: Coffee. What kind of italian would I be?
as an italian myself i'm proud of you for your wise choice of summoner's name... but i will still go for Early Grey Tea :D
VVG Kala (EUW)
: Wow! Amazing work Declined :) I'd really like to translate this on my native language (Italian). Contact me if you'r interested
Hi VVG Kala! Are you still available to translate it?
Giovarco (EUW)
: Your humour gratifies me, honey, but you can't deny I'm perfect. Actually, you know that perfect isn't good enough for me {{champion:202}}
a proof of your lateness: you're using phrases of a champ which has been released weeks ago :V
Giovarco (EUW)
: If there are some grammatical mistake, It's NiraBlade fault, not mine http://res.cloudinary.com/urbandictionary/image/upload/a_exif,c_fit,h_200,w_200/v1395991705/gjn81wvxqsq6yzcwubok.png Thanks for the "awesome" btw :p
My dear don't repel your imperfect self #ForeverLastForEverything; is bad for your health you know ^^
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:131}} because of her lore plus i always loved moon {{champion:134}} i feel like a queen when i take her: damages, slow, stun & MORE damages {{champion:245}} his kit is really good: lot of mobility, cc and rewind when you have performed poorly without anyone noticing ^^ or just do a penta with a single touch
: Maybe, I always give a flamer 2 options and both got consequences. Like if I'm playing support. "KS! YOU RETARD, OMG YOU'RE SUPPORT". something like that can go on a pretty while. Well, I that case, I explain them he's very toxic to me, and its a punishable offense. If he continue's, I give him the option: "You either stop talking like that to me, or you run this lane yourself, atleast none can 'KS' you". Stuff like that.
This is a nice idea, I'll try it next time :) thanks
: He's... not necessarily a midlaner though. At the very least, he wasn't designed for that. He could work, but in the same way Ashe Mid works: on certain matchups.
Idk for sure because i never tried him but i think that as an adc will not perform the best because of lack in as.
: Well, I found this mostly makes them reconsider their behaviour and believe its not worth the punishment. Mostly they stop.
Idk when i tried to do so my results were awful, maybe i don't have the right attitude to change people's behavior
: What do you think about Jhin?
Idk this time. I like that there is a new midlaner and his kit is really interesting (it reminds me of urgot sometimes, but with more burst) but i don't like immobility usually. I have to try him before, because with Syndra i had the same thoughts and now she is one of my favorite champ to use.
: Diana is broken
1 year ago none of you wrote a single word about her and when i picked diana everybody was like "we report you cuz you pick underpowered champ to get us defeated". Then some lcs/challengers started to play her and everybody was "d1ana br0ken, n3rf plz".
: Hhm, this makes me think and I'd like some opinions about it. When I see some heavy flaming and toxicity going on, wether its directed to me or a teammate I say something in the lines of this: "Can you please stop? You're being very toxic and showing unacceptable behaviour wich can lead to a punishment if someone was to report you." Is this an acceptable thing to say to a flamer? I mean, in a way it shows accusation, ordering and dropping the word "report" wich is known as not a nice thing to say.
Usually i ignore them because i found that when you ask to stop usually they replay with more insults. I ask to mates to mute him so we can refocus on game and try to win.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Diana is too strong
diana, as veigar, was looked down by everyone because of nerfs. Now because some pros started again to play them they are overpowered ._. community... ps: learn to dodge her Q and stay with your team so she can't kill you (believe me or not, if diana goes all in when you are 5 she'll die).
: Female streamers
I totally agree with you, if you want to watch those things there are other sites to check imho. I'm not a woman who says: "girls stripping is bad, ban them from internet right now!" but twitch is for gaming purpose, not the right place to gain money while showing your body. --- The fault for this attitude is beared jointly by the streamers, the audience and also twitch imho, I'm glad they've decided to ban these behaviours because if the audience and the girl streamers don't want to accept that they are doing things in the wrong place, twitch should remember them, there are moderators for something after all.
: Best part of the Community.
loool this is amazing. Btw 2-3 times i found midlaners (it's my role) that actually started to do a funny chat with me, compliments when one of us did a good play and stuff like that. Unfortunately is so rare to find players like them :/ Usually in my team i never start some jokes bc at anytime anyone can become the worst flamer you have ever met, so i prefer using only pings or write some "gg, drake" stuff but one time i found a good team (not premade) that was really enjoy the game.
: doesnt help when he stuns me
don't get stunned :) look first at the ghost (he also has a special sound for the W) move away from the point you were, avoiding to go only back, move to sides
: i think the ekko nerf of 5.11 was useless
don't stay near his ghost. problem solved
: Need moral support and guidance..
The first huge advice i'm going to give you is stop focusing on others' mistakes. Why you may ask? Because you cannot improve mistakes that aren't yours. I make few examples based on what you wrote: where were you when your mates "feeded"? What you did to prevent this? Why you died in that specific point? Could you do something to prevent this? What about dragons? Do you flame in your games? (if so stop immediately, if you want to win; start to flame is the cheapest way to lose a game) How do you react when you are flamed? (someone flame you -> mute and report at the end, dont start a war about it, focus on your game) --- There are lots of other advices, looking at your match history: 1) Why you go top with exhaust? Let's reasoning about this: your enemy has a teleport and you don't. If his mates ask help to do dragon, he can simply teleport and they have dragon secured, because you can't do anything on time to stop them [i gave it a second check, i saw you change with ignite/exhaust/tp, use tp only] --- 2) Upgrade that yellow trinket and ask to the others to upgrade it as well. You can't telling here that you are the only one who's warding if you don't upgrade your trinket. Also think wisely where put the wards, use them to secure the two fundamental spots in the enemy's jungle, in order to see anytime where they are going. --- 3)Improve your thinking about runes. I saw your play with viktor and you use ad on him. There is no point on using that on an ap champion like him, ap runes are much more worth than ad in this specific case. --- 4) You died a lot, idk why because is not possible to tell you simply looking to the match history, but try to get why you died in every single death. Search for your mistakes in that and improve them to improve this part.
: I had an interesting conversation in score scren post match today
don't even start to talk to them, mute, report after the game and then leave the chat. Is useless to try to understand why they act like this, is impossible to know
: Team Builder bug?
is a limit they added today :/ idk why, now the drafts are available to everyone and tb has higher requirements
: AFKs and Feeders
don't mind the mistakes made by others, focus on yours only bc is the only thing you can influence. Why when {{champion:107}} came you got killed? Could you do something to avoid this? Were any wards of yours in the bushes? When Rengar went away did you tell to your team that he was moving? Did the same happened when Zed came top? Could you do some roaming to help your team? What did you do after your first blood? Could you push your lane and help more? Btw I report afkers in any case. Feeders are matter of discussion imo, bc I don't think a player who is playing bad is a feeder, bad games happen to everyone, if I see that a lane is doing bad I push my lane and I go to help as soon as I can. Unless I don't see a player going intentionally under turret to give the kill and a score like 0/20+/0 I don't report them, bc I know is not intentional.
Joduska (EUW)
: How to get S+
as it compares you with all other gamers playing kata, probably there are some players that did better than you (idk what, maybe more damage or k+a/d higher or more gold. How many dragons/baron did you take? Perhaps is that; or it can be an higher cs)
Warderino (EUW)
: Change a word with bronze!
{{champion:39}} True bronze cannot be defeated Bronze guides us {{champion:55}} [funny how many phrases of kata suit perfectly bronze :)] Is that bronze I smell? Ready for bronze? Why? Because I bronze Better dead than bronze The dance of bronze {{champion:24}} Imagine if I was a real bronze! [I changed two words actually, but had wasn't as suited as was imo] {{champion:119}} Hear that? Bronze's knocking Seems to be bronze everywhere I go
: Elo Hell - A State Of Mind Or A Reality?
have you tried to register yourself and watch again your game, trying to find your mistakes? I think the elo hell is when you don't know which are your mistakes or you know them but don't know how to improve. Try to focus only on your mistakes, write a list of them and try to improve these points during your games. If this doesn't work either, try to ask to do some 1v1 or duo in normal with your friends so they can tell you where ,in their opinions, are your mistakes.
: Okay, what just happened?
it happened to me too this morning :/ the same as you, unregistered game. I think both teams got disconnected
: Most hard -to-play Chamion
{{champion:107}} idk why, but I think i'm one of the worst Rengar's players :/ although I've done pretty good with every assassin I've played, with Rengar I managed only to die in every situation possible
: At first i tough that in the quote "The truth lies in darkness", "lies" was actually the verb "lie" (not true) so yeah, that was my problem xD
lol it sure is something different :) but this interpretation would be correct if it wasn't Zed's talking :) it depends on who is the speaker :) i.e. Shen can think something like this
: thanks for the answer! You really made me understand the meaning now :p and yeah i've heard of the zed and nocturne suppositions. Thanks again and have a nice day ^_^ PS: the last sentence i wrote was a joke, its a pun to his original sentence: "the unseen blade is the deadliest"
looool so true epic fail xD sorry was sooo late yesterday when I wrote that post :) I'm glad that I answered your questions, but today I searched more about Zed and I found this link from the forum of lol: [is not an explanation on your doubts, but there are some other interesting connections] http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/X19WyAY6-the-master-of-shadows-facts-myths-and-theories Also I discovered, reading from there, that probably Akali was Zed's pupil (Riot is glissing a lot on this, putting some misunderstandable phrases about a more intimate relationship)
: "The truth lies in darkness" - Zed; What does it mean?
You have to link these two sentences with the last one, **"Tradition is the corpse of wisdom"**. For Zed, the wisdom and the power have to be searched in the shadows. If you read the lore, the "tradition" is a figure to represent the order that Zed was part of with Akali, Shen and Kennen. Zed revealed the power of shadows, which were forbidden by the master of his order. He did this because he felt that not using the power of the shadows was a waste [EDIT: and also because he wanted to be recognised by his master as better than Shen - the master's son], so the **Truth lies in darkness** is a reference of his power. "**The unseen meaning is the deadliest**" is referred also to the fact that his abilities are based on the assassination, using the darkness he gathered. But you can also think of these three sentences in a modern way: not always the tradition is the best choice you can make, sometimes the tradition must be changed; the truth sometimes is not clearing showing in front of you, it can be hidden by others or by yourself too; the last one can be read as: "what you don't expect, hurts you more", like when a person that you trust the most betrays you. There are also some suppositions about the fact that the last sentence is also a reference to nocturne and there are some suspects that Nocturne is a part of Zed (or even Zed himself).
levys (EUNE)
: What should normal players do with flamers ?
There is only one method i found working: mute them and DON'T TALK to them NEVER, even when they start insult your family. Mute them and report
: Why do people act so sexist to our female co-players?
Probably because in the past the videogamers where be seen as losers by the society so not a single attention seeker was trying to be recognised as "nerd" and as a consequence just a few bunch of girls were playing videogames. As the number of gamers increases it started the horrible trend to be fancy because you play videogames .-. lots of girls realized that know instead of makeup and clothes, boys can be attracted a lot by the fact that you play videogames. The problem was that these girls hadn't a single clue on how videogames work so they simply faked to be gamers [probably it was much more easier for them than starting to learn something they weren't truly interested in] Why these girls had more attention than the girls that truly were videogamers? Because a true videogamer doesn't care about something trivial as "Look at me! I can get a gamepad, omg I'm a girl gamer girl power 4ever!" but cares only on how well he/she played or how good is the videogame. So the girl gamers who truly liked to play videogames remained in the shadows while the attention seekers were showing themself as "gamers". From here the main stereotype of girls gamers = attention seekers who don't belong to videogames / don't know how to play.
: Now one for the tank :3
I'll think about the other roles and I'll write something here :) probably this evening
: nice, you are good at this! :3
: What's the Oath of your lane/role?
Jungle: "_Hide in the bushes, no one sees you, no one can notice your presence. Gank them well to carry your mates, the dragon is waiting with your reward_" Mid: "_Their army is your gold, You shall snowball hard, scoring the penta is your mission, killing the adc before they slaughter you. Your abilities will make the team victorious_" EDIT: Tank-Top: "_Taking damage doesn't scare you when tanky items are shielding. Choose wisely how to start the team fight, as your mistakes will decide the death of others._" Support: "_Your adc is your precious, make him grow in a war machine. Be proud of him, as his shining light is there because of you_" Adc: [any resemblance to Draaaaaaaven is purely coincidental] "_The fans are in adoration, your damage is immense. Making your pockets full of gold, be with your support all the way long_"
: Now i'm upset
This is why I never ask help for jungle, I take into account that I have to survive first levels of jungle without help, so at worst I can make it (of course if they don't help me early they cannot pretend that I go gank early, because clearing jungle without help takes me more time/health)
: I'm tired of these people, you?
When I'm defeated by a player, I think "wow he is so good with his champion! I want to become as good as him one day!" why everybody has to start flaming? Like when a player is losing his lane. But is normal to lose lane, is something on skills, one of the two is more skilled so he will win the lane. But no, people is starting flaming the winner one (like in your case) and the teammates are flaming the loser of that lane too (as if this really helps lol)
Ζachary (EUW)
: Being told not to be friendly :(
The perception of friendly change from person to person, if you are friendly it is **more probable** that they give it to you, but you cannot tell this for sure. Btw you were kind of irritating, too friendly is bothersome :D
: Diana also wants some of that nidalee mumbo jumbo
monsters aren't a problem for her, maybe to buff Diana it would be cute if her R could be casted also to her allies (minions included) bc she hasn't an escape
: Cause ALWAYS blame the Jungler
My last game a thresh started to flame me at my first mistake and then continued for the entire duration of game. Kalista probably was his premade bc he started it too, making me very nervous so I started to play bad bc I was so nervous about their behaviour (I muted both at a certain point, of course i didn't start to argue bc I never flame in my games, but they ping every time was possible to do it, so I felt their anger towards me). Idk, maybe bc they were in silver they think they can blame an unranked player ["I'm the best and you no, something like that"]. At the end thresh continued to flame like hell, I told him that MAYBE I was so nervous about their behaviour that I couldn't perform very good (seriously, every game I try to put my best but I don't perform very well when there are flamers in my team). His answer was "think on uninstall the game ;)" lol of course I reported him, hoping riot can see the mess happened. But I have to tell you, this kind of behaviour happens against anyone for any reason possible. The rule of this "people" is kinda: "At my first mistake I have to find worse mistakes on other players and flaming all time long". What kind of persons are these in real life? Why their parents didn't teach them how to behave? If I was their mother I would feel the worst looking on how they do in the society.
: Give us the option to arrange Runepages and Masteries
Same here, I redo runes' pages every single time :/ +1 for the case
Sublime (EUNE)
: New patch failing at 99%?
Same problem, first time it stucked at 99%, I closed the launcher and then restarted the download. It started at 33% and then flowed perfectly :)


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