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: >So now the discussion is why you report your teammate for being toxic even if he gifted you those LP for the same reason i would report policemen selling drugs and things like that, it doesnt matter if you are in the top 3 players of the world if you are toxic ill report you
Y but if you have killed one person you should not report a guy who is selling drugs.. this is the difference between a feeder and a toxic (strong) player
: So just because there are other more severe offenses of the rules, the other kind of offense should not be punished at all? Players already get lighter punishments at first for toxicity than for intentionally feeding. For toxicity, players get chat restricted at first, whereas intentional feeders get an instant 14 days ban. If you want to find a reason to justify flaming, you will find one. However, no reason justifies it. For every player the same rules count and there is no exception for you. You are welcome to play the game, but only if you can keep your behaviour in line with the Summoner's Code.
Intentionally feeding? the games with mobility boots x6 i bought them in the end of the game for frustration. Sometime the frustration of having bad teammates is showed building sht in the end of the game, not int feeding. And i think that a feeder is a good reason to flame or nah?
: > As i expected i got banned 14 days, and it's ok i knew it my whole team reported me for being toxic even if i carried them hard. So you expected a 14 days ban, so you knew you broke the rules, but now you don't seem to be willing to deal with the concequences of that. Skill and behaviour are two seperate things, and one of them doesn't justify the other. No matter if someone carried the game, if he misbehaves towards me, he ruins my game experience and I don't care about the win or loss anymore. I care about having a fun game with a team where everyone is friendly and trying to cooperate with each other. That leads to a win much more often then when one guy is doing well and flaming the hell out of the rest of his team. Toxicity is very demoralizing, keep that in your mind. If you really care about winning you should try to motivate your teammates.
I think that a feeder or worst, a troll is way more demoralizing than a toxic player THAT TRIES TO CARRY. Attention i said a toxic player who plays bad... i definitely condamn toxic players that play bad...but holy.. look the screenshot.. XD
OlmiLux (EUW)
: Your ban is deserved? yes It is stupid that riot doesn't punish them too? yes
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