oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: does riot check intentionally feeding reports in silver and below
Players need to be relegated easier. Like me. You should look at it from the other point of view. A player wants to do well but just gets put against a tough player (probably smurfing) and can't do anything. The people on same team start to patronise or insult which makes things worse. This makes me think of a patch not so long ago where Riot wanted to make sure that games that are obviously over are over quicker, but also the confusing side of that patch was to make sure that a come back was made even more possible. Sounds complicated and un-achieveable. For you to carry on like it's so important best play League properly and join a team, solo que, as far I'm concerned should not be taken seriously... it's way too messy with random players.
: B S edit - Not British Standard, oh no!
%%%%ing hell, thats what Britain is good for, a bit of common sense, maybe riot should get the Brits to sort this game out.
: Can somebody explain to me why I cannot remake this game ? PART #2
: I just got flamed. For taking blue buff. In a bot game
play mute take what you want even a pee up mid lanes's tower.
: Definately handsome, I wanted a pyjama party Udyr, in his leather bondage kit.
: i want a skin with bald and shaved gragas
Definately handsome, I wanted a pyjama party Udyr, in his leather bondage kit.
Sëttt (EUW)
: A guy in-game and post-game & in a private chat real life threatening people.
Good thread man, as always you get people trying to diss you thinking they are clever. I believe you definately did the right thing. Well done.
: ofc. but the game has to be fun too. and its not fun to lose only because champions is way op. i think his w should have high cooldown. like say maybe 16sec cooldown. and then it is reduced by 1sec with each auto atk. maybe that would balance out his w.
I usually fight him using Illaoi it can go 50/50 who wins for me but he roams and gets fed, then I get fed up. Crazy when he roams, kills the jungler in river, then the midlaner, and comes back and kills me...... then he channels back to spend his gold! Ok, I went AFk (should'nt have done that) and thought "enjoy game guys I got better things to do".
Sefiroz (EUW)
: =)
Seen that video of sona mid lane, start with spell thief get gold for hitting enemy less for minions, roam like crazy. Good thread by the way, encouraging yet there could be a possibility that this Sona Mid lane is a real strong strategy right now. The video stated that a lot of high elo in NA are abusing this method. Again, I love your thread it is encouraging.
: Sett
Look on the brightside, because of this BS with new champions we can keep League of Legends for free, no guilt trips.
dmanghope (EUW)
: Is there a way to permanently stop toxicity?
I was a truck driver in London for a long while, I asked our calmest driver how to stay calm when someone cuts you up and you have to slam on the brakes with the load in the back. He said just slow down wait for them to disappear around a corner and they are gone into oblivion (same outcome as killing them really), you wont see them again. Afterall your getting paid per hour so no skin off your nose. Just stay calm, it works it's lovely and so is the mute buttons when pressing tab or on the interface section in settings. !!<(")> ahhh
: sett has is busted
I agree Sett is ruining the game. So is Caitlyn, Diana, and some people are going on about Ekko. When it's like that I like to play still, but for freeeeee (with a rolling Sett of R's) Have you fought Wukong yet? XD arghhhh
: autofill
Just press Fill and be brave, mute chat who cares!
Croffins (EUW)
So many money grabbers in my life recently too. Bloody horrible obscenities, they will trample on anything for the quick buck. Reminds me of that taxi driver who takes you the long way round for an extra quid! I'm like "take your quid but I'm not using your firm anymore." They tend to forget that there can be more money to be made treating things more like a marathon rather than a sprint.
Shamose (EUW)
: All chat is used when you begin your message with "/all" Even when all chat is turned on you won't be sending messages to enemies without using the prefix "/all"
Thankyou, much appreciated.
Rioter Comments
Lufakia (EUW)
: How to deal with so many smurfs...
Riot lets you play ranked at lvl 30. That is the time to start playing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I want Iron IV but got Bronze pants IV, believe you me they are bronzed too. Most players want to climb, I want to find a nice level I can play at as it's not good getting beaten to a pulp all the time with a few emotes and flames to rub it in. I play with chat off most of the time it's great fun.
MVNleague (EUNE)
: Nerf Lee Sin
Yeah! Nerf him... " NERF HIM "! {{summoner:11}}
: Can you, please nerf EKKO?
Fck yeah I agree. Like a witch hunt. Nerf him "NERF HIM" ooh ooh
: This game is completely disgusting.
{{champion:875}} {{champion:523}} {{champion:235}} AFK?
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Why am i only win streaking or lose streaking?
Sounds like a complete waste of time if your into climbing. I'm aiming for Iron IV, sooner the better, it's just that someone keeps carrying the bloody game and I get promoted... then flamed. Works both ways mate.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: When someone gets salty over something it means they like it. Otherwise people wouldn't give two flying faks. People who quit a habbit do it quietly and not with 10 page posts how their habbit / hobby sucks.
: game keeps crashing
load up practice tool and tamper with video settings "ONCE ON THE RIFT" not in the client. Make sure windows update is not set to auto, same with any other updates. I had league running on a 2006 pc last year with a 4:3 monitor. Graphics set to low too. But with windows 7 not getting updates now well I just know what can be done.
: season 10 is full of trolls nice game
Look at the new champions recently, they are all unbalanced, unfair, load of turds. Silly question why are there so many trolls.
: Why I Quit (subjective opinion)
Start Another account up, there's nothing else to do... I tried. League of Legends rules in all departments, even complaining about it is good. No shame in coming back from this one. Just come back and play drunk or something. A tune from the 90's "Best Part of Breaking Up"
Zedant (EUW)
: The game is getting radualy more nd more bugged
"************ ****** **** ********* XD *********" Balancing is terrible, I keep trying to find something as good to play but I can't! yet. Hope they bring no more champions out. I just give up so quickly against them, they bore me I bore them. !!<(")>
Proppa (EUW)
: Intentionally Throwing.
Maybe they are weak mid to late game.
: just played vs Top Senna and my question is
I hate the new champs, her range just makes me give up, stand behind tower and bore the living daylights out of her. She might win, but she might aswell of played practice tool. I think I done alright against her as Illaoi and maybe cho gath(maybe not) but that was when people were getting to grips with her. Been looking for a moan like this, thanks.
: People evading getting banned
I wonder if players a leaving? So they can't ban as there would not be enough of us left.
Shaebadu (EUW)
: Cant login
lucky you, this patch is so bad they are doing you a favour. hahaha


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