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: Well, you're not really doing much else than flame Viktor throughout the whole game (even if you may not use any harsh insults). Yes, that Viktor is useless is your own opinion, but no one asked you to share it with everyone and there's no point in doing it. No one in the game benefits from you calling Viktor useless. You're not even giving him any tips on how to do it better. If instead of telling him he's useless you'd have told him to play it save, or when to fall back (before he dies), that'd be helpful. By calling him useless or telling him. he's "inting", you're not making him play any better and you're at most annoying your team. If anything, Viktor will only play worse from being flamed. So basically, you should have either ignored the Viktor or give him actual tips. If he didn't listen to your tips, you should have also ignored him. I mean, at most, he's making you lose a single game. Over a long period of time, this single game won't matter. You'll very likely also get enemies who're playing just as bad as your Viktor eventually, contributing to your win.
But without seeing the context you don't know if he is right or if he is just informing his allies to it be like someone saying peel me i can carry its 30 minutes and they got 1 item . ure negative and inting for all i know this is true cause i don't get any other info it has always felt like there hiding behind claiming people are toxic to ban people hoping they will spend more money on new accounts showing people purely there chat logs has always seem deceptive to me considering i have also seem bans on people for not communicating to there teams remember singed support they said he was banned for not telling teams his plans so your not allowed to mute people either or you can be banned for not telling people wutever your suppose to idk .

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