NinFing (EUW)
: Can Riot stop beating around the bush and implement team comms already? MAYBE in 2020???
I genuinely dont see why they shouldnt implement it, unless youre a spineless little coward who cant use voice comms because it scares you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Yeah I pretty much do the same with HotS and DotA... already get enough toxicity in games from chat don’t need a 12 year old giving me a headache as well.
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Seph80 (EUNE)
: Worthless Piece of S****matchmaking!
: Garen’s ult used to deal magic damage, it made it really clunky and unreliable (seriously maw countered garen that shouldn’t be the case). Same here, vayne would be countered by adaptive helm too easily, Darius could be rendered useless by a hexdrinker, cho you could just completely ignore damage wise and build for everyone else No true damage is an important part of balancing which helps keep defensive options in line, for both tanks and squishies... and while I’d be fine watching vayne die it’s not fair to her
What about master yi clicking Q on you, half hp in truedamage, true story
: I agree. All champions with true damage should be changed to deal a buffed amount of opposite of their main damage instead. Like Vayne for example. Instead of her bolts doing up to 14% max health true damage, they would deal up to 24% (or whatever value is reasonable) magic damage instead. GP's passive would be magic damage, as would Darius' and Garen's ults. Cho ult would be physical damage instead.
I like this idea, maybe riot can try that out instead of keeping it in for champs they like, and remove from champs they dont like **cough** irelia **cough**{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Hence why riot is doing this, by going hard to eliminate her from pro play they can actually start making her not garbage... several previous nerfs have already been reverted
give it time, im sure theyll nerf her more because some riot staff probably hate her because they lose to her
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xXN1coo (EUW)
: what point are you trying to make exactly? Those graphs just show that he is in fact pretty balanced across all elos. Hes one of the most fun champs to play hence the hugely high play rate across the board. Its like complaining to riot that you want a skin for skarner, noone plays the champ so why bother.
im saying champs like yasuo arent tampered with or nerfed in the least, like running conqueror on him with a passive shield, and his gapclosing, he has NO resource to play around, just spam, dont think, something will hit. And i am upset that champs that are clearly as fun, and arguably more cerebral than yasuo, just get nerfed to the ground, and STILL gets nerfed, while he sits there at the top like a highschool incel bully :/
: Yasuo sells more skin than the others. Yasuo makes teenagers think they're like Sekiro. Easy business
yep, and any champ that beats him gets hit hard, like akali :D
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: Assuming you never AFK, there is bigger probability that you win a game thanks to an AFK than losing a game because of an AFK.
you really must be one of those people who go afk tbh, and you just defend your own deplorable actions, no wonder you guys are so lonely
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