: just disable the button on your keyboard
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: The problem with support
play katarina support
: No you can, you turret dive as a team and the one with Stopwatch goes in first, once he gets low enough you hit that stopwatch button and agro shifts to minions, they you can easily rotate/finish off your target/back off easily, it promotes higher levels of skilled gameplay tbh, you just need to work around it and be active about checking whether or not your opponent has a stopwatch on that moment.
tell me more about how people play "as a team" for a perfectly structured dive in your normal games?
: Hell no. This is exactly the result of having a "burst down or get oneshot" meta. Adcs have almost no way to survive, so they adapted. It's pretty smart and they still have to sacrifice the major precision keystone.
what? no stopwatch is not a keystone. you can take it as secondary tree
Eveninn (EUW)
: It promotes diving though. Or making plays in general.
it "prevent" diving you can't dive someone with stopwatch
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charvos (EUW)
: Draven sucks, and needs better optimisation (+ bugfix pls)
i think he needs his old passive, bleed on crits
Spark1est (EUW)
: Strange black line in game
got it too, more in the middle top i am watching a stream, the streamer have it too

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