: Not a full combo, just 3q-3aa combo, which is one of the most basic comboes if you are dumb enough to walk too close to riven xd. 1) I'm pretty sure it was always the case. Probably a bug? 2) Definetly not. She may have some passive regen increase, but main counterplay to riven is outsustaining or outdamaging her.
That *is* what you call the full fast combo. And you can't do that in less than a second. It takes around 2-2.5 seconds even if u do it optimally on riven's basic attack speed. You might decrease it to like 1.5 if you have godlike reflexes and max attackspeed but below 1 second is impossible. 1) No, it's not and it's never been. From her tooltip: "Riven dashes towards the target nearest to the cursor **or in the direction she is currently facing**" 2) Riven has asbolutely no sustain atm. It's pretty much impossible to face anything that can build corrupting potion as a starting item as it stand right now. I guess an increase to hp regen might do the trick as well but I'd prefer the other option since there's more of a tradeoff (she needs to get close to actually use the lifesteal so u can harrass her while doing it, which allows more counterplay than her getting the regen no matter what)
: riven's autos and spells can be canceled to the point where you can get the whole Q-Aa-Q-aa-Q-aa combo off in less than 1 second. Big part of rivens damage is her passive. if you can use it properly, there really aren't many opponents who can defeat her.
I'm sorry but nobody can do a full fast combo in less than a second. I'm pretty sure that's impossible even on max attack speed. That said, all Riven really needs is 2 things: 1) A QoL change such that her Q always follows the cursor instead of only when ur hovering over an enemy unit. 2) A small buff to her passive that gives her some lifesteal per stack (like 3-5% or so)
Pietorro (EUW)
: Riots don't block players who intentionally lose
You do realize that you only rarely get the instant feedback notification even if someone is punished right? Don't ask me why, cause I don't see a good reason for it either, but that's riot's official policy.
mirtis1 (EUNE)
: Any possible way to get unbanned after getting perma banned ?
: Tl:dr but i have played longer than you...thats why i disagree with the new champions as all older players , newfegs like you agree all the manga shit xd
I love how you just get proven wrong about everything u said and the best thing u can come up with is to call everyone who disagrees with u a "newfeg". You know, utter lack of creativity aside, the saddest thing about this is the fact that the way you try to spell the word "%%%" is probably more offensive than the insult itself. Also, do tell honey, when did u start playing? S4? S5?
: Need help for my little sister
These are all kinda meh but here goes: Helpful Kitten (Or Karing/Kompassionate Kitten for the alliteration) Shiroi/Kuroi/Aoi Nekogami (meaning white/black/blue cat godess, if she's that kind of weeb) Sweet Sentinel Radiant/Luminous Lynx (since she plays Lux)
Anders (EUW)
: OP CHAMPS in non specific order ( dont hate if i forgot one or two) : {{champion:516}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:523}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}}
In what universe are ornn and fiora op?
: New season, new rivals
I don't know the mission you're talking about but from this post I'm guessing it's related to watching Esports matches? If so, you should probably be able to just do it with LPL matches, the LPL has already started.
: Is it a real question ? It had an overwhelmingly negative welcome. Paying for achievements ? Nothing else for it but making your lvl7 emote into a burning match? The whole thing was and is a cash grab. Of course most of the players didn't like it at all.
I doubt that would have stopped them from releasing them tbh. Also they had an update post where they said some basic eternals would be unlockable for BE. Personally I don't see anything wrong with eternals, the idea conforms with league's spending model where the actual gameplay is free, but any bonus content that doesn't affect gameplay costs money. If u wanna throw money at something as pointless as eternals, feel free to do so, if u feel it's not worth it, you're not missing out on anything so where's the problem? IIrc the issue was that they were fundamentally broken and simply didn't work the way they were supposed to. But I expect to see them back eventually. EDIT: Well, I guess the new video answers this question.
: I start rank in iron IV when i got an A- first game
Because ND5's previous MMR was way higher than yours, so even after the soft reset, it's still way higher than yours. Also your rating has *ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT* on which division you get placed in.
Croffins (EUW)
: You got like the worst champions poppin out of nowhere and killing you without counterplay, towers don't even matter to them because you die so fast you that not you or your tower can react in time (see qiyana akali just to show some examples), the 4th rework ryze still broken and cassio being a gatling gun etc etc, the same champions picked OVER AND OVER while there is like a good 70% of the entire pool played only by onetrick because if you pick offmeta you LOSE AUTOMATICALLY IN CHAMP SELECT, dragons souls being broken af and always going without contest to some team because the other is so behind they can't even get close to the fkin drake pit. Does this seem balanced to you?
I'm yet to see anything worse than dfg LB or ap yi. So while by no means optimal, by comparison I'd say we're not in a terrible state right now when it comes to champions. The number of playable champions is pretty high atm tbh (I remember times when you literally could only play mundo and shyvana top if u actually wanted to win). Overall I would like to see the game being slowed down a bit. Not necessarily with less dmg, although that might be one way to do it (unless it brings back the tank meta in which case, pls, give me all the damage in the world, nothing can ever be worse than the tank meta). Making towers more durable and respawn timers lower could be another one. Dragon souls aren't an issue. If it ever gets to a point where one team gets the dragon soul, they usually have a pretty big advantage in general already anyway and the dragon soul just helps close things out quicker. It's not like it shifts the powerbalance much in most cases. So yeah, I'm not seeing the problem there. TL;DR: It ain't perfect but we've had (far) worse seasons. I just think the game might benefit from average game times being extended again slightly.
: Can you make a topic that complainig about CertainlyT WITHOUT it getting deleted?
I'm almost certain that most topics that crticize CT have not been deleted. That said, nothing is stopping anyone else from disagreeing with you either. All hail our glorious lord and savior, mightiest of all the champion designers, CertainlyT, the one true god! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: If you're excited as much as I'm about Sett's Calling Card...
I'm assuming it's just a free/discounted Sett or at least something Sett related like an icon. Anything else wouldn't really make much sense imo.
: 10th anniv suggestion
Infernape (EUW)
: Chinese people.
But chinese ppl who have access to a pc wouldn't bother playing the pc emulator version. And the large part of the chinese community that doesn't actually have a pc will obviously play on mobile. So I just don't see the huge PC emulator mobile lol demographic tbh. Like not saying some won't exist, but I doubt it'll be a big problem. Also you know, china is weird anyway [free HK! Suck on that tencent. You can't censor me here. Inb4 mods take this down anyway], but thankfully they're none of my concern.
: Nope. PC and mobile users are matched together.
Who the heck would play lol mobile on a pc emulator instead of just playing the actual LoL?
CJXander (EUNE)
: League's 10th anniversary time?
Since most of continental western europe uses CEST (Central European Summer Time) it's probably 3:00 AM for you. CEST corresponds to GMT+2.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't want to log into a different account. I'm just afraid of my sister one day using my PC when I'm not home and trying out League for some very odd reason. It's so unlikely that I doubt it would happen, but I still invested money into the game, so 99.9% chance of not losing it is not enough for me.
Yeah I'm not saying I 100% agree with the decision to remove it, I just wanted to explain the thought process. But hey, maybe they'll add it back at some point (or we're just both blind and it's actually still around).
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Is there an option in the new launcher to remember username?
I think they removed it (not 100% sure tho). The logic is that there's no need to remember the username if u stay signed in. And if u don't, you probably want to log into a different acc anyway so why remember the name.
: Nah rekkles is trolling
It was (probably) not rekkles choice to pick this champ. This isn't your average yoloQ game where everyone just picks whatever the heck they want. Most of the draft is controlled by the coach.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nightangael,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EiUmO9E8,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-15T14:15:55.883+0000) > > It's not rekkles fault that they keep giving him these garbage picks. I don't understand either why they are so insistent on not letting rekkles play real adcs, but I don't think that was his decision. true. they should stop abusing these awkward picks and try a decent normal comp on bot lane for once and see what happends. instated of this. truly feelsbad to see the team im rooting for losing in such a way... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
IKR? They were hovering kaisa for rekkles for a second and i was like "YES" and then they pick morgana instead... Like, I think they're just assuming rekkles can't lane against the likes of uzi but i really don't understand why... Like, sure he might not destroy him, but he doesn't need to just 2v2 kill the enemy bot over and over. If they give Rekkles a decent matchup (like kaisa into xayah would have been) he can hold his own and farm to a decent mid/late game where fnatic can teamfight. And when it comes to teamfighting (with a comp that is actually meant to tf not like the one they had this game), I'm definitely favoring FNC over RNG. I feel like this is the same every time they're at a critical juncture in an international event. They give rekkles these weird picks (or force him into terrible matchups) instead of just letting him play the things he has shown to be able to play and succeed on all split long.
: kick rekkles out of worlds thx
It's not rekkles fault that they keep giving him these garbage picks. I don't understand either why they are so insistent on not letting rekkles play real adcs, but I don't think that was his decision.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: great of you to decide who should have fun and how should they have fun according to your views ofcourse please keep telling people how to live their lives according to your standards you will make a lot of friends
"you should try it sometime" <---> "please keep telling people how to live their lives" I see consistency isn't your strong suit.
Furiranda (EUNE)
: The Forced "Ryze rework" meme
Oh god I can't believe i have to explain this. This may blow your mind, but outside of tiktok and reddit, nobody gives a damn about memes. Riot don't keep reworking ryze "for the meme", they keep reworking him because on the one hand they want to have a champion that fulfills the fantasy of "combo oriented machine gun mage" and on the other making such a champion balanced appears to be pretty much impossible. Ryze almost always ends up in a state where he is either complete garbage, or absolutely op, with no room in between.
Rupture (EUNE)
: Best drake in your opinion?
Infernal>Ocean>Cloud>Mountain Infernal is the all around best dragon. No matter what, you can always use more damage. It helps with poking, with skirmishes, with teamfights, even with objectives. Every comp can use it, and it provides the largest advantage and the biggest value in terms of stats out of any dragon. Ocean is especially strong at 2 points: 1) You get one early, and it just helps you soo much in the lane phase. You can stay in lane longer, trade more aggressively, and survive and cs more easily. 2) You get 2 or 3 and u can just do so much more late game, since no poke will stick to you for long. It's like a free bonus warmog and a constant blue potion. Cloud just gives ms which is nice for all kinds of reasons. Mountain does little to nothing for your average soloQ squad. The only time you're taking objectives is usually when the enemy team is either dead or not around to def anyway, so how fast you do them is really of little consequence. Of course the mountain dragon's value increases in pro play where in the mid game it's probably the 2nd best dragon after infernal.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: because it's fun? you should try it sometime
No it's not, it's just pointless. It's the same reason all those dumbass game(/book/movie)-theory things are the absolute worst. They have no base, no nothing, just some dude/dudette outlining their headcanons. Wow, what a worthwhile use of my time. Most of the time you'll be wrong anyway, and even if you're right, what exactly have u gained?
: thoughts on new champion senna?
We have no idea what she's gonna do yet, so why bother with baseless speculation?
Pixelbits (EUW)
: A fine piece of art
I always love these people posting stuff like this and then ending the post with "I don't care about your opinion", when every word of their post silently begs for validation from others. If you really didn't care about other people's opinions, you wouldn't be posting anything in the first place. Also that was a normal game and it looks like nothing out of the ordinary. One team has to lose. And it's in the nature of league (especially in normal and soloq) for advantages to compound as the match goes on, so losses will often look onesided even though the decider may only have been a single botched teamfight or one mistimed flash. Scores like this say nothing about the actual game or the quality of the matchmaking.
JustTits (EUNE)
: Or you're just a snowflake and can't handle the cruel internet.
Tyler being an asshole has nothing to do whatsoever with me being "a snowflake who can't handle the cruel internet". I'm not "offended" by his content or anything, I just see it for what it is: It's all about him being "alpha as %%%%" aka an arrogant jerk. And he knows that. And so do the people who watch him. After all it's the entire reason *WHY* they watch him in the first place. The T1 community is just a bunch of sad people who enjoy having someone who is more successful than they'll ever be act as their proxy in being rude to the entire world. Cause let's be real most of his viewers fall into 2 categories: 1) They're keyboard warriors who would never dare to act like this anywhere outside the safe anonymity of the internet and revel in imagining doing the same things he does, or 2) they are just too stupid/despicable to care about what reprehensible people they're being and feel confirmed in their behavior by seeing T1 act the same way.
NegativeA (EUW)
: only T-shirts for males and females? what is this!!!
Because everyone knows that traditionally yordles clothe themselves in the flesh of their slaughtered enemies like the vile little devils they are. So what use would they have for a T-shirt?
Danyka (EUW)
: .
"Less impactful than any other role"? Have u played top recently? Nothing beats the joy of sitting in top lane for 20 minutes and then realizing it never mattered what you did anyway since the game was decided when the enemy adc got 5 kills in lane... My displeasure over the current state of toplane aside though, ADC has a lot of impact. Yes, you have to rely on your support, but in the end the bot lane duo has so much more impact on the game than especially top and also mid simply by virtue of there being 2 ppl in your lane. Ganking bot has double the chance of resulting in a kill and the possibility of getting twice as much gold as you would from any other lane. Winning bot lane also means access to dragons, which are an important objective both in early and mid game. Yes top has herald, but herald is often decided more by mid than by top priority and even if u get it the herald's impact is usually very limited in soloQ games. In summary, winning bot has just way more impact on the game than winning top or mid. Also adcs are just waaaay better in teamfights than any other role could ever be (with the exception of a select few mid laners maybe). With tanks being weak at the moment and bruisers usually just not being suited to traditional front-to-back 5v5s, it's the adcs positioning and damage output that will decide most fights. And that imbalance just gets worse the later the game goes. So no, I think adcs are more than fine.
: Championship Riven Icon Missing
Look in the actual section where you can select your icon (by clicking on your summoner icon and then scrolling through the dropdown menu). The collections tab is often incomplete and doesn't show very new, very old or very rare icons sometimes. If it's not there either write to support. (Also there's always the possibility of it just being a patch related bug so I wouldn't panic just yet)
: rb is a shameful company and this partnership reflect poorly on riot.
What's wrong with red bull? (I mean their drink is disgusting obviously, but other than that?)
Danyka (EUW)
: ADC is the worst role ever
ADC is fine. Or is being able to pretty much single handedly carry teamfights as soon as u get past 20 minutes and the fact that your lane has more impact than any other role except jungle not enough anymore?
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: Sure you have.
Want proof? Sign up for my seminar on making better use of league victory/defeat screen time today for a special offer of only 999$ per lesson and u too can get rich within those 8 precious seconds. If interested, contact me at thisistotallylegit@notascam.com.
VankataBGYT (EUNE)
: Is it possible to get unbanned from perma ban?
Think real hard about the meaning of the word "permanent". That should point you to the answer to your question.
: Femme Fatale
I don't think the sexism is the point most of the time. These people are just looking to hurt you, and things like gender, race or nationality make for easy targets that have a high chance of getting the victim riled up. Assholes will use whatever they can just to make you feel bad, so don't let them get to you.
: petition to delete the "uwu" emote
Which one is the uwu emote?
Zedant (EUW)
: So you disaggre only whit 1 point? Then why is this word "inkling" used? Dont mislead people. Also yes it did,league did.
> [{quoted}](name=Zedant,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=kO75QTTp,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-09-28T22:14:13.290+0000) > > Also yes it did,league did. > You're telling me league physically almost killed you? And *YOU* complain about me "misleading" people? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: dude he is asking if he bay the gold championship skin ofc he will get the normal one with it....
No u don't. If u use ur tokens to unlock the golden championship ryze chroma you don't get the normal championship ryze with it. You need to buy the basic championship ryze skin first, and only then can u actually use the golden chroma. Read the question mate.
slope2k (EUNE)
Nope, u need the base skin unlocked to use the golden chroma.
: Can't reroll Championship Ryze
I don't think that's a bug. The ryze skin is probably intended to be cash-only since paying for it helps support the worlds prize pool and the teams competing.
Miloszun (EUNE)
: But is it fun for you after all this time? Because for me it kinda depends and I don't really want to play something that gives me fun just like 30% of the time.
Eh I wouldn't say it's fun all the time. There are some games that are just horribly frustrating. But overall I still enjoy it the majority of the time. Otherwise I'd stop playing. Also I'm a competitive person so I don't want to quit before I finally get diamond.
Miloszun (EUNE)
: How long does it take to actually play kinda well?
Been playing for 7+ years, and I still suck at this game. So yeah, it could take a while.
dute9 (EUW)
: How do i quit?
Just stop playing. Simple as that. No matter how many therapists you reach out to, in the end no one is going to do this for you. Get a new hobby to fill the time with (start working out at least 4-5 times a week for 1.5-2 hours per session if you don't already, it's a great way to productively use of the extra hours you'll have now that you don't play league anymore).
: Yeah, I think the OP does have a decent enough grasp of it, and is using for intent of ironic black humour.
Except there's no joke here. Mindnumbingly stupid isn't the same as humorous.
: Was the "Tribunal" better than this "Automatic ban system"?
JustTits (EUNE)
: You do realize trying to sound clever does not make you one, right?
Alright then, let me dumb it down for you: Insulting people who don't agree with you doesn't make you any less wrong.
JustTits (EUNE)
: First of all: I give zero care about downvotes OR whiteknight trashes on this Boards, so if you've come here to act like one, I guess you're free to do so, the polishing of each other's peepee might sound good for you. Second: If the vest majority of pro players say that the matchmaking is bad, the rest of the community's opinion about this matter is something noone cares about. This includes the Rito whiteknights. Third: I expect mods to delete either this thread or comment because someone might get butthurt over something, this is just how 21st century works.
You do realize acting like the victim of some oppressionist anti-free-speech regime that only exists in your imagination doesn't actually make your methodology any less flawed, right?
Zedant (EUW)
: Playing LOL gives an automatic PTSD event?
You have not an inkling of an idea what ptsd is do u? When the hell did playing league ever almost kill you irl?
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