearing happens occasionally. It's normally just a small hiccup on the server side, so it should only happen very rarely and not repeat too soon again, which means you can probably play again without worrying too much about it.
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah it's not like Denmark has a lot of pros. Or Spain. Or France. Or Netherlands. Or Korea. Or China. I'll even go as far as saying NA has better players. Also when do we get the money back we loaned you?
To be fair, about the last one, the whole loaning money to greece thing was (at least for germany) a hugely profitable affair. As long as they don't go bankrupt, the whole greece debacle is the only reason germany is even able to pull off their "schwarze Null" budget.
manolis1310 (EUNE)
Shamose (EUW)
: > I don't think you understand what pay2win means. There are live updates in your hud. So if you have one that's like ""Hit x people with x skill" you can basically create vision. Throw spell at fog of war. If it updates someone is there. I'd call that gaining an advantage by buying something.
You can already do that with runes, items and spells that give you bonuses when they hit something.
: Eternals dumb shit
I don't think you understand what pay2win means. And yes, eternals cost money. However you can get basic eternals for blue essence when the BE emporium opens up every half year or so. However eternals have no impact on the actual gameplay and buying one does not give you any kind of advantage, so they're really just shit you can spend money on if you've got nothing better to use it for and would like to have some nice stat trackers in game.
Silverblade (EUNE)
: LoLSkin (Is it Bannable or not?)
If it allows you to use official skins that you didn't pay for, then yes. Absolutely.
: Top hands down. You are completely unable to help your team barring the occasional tele-gank (which you usually need more than good conditions to pull off) and as such you are mostly doomed to watch many games falling apart while being unable to do anything about it.
And don't forget that half the time your lane is decided by who gets more ganks rather than who is actually the better player and since these days win lane = win game, there's no late game comeback or anything like that.
: I have a serious question i need a rioter to answer logically if he/she can
1) Too low population size, queue times would explode, game and match making quality would be low. 2) The infrastructure especially in most of africa is straight up terrible. It would be a massive investment to get anything running there and just wouldn't be profitable in the end.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I finally hit plat!!
Trust me, you don't want to know what platinmu yoloQ looks like.
: How to get tons of items in TFT from the start?
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nightangael,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=1rtj3Eql,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-09T16:22:03.272+0000) > > Stop having MMR low enough that it hovers around the default MMR new players are assigned when they first play ranked (around silver 3-1) and you won't see them anymore. Does not help. Players in platinum 1 ish are really low skill too.
Well yeah, everyone below master is objectively terrible at this game. But what does that have to do with this topic?
Stop having MMR low enough that it hovers around the default MMR new players are assigned when they first play ranked (around silver 3-1) and you won't see them anymore.
: The game hasn't really ever been as balanced for the most part, I've been playing since season 2, hear me out though. Looking at individual lanes, the game is probably more balanced overall: In my opinion, Midlane is the most balanced it has ever been. There is a lot of counterplay to every champion, if you don't see it I don't know if that's because you don't want to see it. Botlane is not really unbalanced either. Imo it is too snowbally and annoying champions like zyra and brand dominate in soloq. I do think Toplane is toxic as hell to play, one kill leads to one going 5-0, the other 0-5 in short time, due to champs like Darius. Jungle is almost even worse. What I find really shit is how snowbally the game now is. Things like high death timers, more resources available to both teams and normal wards being harder to come by (no sightstone) means that whoever goes ahead stays ahead. What I used to find so great was the amount of long games and comebacks, the short games just don't compare. After 10 minutes the game is just done. Also it just seems like the pace of the game has slowed down at the same time. I'm not sure if it is me, but it seems longer to get many items. Also, there are more really unfair mechanics in the game. Things like Xayah being an adc that can go untargetable, yasuos windwall, pyke being a support with huge dmg that has a resettable AoE execute that can give his teammates 6000 gold in a teamfight, yuumi is a joke etc etc. It seems like skill is rewarded far less than it used to be. What also pisses me off is that wacky builds just get removed. I used to love AP Ezreal. Sure it's trash, but watching an ult do like 1k dmg across multiple guys (IF YOU SKILL IT RIGHT) was satisfying as hell. Leblancs criot build, full ap sejuani, so much goofy stuff just gets removed because it isnt "meant to be" and just makes it seem really narrow as a game. Build variability is so low because there is pretty much a "best build" for each champion. However, a lot of really unfair shit has been removed. Remember DFG Veigar? DFG Q R kills everyone. DFG Ahri? 70% winrate skarner(tbh juggernauts as a whole)? Banner of Command that didnt take AP damage, when jungle was only lee sin reksai or elise for like 2 years, midlane was just fizz zed ahri, support was just thresh morgana leona... there is a lot more that is viable, albeit there are fewer weird sidepicks to give it variability. I really see your point and agree for the most part, personally I find the lack of comebacks and lack of counterplay them most annoying (I mean, kayn ulting me to dodge all my damage and then kill me, I mean how is that skill?) Lemme know what u think :)
I agree with 2 things: 1) Games are too short and decided too quickly. 2) Build variability being eliminated is kinda sad. There used to be a lot of champs where you could build ap pr other unusual items on them in specific situations and do (almost) as well as with a standard build. Ap kog, machine gun lulu, ap yi, ap ez, bruiser braum with triforce, there were so many things you could do to spice up your game and still be successful. Sure you still had to get everything right to make it work, but now it's become nigh impossible to really build outside the box. I'd be glad to see more mixed ratios come back and see more items added to the game that give you more options to build champs in different ways. Lastly, the relation between jungle and toplane is absolutely terrible right now. So many of my games are decided by who gets ganked first. Junglers need to be punished for constantly ganking by having gold/xp per camp reduced and giving camps a higher respawn rate. Also top should get another objective or something that balances out its importance when compared to bot lane. I have to say though in terms of balance I think we're in one of the best spots we've ever been atm. Especially compared to season 2/3... DFG LeBlanc is still giving me PTSD.
Vox Fata (EUW)
: At which time do the worlds finals start?
The worlds finals are going to take place on November 10th, so you've still got a while to go. Riot said they'll publish the final schedule for worlds on september 23rd after the draw show, so you'll have to wait until then to get the exact time. Also if you're planning to attend it on site in france, tickets go on sale september 16th at 4 pm CET.
: LEC-Finals
Would love to see some LEC action here in switzerland at some point, but I'm not quite sure riot has realized our country exists yet.
: LEC 2019 Summer Final recap: G2 Esports vs Fnatic
As frustrated as I am to see FNC lose, this was absolutely peak league of legends. None of that 3 hours of nothing happening bs we've seen from other regions. So KR and CN better get ready, cause EU is coming for that title.
: The real reason league of legends is getting worse.
Community: Riot, let us be more creative and stop forcing certain champs into specific roles Community the second any champ that isn't an adc can succeed in bot lane: WTF rito, lol nerf mages, adc ded plz rito balanz team munkeys
: What is the best champion to carry regardless of team performance?
{{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}}
ryandub (EUW)
: Wait till u reach gold and u see 3 unranked lvl 30s on ur team. The whole they have gold MMR argument fails cause its their first ranked game.
Default MMR is somewhere mid silver-ish, so if your MMR is bad enough in gold IV you might very well get matched with unrankeds.
Bala 7dyd (EUW)
: ranked
Because silver 3 and bronze is basically the same thing?
Wistorm (EUW)
: Hello
We need more of this kind of positivity.
bbita (EUNE)
: you will die so u should care...... there is place for religion everywhere no matter how much u have ppl like u and no matter where and no matter when. your alive it means your created your created means there is creator and hes GOD not like his creation. so wake up before u die, because when u die only believing in God "in true way "can help u, money house cars is nothing
Ah yes, the imaginary space wizard... If I claimed that the world was ruled by invisible peanut butter jellyfish rainbow unicorns, you would rightfully call me crazy. So why is it that when someone claims the world was literally spoken into existence by some dude noone has ever seen everyone's like "yeah, that makes total sense"? Also even if I'm wrong and your god does exist, considering how much needless suffering there is in this world, he is either completely powerless, or a sick sadist. Either way, I would not want to spend the rest of eternity anywhere near him. So yeah, I'll take my chances.
bbita (EUNE)
: delete the sentence god like for the game
Screw religion, who cares about that anyway.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: I think the seed system has changed. The winner of summer's split gets 1st seed (unchanged) Then they fight in the Gauntlet (Regionals) according to their acquired points from both splits. Winner of Gauntlet gets 2nd seed Runner-up of Gauntlet gets 3rd seed So G2 is guaranteed to go to worlds because if they lose the finals, they'll play the finals of the gauntlet afterwards and if they lose again, they're runner-up. Same goes for FNC if they make it to finals. Only way for FNC not to make worlds is if Schalke wins Summer split making G2 get the finals spot and FNC loses in the semifinals of the gauntlet (spoiler: never gonna happen).
Wait, they changed the system??? https://i.redd.it/uwczwza59t701.png
: Less CC? Every bruiser has a stun, knock up or smh like that. Like bruh, they get extra defense and ofense at the same time
Yeah but most tanks have 2 or more and they are usually much easier to target and have bigger range/impact in a teamfight. You can't really compare an irelia e to a nautilus ult when it comes to cc.
: You're missing the point there! It would be wrong if nobody would be able to defeat Soraka in a 1v1, not when she was able to defeat someone in a 1v1. If a class has a role that says "Is literally stronger than everyone in your team, you must take on it at least 2v1 or 3v1" then it really is broken.
A bruiser's role is to be powerful in the 1v1. To compensate, they have less cc, are less good at teamfighting, and die quicker than for example tanks. It's all about tradeoffs.
: Bruiser being impossible to beat 1v1, actually ANY CLASS unbeatable 1v1 is utter BS. I can understand Fiora and Jax being a duelists, but Yasuo can just 1v1 as good as 1v3.
"ANY CLASS unbeatable 1v1 is utter BS" So, a soraka should be able to 1v1 an adc? A tank should be able to just shred through a late game mage? Where's the logic in this? Every class has a distinct role and function. And that of the adc is to do high dps while being protected by their teammates, not to just 1v1 the shit out of everyone.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I would also really love SR if it wasn't for people flaming 24/7. But the toxicity just ruins it for me, I'd legit rather have someone int and run it down than someone that flames but carries. Toxicity is the part of League that I hate the most.
You do always have the option to disable chat. But I suppose it also eliminates the possibility of having positive interactions if you're someone who cares about that so I can understand why you wouldn't want to use it.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: My opinion on different gamemodes
Never been much of a fan of the RGM modes. URF (AR or not) is the absolute worst and the longer it stays away the better. ARAM just isn't for me. I don't understand where the fun is in playing a mode where you throw any kind of sensible strategy or 1v1 skill out the window, and where the game is decided by pure chance in draft phase already more than half the time. 3v3 is fine. I played it more than most ppl did probably, even got gold in ranked 3v3 twice, but the games overall just take too long considering it's supposed to be a quicker version of SR. TFT is kinda meh. It takes too long, and relies too heavily on RNG (yes I know the effect of the RNG is mitigated if you play consistenly well enough, but I suck at TFT). Also it's just too slow. Nexus blitz was fun for a few rounds, but then I quickly lost interest. SR is the only queue I really love. It's a great mix of individual skill (or people that play garen/malphite) and team strategy and every game feels fresh and unique.
GT omg (EUNE)
: League of Legends for phones?
I think it's perfectly possible that we will have a version of TFT for mobile phones soon, but I'm not really sure about getting a mobile version of real LoL. It would make economic sense, considering the market for mobile games like that is huge especially in china, but I don't think it would be quite the same as the LoL you have on PC. Maybe more like a scaled down and simplified version or something.
: Ryze need to hit his E to cage somebody. Yasuo wind wall blocks E. Yasuo block Ryze cc.
True, forgot about his 2355645746575th rework. The slow still goes through though.
: i'm pretty sure most mages and all adcs can't just "hard engage, stun him" so, no, it's not that simple.
Most mages and all adcs (except draven maybe) aren't supposed to 1v1 yasuo for heaven's sake. This is like complaining that you can't win a 1v1 vs a 6 item vayne as support soraka. Yeah no shit sherlock... That's the way it's supposed to be.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Change the name of the game to a more suitable one.
Just go with "league of dipshits" to accurately represent the community.
: >If you're dumb enough to throw all of your damage into a windwall, that's really your own fault. nobody does that, you throw damage, yasuo cast windwall, in this order.
Why would u ever try that when you know yasuo has windwall up? Just hard engage, stun him and he's dead before he even gets out of the cc.
Wannes (EUW)
: Different competitions going on in EU. Who goes to Worlds??
Whoever wins the finals of playoffs in athens on sunday goes to worlds immediately (either g2, fnc or s04). The 2nd team to go to worlds will be the one with the most points across both splits. If both G2 and fnc make it to the finals (meaning fnc wins against s04 in the "semifinal" tomorrow), then whoever loses has the most points iirc, and both go to worlds. If s04 wins the semifinal, i'm not sure who would have the most points actually. The 3rd and last team that goes to worlds will be decided in the regional gauntlet (6th most points vs 5th most points, winnner of that match vs 4th most points, etc..).
: Did you really just give {{champion:429}} as an example of hard CC that goes through Yasuos Windwall ? 1) She needs a second player to use her ult on him, meaning you are saying she needs to be 2vs1 against him to do somthing 2) She needs to fire her her Ult vs a low CD Windwall AND needs a second player on top of it You gave a great example of why Yasuo Windwall is utter BS.
Yeah obviously u need to have an ally with you as kalista. Or did u actually expect to be able to 1v1 a bruiser as an adc that isn't draven?
: Was windwall a mistake?
All of these champions have stuns or other forms of hard cc that go straight through yasuo's windwall: {{champion:266}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:154}} Definition of "'immune' to cc" right there... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} If you're dumb enough to throw all of your damage into a windwall, that's really your own fault.
: If he's got no reason to defend himself, then I will not get reported (and my message removed) for calling you names here. Will I? ;-)
: I disabled game bar, but i dont see option for game dvr? Also uncapped fps is better i tried to cap the fps but it was worse! i have 240hz monitor so i dont like anything bellow 240 fps :D
240 hz? Seems more than a bit overkill but ok. Yeah, then capping the framerate probably doesn't make much sense. Disabling dvr is also in the gaming section of your windows settings. On the left there should be a list, with the default one being "Game bar" (meaning this is the one you're at when you click on the gaming icon). In that list on the left, there should also be one line called "Game DVR". Click on that and you should find a toggle button where it says "Record in the background while I'm playing a game". Disabling that might help.
: Input Lag
One thing you can try to do is to disable windows game bar and dvr (windows settings -> gaming -> disable game bar and game dvr). That might help, can't guarantee it though. I'd also cap the frame rate at 150 or something if I were you.
: Overpopulation won’t be an issue because city limits would change drastically over that type of time period, but the structure of the population will be an issue, nobody knows what the difference in working class and people living in poverty will be like
You do have an overpopulation issue though. No matter what you do, you will still need to feed, house and provide energy and consumer goods for the entire population of earth. And considering that our needs for energy, food, mobility, technology, etc. are already destroying the planet now when we have far less people, I doubt this would end well.
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