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: Are you sure, your desperate friend didn't get "help" from other coaches? Like, maybe he paid few € to gold players to boost him 2-3 wins or something. If it was sudden surge of wins on different IP+mac address it would totally look like he paid for boosting. Look at it: let's say he usually wins 1 out of 6 games. Now, on different machine/IP he only wins, 6/6 won. And when he gets home to play few more games, he's back to his 1/6 win ratio.
Hey, yes i am sure, because he was at my house... I watched him play :/ And he not even won every game... like 7/10
: Uhhh. You shouldn't suggest switching summoner spells because it is a preference, it doesn't give you any advantage whatsoever, he should be comfortable and switching would make harder for him to climb. Nightblu3 is playing on 1234 instead of qwer, would you be able to suddenly switch up and become better or would you feel weird and your performance would drop? Tbh, when i put my fingers on 1234 I feel really uncomfortable. Btw having flash on f or d. https://gyazo.com/231702b9ea9b287547be3391d3c7e822 , literally no difference and in silver/gold "F" is more successful https://gyazo.com/243f8ea9f0dc550016c9405dc3a79887 . Yeah you saw him putting a lot of effort, but Riot doesn't know it, and there is enough evidence for them to assume he got boosted. It is just too obvious. Switching sums, suddenly playing better, playing different champs(maybe), playing on different pc and ip, it all comes together as a case and my judgment would be the same. Boosting is a very serious violation. https://gyazo.com/b3f93d2f1780d09dac34372de4d27c3e Ok, it is 14 days on the first boosting violation, perma after that. Maybe if he had any prior punishments, it would be more serious, I don't know that, but what I know is that I have seen multiple people (exactly on gold 5 or plat 5) being boosted af. I can literally see by their gameplay that someone boosted them. Most of the time they get boosted and won't play ranked because of being afraid of getting demoted, cuz they can't keep up with those players. Yes, you are telling that this isn't the case, but tell me why should Riot believe it? Evidence is there. Everything comes together and this seems like a very reasonable ban. There is nothing boards can help you or your friend. I just explained why he is banned and most likely won't get unbanned. THE only thing your friend can do is post a ticket to support and hope for some kind of a miracle. But I am telling you right now that there is pretty much no way he is getting unbanned and getting his rewards. Good luck though, your friend will need it.
Smerk (EUW)
: > Btw in korea does 76% use flash on F. Yeah, but on average D has 0,1% higher winrate than F, so basically it doesn't matter what key you use
Still... But there has to be a reason, for this uncommon high difference, that are just my thoughts. And as long he is a starter (started with lol in season7) I wanted him to learn it the (in my thoughts) better way.
: I want to believe you and you seem like a really nice guy, but I just can't. You can just tell him to flash, you don't have to tell the exact key to do it + if you suddenly switch summoners like that you will misclick flash more often because of the muscle memory. When I play with friends, no one tells me to use a certain key, but they just tell me - stun him, flash on him, chain him, heal etc. Changing summoner spells and suddenly getting better indicates boosting, it is too obvious for Riot.
ok ty, I even write/spam:"f" in chat when i want a teammate to engage for expamle. didn't expect it, becaue objective control won his games... not his "plays". :/
Borieko (EUW)
: Seems pretty weird to me, I assume coaching is legal in LoL. Maybe the Riot Support stuff can help you
Hey, yeah I thought so too, he wrote a ticked, i hope it helps... Thanks :)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Have your friend send in a ticket to support, and they'll recheck the case against him. He can do so [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
Hey, Yes he did yesterday Thanks :)
Smerk (EUW)
: 14 days and removal of all previous ranked rewards, although I don't think he is bothered by that as he only had icons
Hey guys, As I told the other comment writer: Belive me or don't.. I am here to understand and to help a friend. The reason why I told him to change his summoner spells is answered in the first Comment as well. "Only stupid coach would suggest to change key bindings for summoner spells." -Maybe... but I ain't a coach at all... but thanks for staying factual. Btw in korea does 76% use flash on F. "[...] he only had icons" -well he got the graves +skin + the golden frame.. its just mean for him... I saw him putting a lot of effort and time in these goal... and now he is getting pusnished for it.. "[...]he should be happy for not receiving a perma ban" -For what? That's the whole Point in this thread... I hate Boosted players as much as everyone else does... and i think they should be punished... but inthis case, it just isn't the case. I understand your doubt and agree that It sounds "fishy"... thanks to those who actually tried to help
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, I also tried to play with swapped summoner spells, but I often used them backwards or failed to use correct one when needed, so overall I played worse than with normal setup. And that is why I don't believe that someone can change summoner spells and start playing better than before
Hey guys, first of all, thanks for your feedback. Believe me or not... I can only tell you that I am saying the truth. In his first games, I called while he was Playing to press "F", but I didn't know he hadn't Flash on F, so he changed it. I didn't expect this having such a huge Impact on believing in Boosting... But well, now I know better... and i am not sure, but I think he still uses this the other way round :/
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