Leee Sin (EUW)
: Welcher Pick ist sinnvoller?
I doint know what you are saying, but... wanna come 5 premade meele champs to comlete the quest?
kelekeM (EUW)
: LF adc or support for flex/ranked team silver-gold
Hola, I'm support main. Trust me, I'm an engineer ;)
ddnW (EUW)
: Mid/Sup/Fill LFT
Found anything? Take me with you :)
SirBlues (EUW)
: Should I laugh or cry?
Bad Vayne (EUW)
: SIlver ADC LF Team
Or you can make one and invite me to be your supp :)
: Silver player looking for ranked 5s team
I actually read your name hi im gay :)
: Starting a serious team silver-gold
: The Federation needs you!
: New team recruiting (bronze,silver) with coach. All roles are available
Age: 23 Country: Slovenia The role you want to play, (only one)!: support Rank: s3 How many champions you have: 62 Anything else you like to say: I can make pancakes
BLC Zoal (EUW)
: smurfing adc main lf duoq with skype pref supp mains
: lf somebody to talk to/duoq with in the background
Frostïe (EUW)
: support want a cookie? come take a look :3
I dont fit in here but god, I want that cookie so badly! {{item:2054}}
: looking for duo to climb out from silver 3
: Dynamic Que
Maybe you should introduce yourself that way first :)
wellko (EUW)
: EUW Support looking for adc
If anyone is readig this post and isnt gold, add me and let me take care of you ;) (silver supp here)
Madliv (EUW)
: morning people be like : http://i1.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/007/423/untitle.JPG
Rioter Comments
EzhoNias (EUW)
: LF ppl to lvl smurfs with / play with in general
I can be friendly :) not sure about mature...
: Where is my support? :3
Sorry, got stuck in traffic...
Lazar666 (EUNE)
: LF team
I am not eune, but I can make pancakes.
: Gold smurf levelling my account. Anybody wanna play?
I do not want to play, but I can make pancakes.
ostiaaa (EUW)
: search main adc for duo
I do not main adc, but I can make pancakes.
: seaerch dynamic q. partners around gold
I am not around gold, but I can make pancakes.
Voliball (EUW)
: Looking for Ranked player (Main Jungler)
I do not main jungle, but I can make pancakes.
Saro2775 (EUW)
: Looking for ADC (or 5v5) for Dynamic Ranked-Q
I don't play adc, but I can make pancakes.
Dunlop (EUNE)
: Creatting a team for Bronze-Silver players to climb the ranks.
OggieBear (EUW)
: Team NMG looking for toplane
I am not a top laner or plat+, but I can make pancakes.
: LF Smurfs to play with silver area currently want 100% win rate
: Looking for duo or Dynamic
rug (EUW)
: TOP/ADC/SUPP Needed for ranked // Silvers
Lane: supp Top 3 champs: {{champion:89}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}} , hard to say really... Strenghts: I can make pancakes Weaknesses: bad mechanics, shit farm (hence supp :P) Age: 23 Rank last season: s4
Keewahn (EUW)
: G5 Preseason - Currently S3 LF DuoQ
I am bored and just wanna play the game. But if me being a bronzie is a problem, I get it. :)
: When chemistry beats numbers.
I love your writing! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Yes i did. Question is who are u and did u steal my baguette?
: Looking for support buddy for fun( and later rank?) Got all dem bot lane champions
: Looking for Toplaner and Support
"I hope you die, crying and alone in a deep, dark and cold hole, regretting your birth and cursing the gods." - You got me there :) I am supp (bronzie this season), I have skype and teamspeak. You can check my profile or just give it a try :) I can make pancakes. And eggs.
: Looking for support MushKill
Hi, I was silver last season, now I am just a bronzie :) I main support. I play seriously but like to have fun with my team while doing it. Kisses LaBaguetteat2O
: Hey main support with a huge champ pool here, add my ign below and we can talk more=) IGN = TurningTaylor
I am cuter support than this guy (sorry, poro > rose), you should pick me :)
: Recruiting for Silver League - UK players
Hi, I am silver support, 22 and almost Uk player (moving there in 2 days + I like tea). Does that count? :)
: silver/gold team player needed! - Let's do some awesomeness
Hcnnchs (EUW)
: Silver 5 looking for a duo
I can play, I can speak english and I can meow.
Kickapoo (EUW)
: Looking for DuoQ Support
meow labaguetteat2O le support
: Looking for a support player - Silver+
I main support (silver 4), can use skype, my english is understandable. I am 22, have too much time (for now), I can also make good pancakes.
swaggatlw (EUW)
: well that's a personal opinion and you haven't confirmed that yet :) but hey you cant go wrong with confidence
Oh you used smiley face, nevermind, I want to be your friend now! :)
Bullorus1 (EUW)
: Looking for some players who can all play together and have fun
swaggatlw (EUW)
: Looking for a team
For some reason you sound to me like a jerk with way too much confidence...
: silver 5 main adc looking for a mid bronze team ts3 available
Or you can make a team and invite me as your support :)
: Bonze/Silver Ranked Team looking for Players
: (EUW) LF silver+ players to hit gold together
: LF Duoq, i am main jungle. LF supp or mid user.
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