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: 1 day of Clash - FAQ and Known Issues
Auto lose, you've gotta be kidding me
QancerClown (EUNE)
: ***
I agree with pretty much everything you say, except one thing > now it is imposible, bc a not meta champ will lose with a meta champ Would you consider Kennen meta, or last patch lucian, yet I could still win a lot of games on them, even tho they aren't meta, vs meta picks (not in ranked tho, stopped playing because of exams) It is possible to beat meta picks with non meta, you just gotta be good at those picks and know the matchups And with fortnite, I personally don't like the game, more because all I see is 13 year olds talking about it and I suck at shooters, but I guess it's gonna become like league in some ways if it wants to be long term, including the people who love to hate on it (me)
: \#LeagueIsDying amirite?
**#**Fortnite>League lel xD
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: Didn't even think of that honestly, but good catch! Mag'Jik was supposed to be a pun on Magic, and everything else kinda just fell into place for that pun to be a thing. Thanks, I've had this one cooking in my head for a few weeks but never got around to fleshing it out
unintentional puns are the best puns {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: [Champion] Mag'Jik, the Essence Manipulator
Why do I feel this was made purely from the pun "mag'jik the gathering" Great concept though, well thought through
Cebrael (EUW)
: Any advice?
Depends on who you play and where you play. Talking from experience of recently being a silver player who climbed out playing solely Kennen, that's where i'm going to come from. The best champs you can pick are ones with clear engage opportunities for teamfights, as that will ultimately win you the game. You can probably think of the type of champions, but the general strategy is clear communication with your team through pings, saying when you are going all in, being grouped as 5 around large objectives (Towers, Baron, Dragon) and getting whatever advantage you can. Once you win your lane, take that advantage and help the rest of the map. Either: Continue pushing your lane (draws jungle and mid attention, make sure you have wards) or tp gank (helps get other lanes ahead) (top) Roam and help even or ahead side lanes, since losing side lanes will usually end up in double kills. This will get you towers and snowball (mid) Go top (usually) or mid to get that tower and just take every objective on the map Can't speak from jungle, since I suck at jungle, but that's the strategy I go for in most games where I get ahead You can't really close games solo, so just help get the braindead teammates fed enough to where it doesn't matter whether they are bad, they just push buttons and people die
Masantha (EUW)
: UK Content - What do you want to see?
Probably more live events for League and competitions not just for the pros, official riot events, since there hasn't been much of that at all to my knowledge. I just want to go somewhere for a weekend with a group of friends and play league, meet others who play, and have fun playing and talking about this game. Oh, and by competition, that could either be an online competition for us OR a LAN tournament that isn't BYOC, since some people I know, myself included, would love to compete, but can't bring our PCs for different reasons.
: When are you fixing this
Happened to me a few days ago, same with another friend, though our internet connections were fine, they need to fix this, it's not an internet problem
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: Choose 3 champs that you think can go from Bronze to Diamond and I rate you
{{champion:85}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:90}} Juggernauts
Masantha (EUW)
: Hello UK Players!
Greetings from Essex, still raining, though it was much worse this morning. Thoughts on i62 this weekend? And on that topic, anything on LeagueFest at all, really enjoyed that
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Holy Riot, that Irelia rework
Blade and Soul anyone? Looks fun, I'll probably try and pick her up (when she isn't perma-banned)
: I supported a Kai'Sa in ranked today (as Soraka). Started with coin and just played passive, waited for the enemy brand support to miss his yolo poke and then poked the enemy tristana a bit here and there. We won bot really hard, got dragons a few towers, herald. Sadly our top laner had muted all and was borderline inting, mid tilted himself and jungle also started throwing at some point. They just consistently ingored my calls to team up, died solo and well we lost. Could have been an easy victory imo, but sometimes you just can't reach your team... and they will find a way to throw.
This is why you 5 man normals with friends haHa Unlucky game, but Soraka is really strong with Kai'sa
Shukr4n (EUW)
: I like her very much. Sadly her early game is weakest i ever played. Even vayne is scarier.. I am not sure about build anyway. I usually play essence reaver + statik or hurricane, then ie + rfc..but meh..too costly and too late game..
Have you tried on-hit, literally Varus build right now but with a few different items if you want. It scales pretty good and has a decent mid-game with guinsoos
: You gotta wait for your opponents to make a mistake and then you can go all-in, otherwise just farm. I think if she just goes even she has pretty good chances to win 2v2 or 1v1 later. So yea no need to pressure yourself to force some fancy aggro plays. Laning as Kai'sa is like laning as Kayn, just chill. xD
Can agree, been duoing in normals with a friend who only plays soraka and sona, just live until 1 or 2 items, win 2v2, or win lane outright like we seem to do in a lot of games
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Just wanted to see what the pocket picks might be that you bust out when on a losing streak This is the kind of stuff that prolongs or straight up causes lose streaks. People climb really high get close to theyr actuall skill level and start to strugle, they assume it's because theyr champions is not good enough for theyr elo and assume they have to change. But what they fail to realise is that changing to a different champion means throwing away evrything you've learned to get there.
In some cases, but I just went on a 9 game loss streak on sion cait ezreal from gold promos to Silver 2, so started playing kennen and Vlad exclusively and I'm back to gold promos, so in some situations, not really
Eveninn (EUW)
: I guess people would call Quinn one of those. But I wouldn't change my champ pool after going on a losing streak or want to climb, why would I consider picking subpar champions in the first place? And if I my other picks aren't subpar, why would I swap to ones I consider worse under those conditions. :c
Well, they might be sub-par in the meta, but you can still get results cuz you know the champ so well and you have success anyway. But having many picks are fine, I still got Vlad in my pool (heh) if I know it's a good matchup.
: Oh yeah, I know what you mean. When everything seems to fail and go to sh1t I just bust out Wukong Mid :D (Actually play it right now) had 66Wins 39Loses last season with him and seems to go pretty good right now. Pretty excited for the buffs that may be comming out to be able to play him even more.
Wukong mid, can't say I've seen that before xD. I guess if Camille mid full assassin can work anything can if you know how
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: Guess it's a "miss" for me this time
I got good skins, but I already have better ones for all the ones I got, except DS Varus, might get that one
: What is your ranked story so far this season, and what's your goal?
Got places in Silver 2 after a Gold 5 end to last season and 6-4 placements. Got through silver 2 relatively easily, got up to Gold promos, went 2-1 in the first 3, then went on the most heart breaking loss streak, going 1-9 in the next 10 games down to 1lp, so switched over to playing adc, and I'm climbing again, with a 54ish% win rate due to the loss streak and 53 games played. Aiming for Plat 5 this season, and the sooner I hit gold the better
Eveninn (EUW)
: Vow to yourself to not ever make that mistake again. Tada, no need to change and even a way to improve. \o/
Seems good. Ryze reminds me every time I respawn{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I remind myself of the first time i got gold, which season 3. for context in seasons 3-4-5-6-7 i went gold-plat-gold-silver-gold, and i like to think that one silver is becuase i didnt really play season 6 a lot. so i've been doing the grind for a while. the reason i remind myself of season 3's grind to gold is because back then league had a mechanic called clamping. where if you had been in a rank for 100+ games, the system crippled the amount of LP you won and lost to keep you where you were. the idea being it prevented people from lucking out of thier deserved rank. and when i say crippled i mean CRIPPLED. 2lp for a win, -1lp for a loss. snowballing wins didnt get you out of it, but snowballing losses went something like -1,-1,-5,-10,-15,-20. dropped from silver 1 to silver 4 in one notorious week where shen was FTP that i will forever refer to as "the shen free week". it took me 300 ranked wins to get gold that first time, and getting into gold promos involved winning one at 99lp and getting +0lp for that win (yes that was a thing, you could get literally nothing for winning if you were on a winning streak) so i dodged a game (-1lp instead of -2) to "break" the win streak then won one to get the 2 i needed to get into promos. compared to that? whats a -15 lp setback when you win 18. a 50% winrate will inevitably climb pretty fast just down to the whole "free win on promos" thing and clamping getting removed. leagues structure now is much less about one person snowballing the game and more about who gets what team comp and wins the 1-2 teamfights that decide the game. climbing isnt as much about how well you play in any one game, as about how well you do on average over the course of many games, so whats one loss? you are guaranteed losses, its the price of doing business so to speak. you WILL get games where your team all picks greedy glass assassins in top and jungle and you get destroyed by a single tank with some armor as your whole team waits to "clean up" a fight noone wants to initiate. you will get some games where mid or bot feed the few hypercarries that exist 15 kills and your entire team is determined to ignore them over a rammus. as for personally throwing the game? its gonna happen. noones perfect. the difference between a silver player and a plat player isnt a huge wall of skill, never throwing the game and allways carrying solo. its mostly just time, effort and a willingness to focus on core gameplay skills that are largely undervalued nowadays. i find it helps to not pick champions that NEED to win. sure khazix might be a threat once hes taken all the gold from 5 successful ganks, but that means hes essentially starved mid and bot out of that gold (which isnt what junglers were initially for but noone seems to remember that) and might still get 1-shot in a stun if thier tank or support is good. sure riven or fiora will carry a game if the enemy team is daft enough to feed them, but better players know that to win lane doesnt allways mean to kill your opponent a bunch of times. sometimes its just denying a hard matchup the ability to snowball. if two champs come out of lanephase 0/0/0 with equal farm, one of them is winning, and its never riven. dont just copy stuff you see streamers doing, find what your elo struggles with and provide it. assassin/carry jungle might be meta but in silver the biggest advantage you can give your team is a safe easy engage. playing a tank that doesnt need 10k gold just to start playing the game means you can give more gold to your ADC ect. and if it helps, im a firm believer that there are a set number of mistakes/minute in any low-ranked game. if your team doesnt make them, the enemy team will. winning is more about making less mistakes than it is about trying greedy plays and hoping they work. will all that to focus on i barely have the time to feel mad at myself. sure i get frustrated at poor teams, and a bit ashamed when I know that the main reason for a lost game was me, but i just take a second to pause, breathe in, breathe out, and remind myself that ce's la vie, such is life. there were allways going to be games like that. it was inevitable, and now theres one less of them to do between me and plat. {{sticker:garen-swing}}
Ok, that was one hell of an essay I had to read twice to understand what you were saying. I feel for u in season 3, glad I wasn't around then xD But I guess I just need the mentality of "I will always have bad games". That's gonna be hard to stomach, hate making mistakes, but I haven't played much ranked this season, around 40 games, so I'm still starting my climb, so the good games are yet to come.
: You meant how to not blame yourself... In bronze, we do it in a simple way: "Eh, my team is just full of feeders, I carried them as hard even tho I ended 2/69/0"
Kinda, but not really, after a few losses I be like "am i really this rank?" But the bronze strat might be the best strat xD
: Well, first of all, troll picks or serious picks: always go for what is fun for you. As long as you know it can work and you can win with it, and it is fun for you to play, then do it. You will win more cause you tilt less when having fun, and even when you lose it still won't be nearly as bad {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Well we can't be playing AD soraka top in ranked, now can we? But I get ya, time to spam that Vladimir yeet :)
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: What I've been experiencing myself is mostly emotional too. I have too admit that I can sometimes get a little bit toxic in elo's that are lower than previous seasons but i'm trying to better myself... The reason for me mostly is that I rely to much on my team and I expect too much from them. For example I take hard dives that require my jungler to perform good aswell (or support whatever). Basically you should just take trades fights and dives that you always win, i'm trying to do that myself too. It gives you less deaths overall and you don't get tilted when the fight doesn't succeed. Hope this helps! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Eh, kinda helps, I have been disrespecting the hell out of opponents playing champs I used to beat with ease, so I should probably try and relearn those and go for 100% win plays. Thanks
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: I believe they mentioned something about adding more mastery levels some day on 'ask riot'. Also, I've read that riot "heard our complaints about the cost for upgrading to level 6 and 7 while you still need to buy new champions, and are working on a different way to upgrade to a higher level". Therefore, I believe more levels could be added quite soon along with cheaper/new way of upgrading champs.
I thought so, would love if riot did it sooner so I can get my 2 tier 7s and 2 tier 6s unlocked without waiting for RNG
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Eleat (EUW)
: A Christmas Suprise!
Community giveaway, can't say no to that :) IGN: Nijelous (tho it's just above the comment)
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
So cute {{sticker:sg-kiko}} Also wanna sign up a friend who would appreciate this (Mybei) Happy Holidays :) and thank you for doing this
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
Nasus: just can't fight him ever, or stop him farming Cho'gath: no one should ever get that tank and one shot people Teemo: Stop ruining my experimental picks top lane (Diana, taric, etc)
Altáir (EUW)
: your most abnoxious champ ,why and how do u propose riot adjusts him(which will never happen) ?
Nasus, he is hard to bully out of lane if they have a competent jungler, and even then, he will always get his stacks eventually My suggestion: 2 stacks per minion + passive rework to not give lifesteal, or any additional healing, now you can poke him out and punish early. Can't think of replacement for passive, but I can't think of many worse things
: Premades are ruining this game... Solo Q Normal pls...
I might be an exception, but I mostly play with irl friends in normals, usually in 5 mans. Also, you can ping to say if someone is about to gank if they don't notice and you do, tho they probably should notice anyway
: Depends. I give you an example. If you play a champion since a long time ago before it was considered OP, and you only been playing the champion to climb. That is fine. Basically OTP who is so skilled with the one champion that you do well regardless meta or situation. But if you are one of those players... who are like. meta sheep. And only played say: Janna/Lulu during the ardent meta when you are normally not playing them or worse, not even a support main. And you raise your elo that way, but DROPS after the meta champions gets nerfed. Then I'd say it was the champion that 'carried' you.
Yup, not one of those, played Vlad since season 5, and kinda switched around a bit between, wouldn't considder myself an OTP but close, need to still be competent at other roles y'know
: I on a personal level believe that there are champions that solely rely on numbers over any kind of skill. If I am going to name them here, i'll get shat on by fanboys and otp's proclaiming how that isn't true. But i'm pretty sure we can all think of a champ or two of whom we have that conception. If you're stuck for inspiration: Think of the euphemism "Hypercarry" or that unkilleable hyper mobile, lifestealing, unkilleable burst / sustained fight monster. These are the "late game champs" where even if you're grossely terrible, all you do is hold out, farm, get an accidental kill / some assists until you reach that critical point where you can either shift+click, or roll your face on the keyboard / press 1 button to delete big chunks of the enemy team. HOWEVER: If your meta game sucks, or your team can't pick up your slack early, you will fall too far behind to get at that point. To answer your question: Yes, there are late game low effort high output champs. The trick is not letting them get there. But also the other way around, there are champions that do way better earlier in the game but become low effort, low output champs late game. Want to know if you as a player have gotten better? Measure yourself by how well you do in disadvantageous matchups. Know how to lose a lane gracefully, or even win it despite the odds. People don't apreciate the fact that a good player doesn't only know how to carry, but also knows how to damage control. Honestly you seem like a positive guy and very down to earth. Your climb might just have started yet. PS: My dirty little secret? I'm an absolute GARBAGE tier jungler. If I get filled jungle and nobody wants to swap, prepare yourself for bronze levels of play. We can't be masters at everything with our limited time :)
Cough Nasus Cough (Don't kill me nasus mains plz) Thanks tho for the kind words, and ye, unless I get camped u never really lose lane, it's either win, even, or like 2 to 3 deaths Also, same with jungle, can play all other roles, but jungle is just terrible
: Actually lot of players will suggest you that to play too many champs is not advisable, because you may ends up not to master any of them for real. So it's completely pointless to bash someone because he mains one champ. That's what actually "main" means.
I mean, I climbed a lot with Vlad, he is one of my two mains, him and Ryze, but I didn't like Ryze much until this pre-season since his rework, so I resorted to Vlad and the occasional Gnar game I would say i'm a two-trick pony, but Vlad just happened to be much more fun and I had more success with him, so I ditched Ryze for a while
Adama (EUW)
: I got to diamond with Draven, any other adc I am barely platinum level and any other role I need luck to do well even in gold. So yes by spamming one champion you can climb quicker but be weak in all other areas.
Ehh, kinda true, map awareness is not a strong point, though I haven't needed it much on Vlad, just pool away from ganks But yeah, i'm not that bad to do terrible on all other champs, I can play most to a level of around gold, but my Vlad is probably better, i'm just lazy and kinda too busy with other things to climb. Still, one tricking does make it x10 easier to climb tbh
: Well, it's kinda true that Vlad is OP, but only if you can play him really good. You don't wanna know what Vlad OTPs in Plat do to win the game... (Yep, they get ridiculous fed and 1v5, Kappa) Nah I wouldn't say that those Champs are OP, if you OTP a champ, there's always a certain skill within it. I, for example, main Rek'Sai since the beginning and got out of Bronze in Season 5 and reached Gold 5. In the next season I reached Gold 3 and this season I reached Plat 3. A lot of People said that Rek'Sai is a boring champ and potentially weak which isn't really true if you dominate the early phase. If you know how it works, you're pretty strong in the game. Only exception if someone in the enemy team picks a counter against you which could make it a lil bit difficult. In your case the same thing with Vlad. You know how he works and you OTP him and got to a higher Elo with him which is perfectly fine. Almost everyone has a OTP, or at least a secret OTP to climb. So don't feel bad if he says anything like that, he probably isn't better. ;)
Thanks, I kinda realised no one knew how to counter him and he fits my agressive playstyle so well with ez escape Also, good on you for one tricking rek'sai, if you enjoy the champ, then go for it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Smerk (EUW)
: If you can reach it with one champion then you're good enough to be there. Personally I also played mostly Vlad until plat, but on mid. Then I reached a wall and started playing/mastering other champions to get better overall. Tell your friend to try to repeat what you did if he's "just as good", I bet he will fail. Vlad is not OP, especially with new runes, he's lacking good keystone
Yeah, he probably couldn't do it, but he says it's a waste of time, so its frustrating that he says it But thanks, I do think that Vlad needs a good keystone, but Spellbook and Aerie work well
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elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
Proppa (EUW)
: What's your Age / Rank?
Ninjutsou (EUNE)
: Awesome Nijelous, actually I was looking for some top lane mages I could play. Im definitely going to give Ryze a try. I just love the amount of safety you get in the top lane as a mage (generally up against melee champs, so they have somewhat low kill potential onto you). Please do keep them coming if you find anything else worth sharing! Regards, Ninjutsou
How about this one, or many for that matter, because support is up, Leona can be played with 5 different pages, so hold on :) Standard runes: Resolve Aftershock or Grasp Font of Life (or demolish, personal preferance) Conditioning Overgrowth Ignarspiration (Fervor Leona boi) Precision Press The Attack (e in, aa a aa proc) Triumph (go hard or go home page) Legend: Tenacity (or alacrity if ur really feeling it) Coup de Grace or Last Stand Inspiring: Glacial augment or Spellbook (both work) Biscuit delivery Magical boots or future's market Cosmic insight Secondary trees are also up in the air, but domination's dash rune does work with Leona E This is from PBE for a few, but I have tested others, and it is super fun
Eambo (EUW)
: [COMPLETE] Ranked Rewards are distributing!
Got everything except my insignia on my profile page, supposed to have a gold one, still silver
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