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: garen needs a nerf
Has anyone been able to kill Garen & Yuumi combo ever since his E works with Conqueror? He's litteraly an unkillable projectile doing way to much damage.
Zetsúme (EUW)
: he's already set for a nerf next patch bro
I don't think it's healthy that after every single buff or mini-rework, they always need to nerf. Is it that hard not to overbuff a champion?
: Checked your match history, you go Swain support and are one of the main reason that your botlane is losing hard and giving enemy adc a lead. I can only say not to blame others but yourself and start playing better....
If you would have looked at my match history proprely, you would have seen that I was also the person to hard carry games with the same champion in the same role. That's not because I was playing very well, but because my team in general performed better. Neither did I ever state that I played well. You should stop being so delusional, because you're missing out the point of my thread. When you're entire team is bad, toxic or trolling, you will lose the motivation and focus to play. Now the next time you're using invalid information that you probably scanned over in 2 minutes, make sure that you look at it objectively.
Cristy 1 (EUW)
: I trolled whole night and Riot didn't made anything about it
Agreed with your statement about the report system not being properly functional at all. No other than a human being can proprely judge behaviour, unless Riot is a ahead of our time and is capable of using machine learning to properly judge behaviour. Disagree with your way of proving things.
: Do you mind to elaborate on what exactly you are talking about?
Sure, good question, thank you! I think Riot always overbuffs or overnerfs champions to a point where the difference between them becomes to big. In my opinion, Pyke, Pantheon, Nautilus and many more got way to heavily buffed. For instance: Pantheon becoming a monster in every single role, while there are other champions suffering from pick rate due to the fact that they are insanely weak. What's the point of having 140+ champions if only 30% of them is capable of performing well in general (takeaway the skill level of a player at some point). I am not asking for a completely balanced game cause I understand that's nearly impossible, but right now there's a little to many, very unneccesary, overbuffed champions. The straw that broke the camel's back: getting one shot by a single item Garen E (1 spin) + Q + R,as Talon (I know it's not a matchup for Talon, I was not trying to fight him), even though he was pretty far behind, while on the other hand, he was nearly unkillable without having armor or magic resistance. Truthly seems to me like it is mostly about buffing champions that will earn Riot more money, either by selling champions, skins or for highlight purposes during professional tournaments (which means more views).
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: They try and balance everything, but it's impossible in most competitive games. People will always take advantage of even the smallest of buffs given how many hero/item/rune synergies there are.
Never asked that, but they could atleast add a little compression to the way they are currently overbuffing champions to a point where some champions are not even worth picking any longer right?
: Surely buffing {{champion:86}} is going to earn RioT lot of mons. I mean, so expensive champ. Oh wait
They buffed him, which will increase the playrate and therefore, maybe, the purchases of skins. The Garen buff is most certainly another horrible one. There are other champions in much more need of a buff.
: How to deal with bad teams?
I am on my 3rd massive loss streak in a short period of time. Playing with horrible team members, toxic players or trolls is horrific. However, always look at your own gameplay first. Chances are you are very demotivated from all those horrible team members. I know it can be very fustrating to be 0-10 after 8 minutes. I learned that a game is easily thrown so don't give up on your own motivation to quickly. Other then first reflecting on yourself I'd say there's not much you can do. You could try to pick a very strong champion at the moment, to be more impactful yourself or play the game with good players from your friends list. If none of the above helps, I'd like to welcome you to Riot's problem.
: First step would be coming to terms that it isnt because of others.
I blamed myself plenty of times and I agree that I am playing bad at times. Mostly playing horrible and losing motivation because it seems like a neverending cycle of horrible team mates and trolls along with champion imbalance and matchups.
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: Hardstuck in Plat 4
I've been in the same spot, I've given up on rank. My MMR could not keep up with me promoting from gold 4 to plat 4 in no time and now I am hardstuck for eternity. Especially now that champion like Pyke and Pantheon are going to be this overpowered for a while. Rather just try your luck next season.


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