Eveninn (EUW)
: I usually have the setup of using 3 fingers for QWE (fourth - middle - index), so for vlad specifically I got into the habbit of using my middle finger for E, allowing me to both Flash (index) or W (fourth). Funniely enough, every other champion who has similar combos where you'd want to flash during a channel has it on either Q or W, so it's a vlad only thing I do. x3 My thumb is space and Alt exclusive, I struggle to reach higher keys without accidentally hitting space alongside them. (I hold my hands in a flat manner, it's a habbit from typing with long fingernails to keep them safe. :x)
I see , interesting... I cut my fingernails regularly to avoid them being in the way :P
: Yes but I'm lazy and I don't disable it. Unfortunately I must use a laptop because I live far from my hometown and I change house a lot, It is not convenient for me to buy a desktop.
Hmm makes sense... I guess im just lucky in that sense ;)
: I can't do it either because I'm on a laptop and I touch the touchpad with my hand If i put the thumb on F.
Don't most laptops have the option to disable your touchpad? Also how do you play on the stupid laptop Keyboard , I tried it its horrifying. Then again I guess its something you get used to.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I use 3 fingers (forefinger on E to the ring finger on Q). I find it weird to have a finger constantly on R... wouldn't that make a lot of ult misclicks? o:
probably not if you are used to having it there, I think if someone whos used to using 3 for QWER tries using 4 , they would constantly missclick ults :P
Eveninn (EUW)
: The game has more than QWER, I use 5 fingers for as many keys as I need. :p And Q would likely just have my pinky starting to hurt as it's one of the most pressed keys, and tab, alt, shift aren't rarely used either. I dunz want my pinky to hurt. :c Also, the main problem what I'd have: how do I then Shift+Q (Range indicators) or Ctrl+Q (Quick Skill)? I already struggled enough getting used to Vlad E -> F by having to use keys differently, were I to use my pinky for Q I'd have to get used to that in a lot mroe combos. t.t
hmm , that E F(or D for me) Is an interesting issue , don't really have that as support , but I guess I would use my thumb for the flash .... or maybe middlefinger for E , how do you handle it ?
: 3 fingers vs 4 fingers
Im pretty sure 3 fingers is superior to 4 fingers , the R key is (on most champions) fairly easy to disregard , If you use all of the features Riot gives you to make your gameplay more efficient (A-Move-Click , Hold Position, Warded Pings , Target Enemy Champions Only Button) There would be way to many tasks for your pinky to do , since the most efficient hotkey placements would we a,s,z(y),x,c,v,g,t. If you add Shift , CTRL , Alt and Tab. That being said. I am used to having my hand jump over the Keyboard anyway due to enough hours played in Starcraft. Therefore I use them dynamically , ring and middlefinger for F1,1,q,a,z and F2,2,w,s,x , index for 3,4,5,6,7,F3,F4,F5,e,r,d,f,c,v. I use my thumb for Space Bar and b + alt sometimes (on Karma primarily). I dont use the F keys often , but they do help sometimes, as a support I have to use keys from 1-7 fairly regularly(7 not as much). I am also using A as attack move click , which I use primarily over RMB to attack , since you wont accidentially move forward if you missclick. I use target enemy champion only for dives(doesnt work with attack move click) or poking under enemy turrets(so you dont accidentially hit the turret ;) ). The hold position key(S default) helps you to know rather or not a bush is warded(if you have auto attack on , your champion will always attack enemies in range if you are revealed to them) he wont if you arent , so its just rather useful(especially on supports). My space bar focuses the Camera onto my champion. I hope this gives you a little bit more of an insight(been D4+ for 3 years now)
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yeah, but the problem is that now some are actually impactful, which makes the others just seem so much worse. :c I'd be fine not having any, but it just feels missmatched. <.<
When things like TL first came out , almost everyone cried about how OP those high Impact masteries were. I still really dislike them , they feel unnecessarily difficult to factor into an engagement
: Or maybe, the wave of people who came in 2013~2015 are starting to find the game less attractive (understand : getting bored) ? That could be the case though (I'm also a part of this wave, and only by finding a new goal in the game did I restart enjoying it like in the firsts days.) This kind of behavior is normal, you could try the comparison with starcraft 2 who died quickly at the beginning of LOTV (and yes, it started before korean esport dropped the game.) To be honest, I was very sad when I saw starcraft II dying just when I started to really git gud at it. And I'd be very sad if the same happened with league ... {{sticker:cass-cry}}
I think you have a pretty good point there , I personally play since season 1 , started really grinding alot in season 4 , had some on and off phases where i played little to none in between (maybe like a month or so). For a while I felt like the game doesnt really offer me anything anymore , but I am currently enjoying it more than ever, because I know what im trying to get out of the game.
Renold (EUNE)
: apdo is god...and i think he knows what is sayng.He gets chalenger all the time so..i believe him..
apdo talks to much shit when streaming , he doesnt put thoughts into everything he says , don't listen to his words like gospel
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Thank you very much for advices. Idea seams great, it should really help. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Renold (EUNE)
: it was mostly an example.Because even apdo sad that {{champion:164}} is in a really good spot now.Same as ww. And riven is annoyng to deal with..Because of her great cc dmg mobility...I mean more annoyng then zed and yasuo in my opinion..
Well I mean if even apdo , god emperor himself says it... Apdo also said that Supports in general are roughly 2-3 Divisions worse than their actual elo...
Renold (EUNE)
: Better champs win????
I think you are giving the wrong examples when you call Riven and Camille OP , but yeah , there are quite a few champions that are just strictly stronger than other and thus will make it easier for you to win games , but no champ is an autowin. Maybe you should try to play Riven for example , if you get a 60+ winrate in 20+ games , without having alot of prior experience on her I will call her op , until then I watch myself trying to play her and my 20% winrate on her ;). Warwick though .... eww , pretty scary right now , but not unbeatable. Also , otps will usually perform better on certain champions than anyone else , otherwise they wouldnt be otps right ? thats why it feels so bad to play against most Rivens , it just happens to be a champion many people wanna play and only play.
Mc Jho (EUW)
: Bye bye probably for good!
Im pretty sure that Riot employees cant just request someone getting banned for no reason , I also think they dont really play a role in automated punishment , If you can prove that that is the case, that would be pretty bad for the game. But I dont have a reason to believe that they actually have that power. Raging in any way at anyone for most reasons is just not what the system wants you to do , thus it will punish you for it. We survived 6 years without any chests and keys for free stuff , we played the game for the game , not the free skins.
: Dodging skillshots.
There are some general Ideas on how to properly dodge, against AoE spells , usually not being close to your minionwave helps , as you force the enemy laner to decide between trying to poke you or secure potential farm they would miss by devoting time into poking you. actual Skillshots (ones that shoot in a line from the caster) like Lux Q's are almost impossible to dodge if you are close range and they aim correctly , there it comes down to predicting where the enemy will try to aim at and move into the opposite direction. max range skillshots are usually avoidable if you wait and check the trajectory and just sidestep it (sounds easy in theory i know). Most dodging comes from reflexes anyway , If you play against a Lux a thousand times , you will just dodge those Light Bindings without thinking about it. If you are playing melee assasins mid , its important to correctly evaluate when to go for cs and when you just let some cs slide to save health. just remember that you are just as scary to them , as they seem to you , especially after hitting 6.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Improving observation skill as jugler
Try to use the Scoreboard, that is usually a pretty good way to track how a lane is going even if the minimap doesnt necessarily show it quite yet. It also helps you evaluate rather or not you should gank a specific lane. (E.G. if the enemy adc has a B.F. and you bot hasnt backed yet you should probably avoid that lane for now). CS numbers also usually tell quite a bit. A very important part is also , to know the lane matchups. For example: a melee assasin will almost always get bullied in midlane pre 6 when playing against a mage. That results in CS of usually almost 2x as much in favor of the mage , but as soon as the assasin hits 6 , he will often all in and get a kill , paying attention to your midlaners lvl can help you know when to be mid to avoid that from happening. Similar with other lanes, knowing when enemy champions spike in power is important to evaluate when to gank a specific lane.
SoulvG (EUW)
: Why am I getting such bad (literally 0) net lp gain in Silver 3?
This sounds like your MMR is pretty screwed up. You get LP based on MMR , if your MMR is below average for your Rank , you will recieve less LP and lose more. Flipside If your MMR is higher than your Rank you will recieve much more LP every game than you lose. This will eventually even out to what you said , 18/18 , although I feel thats pretty low numbers , I remember it being more like 22 ish. But try to focus less on gaining elo and focus more on getting better, I think thats much more important than elo , the Rank will improve in time if you get better. Dont focus on that too much.
Psyco Bob (EUNE)
: A wish from a past player.
Hey there, I have personally been banned for 1 week now , I don't think they will unban you its a permanent ban after all. The support told me that you can of course create a new account. I have been playing this game for 7 years and going from a 7 day ban 3 months ago to an instant perma was way to harsh imo. But if they take a lighter stance against toxcity , they will never get rid of the extreme toxcity thats currently around in league. Its a different experience playing on an account with a limited championpool and 0 skins , but It doesnt take away from the core appreciation for the game.+ I think it really helped me become less toxic. Anyway , I think that permabans should be 1year bans instead, alot changes in a year , I dont think closing someones account permanently is something almost any players deserves(atleast not for toxcity). Scripting , Botting , other types of creating an unfair advantage should always be permanently suspended.
: Riot does not like EUW and never create events for this server
Its not exactly true that they dont have events in EUW , we had the PROJECT Event , Winter Event , stuff like that , even if its just some quests to get some extra BE or a sweet Icon.
: I think is merely a technical problem.
> [{quoted}](name=MrGargozzi,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vVKE5nXH,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-02-05T18:58:23.710+0000) > > I think is merely a technical problem. Thats probably the reason , the game server doesnt forward the information to the client thus , client doesnt know you muted that guy. Its not that big of a deal though is it ? I would prefer a matchmaking that reduces the chances of you getting matched with people on your block list. (but I think that would lead to more problems than it solves)
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: How do I climb when...
Climbing is a marathon , not a sprint , in theory there should be roughly 50/50 that your other lanes are doing well(its not quite that simple in reality ofc). But if you go for 100 Games in which you perform very well(stomp lane) you should win the majority , that still doesnt mean you win every game. From my own experience you should win roughly 70-80% of all games if you are way better than your league. (Thats what smurfs have) Normal players have around 50% if they are in the elo they belong into logically, since they will win 50/50 of their matchups , seems pretty fair to me. But for fairness's sake , this season has felt very streaky so far , for me and people i've talked to , so that might be a bit frustrating , I had a day where I went 5/11 in gamescore , next day i went 13/4 , just hang in there and you should climb eventually. Just dont get tilted otherwise , well you will lose more
Loonsteer (EUW)
: Leveling in this game is a joke.
Lvl 1-30 can be a bit hit and miss , gets better from there. That doesnt make the lvling system bad , just shows that players sub 30 dont care. Most accounts that are botted to lvl 30 get banned within a couple of months so no , botting is not an option LOL
: The meta is broken
I had a 100% winrate in 15 games on Janna , what does that make me now ? A god on support ? Carry champions are called Carries for a reason , they are supposed to be strong , the issue is mostly that when you play botlane , you dont have control over what happens toplane , so if your toplaner is worse than said riven main that plays against him , he will get completely destroyed(and it would be stupid if that wasnt the case). OTP's are just pretty scary to deal with , especially if they are top and you are bot. but no matter how fed a Riven is , if you have solid vision while pushing and play Janna , she will never even touch your carries. Vlad is a different matter , hes currently just very strong top and much harder to play against. Lucky for us , spellbook gets nerfed soon, without ghost/flash being up 24/7 vlad will be much weaker
: Is there any way you can check what Runes, Skill Order, Item Order etc. pros are using in LCS/LCK...
sDolores (EUNE)
: Well I got my acc to gold 5 from silver 5 for 2 days, but i got banned for scripts, cuz i bought it online, now i made new one "clean", lost 3 games, won 7, placed in silver 2, cant escape 2 weeks ???
You get lucky and unlucky streaks all the time, Its just important to remember that , there will be better times too. Ofc you shouldnt buy accounts for exactly that reason , most of them get banned in a couple of weeks/months because they got botted to lvl 30
SonHwa (EUW)
: Korean letters aren't displayed properly ingame
I didnt have this issue until I reseted my pc (and Reinstalled league) My keyboard would now switch to UK QWERTY instead on QWERTZ which would be my windows default setting+ for a couple of patches my windows key combination to switch it doesnt work ingame anymore(works anywhere else) so I have to tab out to change it , or just type with qwerty on. I think Korean letters cant be displayed because the English gamedata doesnt have them included in them , thats why they show up on boxes , if you change your game to korean , they will show up normally.
: This game isn't fun anymore and I'm done.
I got some Issues with your statement , I am a support player myself , in low dia (d5-d4). I do agree that most people you play with seem like idiots (even in 'higher' elos) but I dont think its that hard to climb. I had my Account permabanned 1 week ago , It took me 4 days to get from Silver 2 to Plat 4 (As a support). If you are good , you can climb no matter the role you play , I think its harder as a support compared to other roles , but its doable nevertheless , what doesnt help is blame (or in my case) start flaming your teammates , they'll play worse and you lose the rest chances you had for a victory. Something that helps many people I talked to is to focus on improving rather than elo (I feel like thats easier said than done) but it does put it dampens the frustration over losses slightly. There are always games where you go 8/0 botlane and your top is 0/10 or your jungler is avoiding your lane as if you have lepra. Look at what you could have done to edge out more advantages regardless if they would have lead to a win or not.
: Getting discriminated and treated differently because I'm a girl?
you can probably write a ticket to Riot and ask for a namechange if thats something that really bothers , you sadly you cant do anything about the immaturity of some people , If you provide Riot support with some solid evidence on people discriminating you for your name(cause it tells them your gender) you should be able to get a name reroll from them.
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Mobo Kill (EUW)
: To Riot about the Project event.
The Skins are good , the Questlines are OK , the gamemode however , the Idea is fun , the map design is terrible , lucian/ez/trist are just superior , due to their mobility making the rest unplayable, sad so see an great opportunity ruined like that .
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: Searching for Diamond+ jungler and support for tournaments etc
Hello Mr Gregers , your post is very intriguing , I would be very interested to join you guys for a couple of sessions and see how we work together. Sadly I could not make it back to diamond yet...(I peaked there this season already though) I am just about to finish my final exams , therefore I will be able to practice hard for 16+ hours a day every day. So I will also be able to play for longer then midnight , which should help with the tournaments. I have a studio microphone and a decent headset. Also teamspeak is no problem. Sincerely Kasiri {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{summoner:33}}
: Dont tell them
Its not really big enough to keep it disguised... Also wouldnt be genuine
: Rakan charm keeps charming
It doesnt charm multiple times ? Could you provide a Video reproducing the bug ?
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Fluidly (EUW)
: Role Difficulties & Why do you main your role?
I dont think that you can make a clear cut for 'easiest' or 'hardest' role. The first important destinction is between soloplay and play as a team. In soloQ for example i believe (like Marissa) that Botlane might be the hardest one IF all 4 players down there know what they are doing. This changes whenever someone got filled supp or offrole adc ofc. Jungle is also very tricky in soloQ as you probably never satisfy your team , no matter what you do. Mid can be difficult in soloQ especially if you are the main dmg source of your team , or if the enemy jungler has a prefference in ganking mid(especially vs immobiles). Top is probably the easiest lane for soloQ as you mostly have to focus on the 1v1 and your own mechanics , while being allowed to blend out the macrogame without disadvantages(this can change depending on the enemy junglers preffered lane). This ranking also changes if : you play duoQ (e.g. adc/supp top/jungle mid/jungle) I would give a premade botlane (if they are experienced together) a 80+% change of winning against a non premade botlane. same with the other duoQ combinations. I also believe that these 3 combinations are the best to go for if you are planning on duoQueueing with someone. In a Team enviroment , all of these rankings change once again , Jungle and Mid are probably the most difficult ones to play in a Team. Followed by top. The reasons for this being that these positions in most games decide alot of the early/midgame ,while botlane in most cases is the lane with less early impact. The midlaner has to be on point with assisting the jungler incase of invades/ against invades , has to be fast enough (and safe enough) with rotations. The toplaners TP is one of the most crucial factors , if it is too early or too late , most fights are lost. The Junglers importance is selfexplainatory. That all being said , I dont think any of these roles are far away from eachother, as they all are designed to cover different parts of the overall game , and are equally important for a successful game. I personally played support for most of my time in league(season 1) with ocassional short timed trips into other lanes and now a switch to adc . The hardest part for me was always , to adapt to new people in soloQ. You dont know what they will do , and that is the scariest part.
Name- No boy kasiri (jarno outside of league :) ) Age- 19 Country- Germany Role- Support Team Experiences- Played in various League of Legends teams over my 7 years (RHBB(who played in Go4lol's etc) Shootcalls experience- i have been a shotcaller for my previous teams most of the time. Individual goals- D1-Master this season Team goals- Weekly online cups and possibly Lans (Dreamhack?) Rank- P3 (just dropped from P1) I speak fluent (nearly accent free) english , but I can be a little bit outspoken , especially if people become demotivators/ negative giving you a fair warning :)
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DeoFac (EUW)
: riot is not making the decissions.....its tencent.... Riotgames doesnt belong to Riotgames anymore dude...... they sold to tencent at dec 2015. (when all this shit started)
TENCENT ACQUIRES MAJORITY STAKE IN RIOT GAMES Posted on 02-04-11 > they sold to tencent at dec 2015. (when all this shit started) they got bought out in 2011 xD, but until 2013 tencent didnt give a shit about league , in season 4 however they started to heavily influence leagues development , thats why league is shit for 3 years now , but dynamic queue is just the pinnacle of stupidity
: Maybe because Blizzard doesn't have anywhere near the amount of customers Riot does? So if 10 000 kids don't like it then so be it. Go play with your sandbox toys in Overwatch. There are still like 60 million people playing it and losing 10k wouldn't be anything. They already admitted their mistakes and what they would be trying and if any of the haters had some brain matter, they'd understand that they're trying to make it a team-expierence but retain the SoloQ value in it.
did you just say Blizzard doesnt have as many customers as riot ? if you take blizzards games combined , you can probably smash ritos little League of Dynamicbullshit with bare hands lmao... people that dont have a clue what they are talking about...
Jzcko (EUW)
: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
Jzcko (EUW)
: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
Jzcko (EUW)
: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
Jzcko (EUW)
: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
Klappa // {{summoner:4}} 0cd {{summoner:12}} 0cd ... you know what that means {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} ITS URF TIME {{champion:44}}
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: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
wingall why you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} ? :( are you not entertained {{champion:34}}
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: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
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: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
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: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
no way ima skip a beat on {{champion:245}} until hes nerfed
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: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
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: The Chaos Vanguard - Large Multi-Gaming Community - 16+ - Daily Inhouses
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