Rytia (EUW)
: calling someone tarded once doesnt lift you to ban , you must have been really negative on your recent games lately
my suspension log clearly only shows the game with "retarded"
Infernape (EUW)
: Chat logs or it didn't happen. PS: You don't get punished for being toxic in one game, it's repeated offences that result in a punishment.
ive been chat restricted a week ago for flaming a feeder for 1 minute, thats all i got after starting playing lol again 2-3 weeks ago. since then, i didnt do any harm whatsoever, not even during my 8 game losing streak, i didnt flame, didnt go afk or sorta, i just kept playing. and the game 10 minutes ago was just the final trigger for me, i just called shaco retarded for feeding, dying on purpose to red buffs and excusing his actions with "i thought this was normals lol" and get a 14 day suspension mid championpick. nice system riot established here
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