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: A broken mouse that mess with your movement command. Pretty much the only thing that definetely NOT counter her.
: She doesn't seem to struggle. You do.
No i don't, cuz i don't play top. However when i see her on my team or enemy team, she seems to struggle against mobile melee champs.
: Introducing...ARAM-arama!
How many quests there are in total?
Breakhz (EUNE)
: {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:83}} Mostly melee champs.She is op against melee champs.Mostly range counters her.If you lose against melee oh well youre bad.
You sure? Because she seems to struggle against mobile melees. Also it seems that we have 2 very diffrent answers to my question.
: Link to overexagerated video, IN A PRACTICE MODE, is not fact, not proof, only thing that it is is a video of toxic guy ranting about what he thing is EVER JANNA PLAYER EVER.
No thats not how most Janna players play. Not even close. I have no idea in what kind of universe you live that Janna MOST Janna players act like that, but they don't. If you tilt them by spamming ? after every single misstake they do then, yeah, but you deserved it by that point. Yeah they're not chalangers, but it doesn't take "a lot of brain" as you say. Janna is the same as ever supp, probably even one of the easyest, because she has no meaningfull combos. Closest to combo she gets to is W + Q. Dafuq you mean i never played with Janna in team? You check my rank so you know my lvl. You really think that through all those 52lvl (+ time before above 30lvl system) i never had Janna in my team? Why do you think i'm even arguing with you? It's because i know better, because i've seen some good Janna players. "Shield" bye..1v2 only way it could be further from thruth if you were to say "Shield" afk.. 4v5. He obviously doesn't, in fact if i didn't know any better i'd say its you. I'm low elo yes, but even i know that What you two are talking about is utter nonsence spoken by 2 salty guys that got poor Janna player or flamed her after 1 misstake to trolling. I've been there. I know adc's like you, I miss 1 skillshot, my FIRST skillshot in a match and you start pinging ? and flaming like thats it game lost we all might go afk. "And yes i lost soooo many games with janna in team.And won like all of them with janna in enemy team." Now i know for sure you're bullshitting with me. I and many other had a good Janna player in their team, what you and your "High elo player" are saying is completly talk of salty players. As I said before theres even in this thread a player that would agree with me that what you're saying is nonsence. (Also that video is like of last year and thus very outdated info.)
: At least you got him now that you don't even need to pay OE for ultimate skins. I got him back in the day and cost me 3 or 4k oe
You can have mine, if you find a way to transfer it to yourself.
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: Not another Pyke poem
Sounds like something a pirate would come up with, because it is poorly rhymed at few places. But it is a nice touch, as if Pyke itself is whispering in my ear.
Wilkoloko (EUW)
: Pyke the "support" - An Animation
: First impressions of Pyke?
Really? It seemed strong for me, his kit is overloaded with effects. Maybe players where bad ones?
Brokenhz (EUW)
: I bringed even facts..but whatever be like you. HF{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Link to overexagerated video, IN A PRACTICE MODE, is not fact, not proof, only thing that it is is a video of toxic guy ranting about what he thing is EVER JANNA PLAYER EVER.
: Ah, in that case, you can go to Riot Support's website. One of the ticket options is to report a player.
That seems like unnecessary lot of steps just to report someone. But for now it will do.
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Brokenhz (EUW)
: I dont discriminate wtf...Janna is a team RELIANT.That means most of the time she would let adc botlane 1v2....Wtf you dont get it..whatever youre gold maybe 1 day youll understand it. Proves of type of janna you get. Cmon i give a hug you feel frustrated {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Stop bringing elo into this, you just show that its your last option when you have no valid argument. Video you linked is clearly an exaggeration. Ever support is team Reliant. What did you not even read my examples with the very support you yourself listed as non team reliant? So as far as video goes, its invalid. In this very comment section we have a player that tell you that he'd play entire day adc if he just had good Janna. It come to player not Janna as a champion. What type of support is better is completly situational. You don't discriminate? Look at your second comment in this comment section. "I said... Janna players are useless." ; "But janna players...are the definition of garbages." That is discrimination. If you were to say, "Low elo supports are terrible/noobs/etc." Well yeah, no shit, it is low elo. There's few reasons why they and you are there. To give an example "This man must be a criminal, for he is in prison." That's the exact reason why he's in prison. Your hugs won't work, because i'm frustrated at the fact that i have to tell you the same thing over and over, while you keep writing these irelevent nonsence.
Smerk (EUW)
: It already works like this, system will put premades versus non-premades only if it can't find same sized premade in reasonable time
It even works like that! So i don't know why is this person %%%%%ing about.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: you dont know how solo q works..Thats why youre gold. When i played support was easy to climb with alistar because free roaming.Janna is team reliant..this is solo que.And yes there are tons of boosted monkeys or players that get lucky to climb.Even if you see a d5 player dont think his a good player.Because until d3+trust me they not good at all. {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:117}} mutch more of an impact then janna trust me.
%%%%%, every single people that i played with has moved on to fortnite or started playing old school runescape. You're acting like you're only diamond 5 player. I know how diamond players play, i've seen them in action, by spectating my diamond friends. All i do is solo queue. How can i trust someone that discriminates players that play Janna, just because of their pick? Its pretty much the same as saying "Oh hes black, he must be a criminal." it makes no sence to judge player by their pick. I'm starting to think that after few games with Janna you started thinking Janna = noob and now whenever your Janna makes misstake you start spamming ? ping at him/her, you make them tilted and they just start throwing. Noone right in their heads going to perform better if you keep your toxic shit. If i see adc such as yourself, i leave them to help another lane. Pretty sure that 0/2 toplaner could use some help. Support deal with enought bs and last thing we need is a toxic adc, of whom we should trust. Any support has enought impact to change course of the game, if their team fallows up well. What is Thresh going to do if he engages without his team? What is Ali good for after comboing their team if nobody fallows up? What is Lulu supposed to do if her team is more keen on focusing tanks then aiming for squishies? Or even blitc after pulling enemy adc, sees his entire team scattering, while enemy team rushing to him? This entire game is about teamfights, so saying that one charecter is more team reliant then the next its utter nonsence. What stops you from roaming as Janna? The fact that you actually have to land your skillshots? Oh wow then in your situation yes, Janna is bad.
zedyichan (EUNE)
: pyke patch 8.11
Later this patch. mostlike together with event.
en2que (EUW)
: We really need the option to avoid being placed with/versus premades outside ranked
It is also not fun waiting 20min for a match as premades because noone wants to play vs premades. Riot should make that premades are more likely to be matched with premades.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Im not mad wtf..i lost so many games with a janna in team.Shes a team reliant.Low elo dont know to play her neither.All i get in lane is a shield after i get dmg....and then amen good bye. 1V2 LANE. Im sayng this cuz i played even with diamonds janna..its my experience.And i can say never found a decent janna. NEVER.Thats what im sayng when i call her "useless". And cc ??really lel?TORNADO +ULT.WHere is the other cc?? And if she is so strong..why dont you abuse her to gain elo??? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
W is another CC. Even without W 2 CC skills is more then enought to take advantage of for a good adc. Also it seems to me that you are very self focused and don't even see what happens around you. Have you ever tried playing a game by using only 1 skill entire game? It gets booring very quickly. There is absolutly no way all Jannas you played with only used shield on you and did nothing afterwards. At lvl 1 sure. From lvl 2 its impossible. "Never found decent janna" "played with diamonds". You know what it sounds like? Complete bullshit. Because i for a fact know there are great jannas let alone decent. You're just bad with playing with Janna. You don't understand how she works maybe? I don't abuse her to gain elo because i'm not a moron that picks 3rd ap squishy when my team clearly needs tanks. I adapt to my team as a decent support should. Need tanks, pick tank, need CC pick Janna, need both pick nautilus. If we're good on Tanks and Aps(happens rarely) then i go with Janna. Easy as that.
: Gotta love the world of fanfiction. {{champion:1}} {{champion:21}}
Is it really fanfiction if it ignores established cannon? Doesn't it make its own thing just with simmilar charecter names?
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: "To my mother..."
Miss Fortune has a daughter?
Brokenhz (EUW)
: i said...janna players are useless...I mean as a main adc i can say i get so many dumb %%%%s supports that i wanna quit my role. But janna players...are the definition of garbages. I get dmg in lane..after 2 sec she shield me......then she say "useless adc".Play some %%%%ing cc and stay with me.I dont need to %%%%ing janna who sit on my back and watch me 1v2 lel. +low elo adc is horrible to play because of such big useless supports.Support carry in lane..thats reality. And no im not mad.wanna hug?{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
You're mad or you wouldn't keep swearing and insulting your supports. Janna has 3 CC abilities. Thats quite enought CC. Janna is a squishy support, if she were standing ahead of you she'd be feeding enemy. She shields you so you have extra hit points and extra dmg (+ aa speed if she has ardent cancer). use those extra hit points and damage to hit enemy some. And trust me as an adc and supp main in low elo. As an adc you can get poor supports, but when he does something use it and work together. As a support you can get shitty adc's (been there not too long ago), but you watch them and work with them. It gets some getting used to and training, but it will come in handy especialy in low elos. Don't just judge your team, look at what you do wrong aswell and work on those aspects.
LoliTaco (EUW)
: About Lol ...........
Haven't encountered any people you described lately. In fact even when i was 6/0/10 as a support my adc didn't even care much. It was both of our promos aswell. So personally I would have to disagree. Oh and about report on afks not working. Shit can happen, your power can be cut during thunderstorm, some emergency comes up and you HAVE to leave, you have a slow pc and accidently kicked out power cable from under your table. Shit can happen and you go afk because of it, Riot understands that and that's why they're not as strict to afks then to toxic players. You have no excuse for being toxic. If you had a bad day play some single player instead of multiplayer games. You'll get bad teams atleast once and from then every single misstake you or your team will make will make you rage as hard as Hulk when planet Hulk was destroyed, by the illuminati.
LoliTaco (EUW)
: About Lol ...........
There is a button called "Caps lock" on your keyboard. Please press it.
: The absolute Value of -4 (written |-4| ) is 4. So -4 is still valid. Also, -4 is a real number. It's real. Deal with it.
*Dealing with it in progress* Never said -4 wasn't a real number. Don't know where you got that from. Absolute value of a nu,ber has nothing to do with our situation. If we talked about how many people Jhin kill per day then sure, -4 people living means 4 people dead, but since you took evaluation out of ten, -4 is -4 and not 4.
FreeKillFTP (EUNE)
Its all luck really. I've won a game where i had most kills and assists in the match, least deaths too. All as a support. Adc wasn't even toxic. (Really loved it). It was my last promo game too. Soo yeah all based on how shitty enemy team is. Little skill is involved. Heck for the first 10min i didn't even land a hook. WW even dived us running straight and i still missed. Soo moral of the story - Full tank {{champion:412}} is best carry period
RallerenP (EUW)
: You spent 300 eur, but had all skins AND all champions? Something doesn't add up here!
got all most champs before blue essence bs. had leftover ip that transformed into alot of blue essence, baught new champs with blue essence, hextech is a thing now. Nope still doesn't add up.
: but numbers can -4/10 {{champion:202}}
-4 is not real 4. You're an imposter Jhin main!!
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: Maybe check out /r/TeamRedditTeams, many people are looking for team mates over there. I declined to join my friends team because I know my main will get banned :(
Vayneished (EUNE)
: Hey, add me. I got a solution for ya.
Are you going to offer him buying eloboosting? :D
: Anyone else super salty about scouting?
Haven't run into this problem yet since i'm still looking for a team. :(
: My supports :/
My Adc's when i miss my skillshot. Pings this ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? And start inting.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: i want a tresh support not a %%%%ing janna support.More useless then useless this janna players.
Ok. What are you mad about? First you say you want a "Tresh support not a %%%%ing janna support" and then you go off saying that "Thresh is more usless then these Janna players". So which is it?
: After playing my S3 "smurf" and P2 on EUNE: No difference, it's all just luck.
Yeah no kidding. Took Thresh supp with MF adc so we could keep hard pressure on the enemy, NOPE MF not even using Q to harass opponents.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Being "Squishy" is not an excuse for ADC's power...
*insane range* Puts up Jhin and Xayah..... What about Jinx cait and Kog? If adc has trouble staying alive is eather because he is shit at possitioning or his team is shit at offering CC support on that *any assassin really* thats keep focusing them. All of these adc you pointed out don't even have that great of escape. Xayah movespeed from W she needs to hit a target and is not nearly enought for an escape, Jhins movespeed is as good as his attackspeed, Kaisa only gets huge mobility when putting herself at danger with R or giving up her dps for movespeed, Ashe has slows and skillshot stun that scales with its time traveled. What about all lucians ezreals kalistas Quinns Sivirs Tristanas Vaynes and soo many more? Your examples are worst. See where you comming from, but listen mages might be squishy but they have burst and insta CC to defend themselves. Like Malzahar, Ahri, Ryze, Anivia, Ekko litteraly has undo button and fizz has free 6s zhonyas, Heimer, Leblank double dashes, and returns so its like 2 dashes and a free blink! Mages have more option to defend themselves then adc's, thats why adc is put up together with support to protect them while mages go alone(because they can handle themselves). Probably the 2 adc's that you should be really mad about should be Draven and Vayne. Draven - good range, actually usefull movespeed boost and a hard CC that can interupt chanell skills. Vayne - Knockback to keep her distance(not even a skillshot), Q burst and mobility( + invis with ult), range inproves when ults together with damage and mobility(cuz of invis), W burst on top of her other damage that hits true dmg and punishes enemy for having health.. Oh and Triss. W jump resets, E stackable burst, R to keep deny engages even of enemy entire team(if possitioned correctly).
: > [{quoted}](name=Nightshade Rose,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=wNakqXEV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-04T08:58:05.926+0000) > > Nobody is waiting for HS DXD... Everyone is waiting on that ONE PUNCH MAN S2!!! Nahh that a shit anime and way 2long 😁 Boobs 4life😍
You clearly have no taste and your mind is controlled by your boner. Would I be wrong to call you %%%%head?
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Djedo (EUNE)
: "Ez"
Can we write "EZ" after they spammed it thinking it was over, but then we comeback and win?
: Support is not fun
Yeah even i Supp main for 3 seasons start finding this role i used to love dull. Had to switch up with new champs (mostly ap burst), to make it fun again. Started maining marksmen some time before aswell, because nothing exiting is happening for supports lately.
: Lunar exclusive prob. They might make new ones for new events.
Thats a bummer.
Febos (EUW)
: On average. 20 games in 1 month is less than 1 game per day.
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Febos (EUW)
: I talked about this literally 7 minutes ago. Let me quote myself: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=viGZs1qg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-04T10:55:43.668+0000) > > Honour is not about quantity but rather quality. > Suppose: > > - You are honoured 5 times in 20 games > - Your friend is honoured 2 times in 8 games > - Both of you are "equal" in terms of consistency > > The system seems to "favour casual players" (aka 1 or less games per day) because of that. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with it, but let's look at in another way. > *** > Leveling in the honour system is supposed to last the entire season. If they adjusted it for "hardcore players" (aka playing 4+ games everyday) then it would be very hard, if not impossible, for casual players to level up. For instance, if it took 1500 games to level up from 2 to 5, then someone like me would never even reach honour level 4. > > Likewise, if they adjusted the system for casual players, then hardcore players would be level 5 before mid-season. For example, if it took 300 games to level up from 2 to 5, then I would be level 5 in Summer, but you would be level 5 in February. > > Because of this, the system must be about consistency/quality instead of quantity. We can both play at our own pace and we'll both reach level 5 at approximately the same time. > In other words, you are can't "grind" honour. > *** > If you don't agree with this, then let me ask: do you think you are more honourable than me just because you have 500 more games? > ######That "500" is an arbitrary number. > > Only Riot can give you confirmation on this, but this seems like the most logical way to implement such system.
less then 1 games per day? How?
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