Uraraka (EUNE)
: You will get some reply like **"Oh! Thanks for reporting it or submitting a ticket. They will be punished very severely for being afk by giving them leaver buster. You will not be able to see whether they receive such cruel punishments. For report on intentional feed, they're just having bad game, they will be punished when they repeat it for 100th time."** Matchmaking isn't responsible for it, but lack of punishment for trolls/afk/feeders. Also, you need to improve your vision score a lot. You're not at all contributing anything to vision and I believe you're not tracking opponent jungler to counter jungler or counter gank or ping for team mates by this.
noting help when have a torll and unskilled player on team for sure ...
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Shozis (EUNE)
: You yourself have some lovely games where you went 0/13 5/11 2/12 1/10 0/11 etc. But of course only your teammates are bad and deserved to be flamed to oblivion.
what im 1/1 here you %%%%%% what you whnat
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