: and u can see here : http://www.nerfplz.com/2017/06/2017-best-champions-tier-list-solo.html Why is sona TIER GOD and nami only TIER1 :)
> [{quoted}](name=C9 FullFake,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=urz79ZWE,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-06-08T10:15:36.800+0000) > > and u can see here : > > http://www.nerfplz.com/2017/06/2017-best-champions-tier-list-solo.html > > Why is sona TIER GOD > and nami only TIER1 :) I gotta add this side to my bookmarks. Thank you =)
: In the POV of a support main... I think sona and nami, can be really good in different types of games (even tho i dont play any of them, imma try to explain why)... Sona players, most of the time build Full AP... {{item:2301}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3151}} , or something similar to this... That way, makes your team kinda, dont have a support, you know... I know, I know, you still have good heals and tons of damage... But stay with me.. So a nami with {{item:2301}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3504}} might actuallly be more usefull... Plus, she brings more CC, Her ult can still hit an entire team... Same goes for her Q (i guess its Q)... She gives On-hit damage to the ADC (wich is perfect) and she gives Heal and Mov Speed too... So in my oppinion, she brings a lot more to the team... (takes more skill too (imo), but in higher elos that might not be a problem) Sona can be good if you dont have any AP on the team... But if you already have AP, Nami is probably better... In case you didnt understand something, i can explain all again, just ask...
> [{quoted}](name=ImJanemba,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=urz79ZWE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-08T08:32:57.541+0000) > > In the POV of a support main... > I think sona and nami, can be really good in different types of games (even tho i dont play any of them, imma try to explain why)... > Sona players, most of the time build Full AP... {{item:2301}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3151}} , or something similar to this... > That way, makes your team kinda, dont have a support, you know... I know, I know, you still have good heals and tons of damage... But stay with me.. > So a nami with {{item:2301}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3504}} might actuallly be more usefull... Plus, she brings more CC, Her ult can still hit an entire team... Same goes for her Q (i guess its Q)... She gives On-hit damage to the ADC (wich is perfect) and she gives Heal and Mov Speed too... > So in my oppinion, she brings a lot more to the team... (takes more skill too (imo), but in higher elos that might not be a problem) > Sona can be good if you dont have any AP on the team... > But if you already have AP, Nami is probably better... > In case you didnt understand something, i can explain all again, just ask... When I play Sona, I never build full AP - because I always thought that's not my job as a support. I always go like: {{item:2301}} {{item:3158}} /{{item:3020}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3100}} (If I can get to my last item in time...) Do you think full AP she is more useful?
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jazionXD (EUW)
: Bronze (or new player) support group
If you need some help pulling this off, add me ingame! If you want to set up a forum/board or something, I might be able to help. I'm sick of player behaviour as well after a few horrible games last weekend - so I'd like a community one can play with without all the flaming.
Farce (EUNE)
: With such grammar level? Not sure bout that.
I would read it even if it's written with a bad grammar. I like playing support, but I think I still suck at it xD
: Hello there! You sound like me! I started in november and I did my 1st placements ever like month ago and I play supp. Feel free to add me in the game, or if you really wish to meet more nice people, check ethereal-gaming.com. I joined them when I started to play this game and I learned a lot here, you can even get coached by high elo players.
Hi Iressa! I just sent you a friend request in game. Thanks a lot for recommending this community, I will take a look at it right now. How did you find that page?
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Excandar (EUW)
: EZ = Eee Zee = Easy?
Yeah - this I got, but why is that so....impolite to say?
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: To those who say "GG EZ": A sincere Thank You [now with 60% more profanity]
As a non-native English speaker, can someone in here explain to me what this ez really means? I've been wondering for months now xD
Iao (EUW)
: Generally I reckon there are about 2 item builds you could reasonably go, namely the offensive and supportive. Each of them obviously has their pros and cons, and "signature" / recognizeable items. I'll go by them one by one. First off, before discussing any of the builds, Sona can go two supportive gold per 5 items, namely Coin and Spellthiefs. Generally Sona's will always build Spellthiefs, as it is easy to proc, helps a lot in the damage department and doesn't have a bad upgrade. However, when you feel like you'd need the extra health in lane or want the movement speed from the upgraded Coin, Coin could also work. Coin also tends to sync well with your E, giving your team a fair bit of engaging or disengaging power. However, the damage with Coin tends to be a little underwhelming, especially when you're used to Spellthiefs extra damage. You can play around with both of them and take whichever one you prefer most though. --- _I) Offensive_ As the name suggests, is a build that generally features high damage and supports an aggressive playstyle. You'll primarily build items that midlaners / AP carries would build, ignoring the more supportive path. The whole idea behind it is that you can become a sub-carry, not to mention that your heals/shields on W also become stronger with more AP. --- **Offensive pros:** * Features a lot of damage, higher capability to carry & influence the game * You become more important in lane, both with damage on Q and healing on W * High snowballing capabilities **Offensive cons:** * Jungler will most likely hunt you down, as you have damage but no survivability and naturally no mobility * Sona isn't and will probably never be a full-on carry, such as Brand or Zyra, thus there's a cap to your strength * ...High snowballing capabilities; when it goes wrong you become useless. As Sona is an item-reliant champion, especially towards the later stages of the game, she suffers heavily when she doesn't have those items * -Very squishy, everything can kill her and she can't tank anything. 1.1) Items that'd be iconic for an offensive build: [Sorcerer's Shoes](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Sorcerer%27s_Shoes): This is, in particular, about [Sorcerer's Shoes](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Sorcerer%27s_Shoes) vs [Ionian Boots of Lucidity](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Lucidity). As you'll read further on CDR is a stat that is valuable on Sona. However, as there is a 40% CDR hard cap combined with the fact that your items in this build already contain a lot of CDR, Sorc shoes tend to be superior. Going over the cap is wasting money, and going Lucidity will most likely result that. The passive on Lucidities, to reduce Summoner spell CDR, isn't worth that much. So if your build has more than 40%+ CDR already, then Sorcs are a no-brainer. Otherwise I'd still say Sorcs are superior, as the MPen is valuable in the laning phase, however that is up to preference. [Lich Bane](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Lich_Bane): A particularly good item on Sona, as it works really well in conjuncture with her Q-AA "combo", not to mention the fact that the stats are nearly perfect for Sona. She can make use of all of them, and the CDR and MS are always good stats to have on an APC. Just like champion such as Twisted Fate or Viktor, Lich Bane is extremely cost-efficient on Sona due to the fact that you actively make use of the passive. Due to its build path, especially the [Sheen](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Sheen) she wants to build this item early. Sheen is often thought of as a bad item for AP's as it scales off of base AD, and deals physical damage, however in the early game this is not true. The damage buff that it provides is significant in the early stages of the game, which makes Sheen a good item for Sona as long as the game hasn't progressed past 15 minutes. Due to the power of Sheen in the early game with a fall-off in the later stages it's the most cost-efficient to build this item early. This, like the morellonomicon, is built as second or third item. [Morellonomicon](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Morellonomicon): Gives a lot of CDR, AP and mana. All stats Sona can use, especially the CDR and Mana (regen, aswell, with passive). Normally you'd build this rather early, so after your support item or after your second item. The mana generally diminishes in value in the later stages of the game, and so does flat AP. That's why people normally don't build this last, and nor should you. --- _II) Supportive_ As the name suggests, is a build that generally features high peeling and supports a supportive playstyle. You'll primarily build items that benefit your team by giving them additional stats or restoring health. Most of these items are rather well-known for the supports, such as Redemption and Mikaels. The idea behind this build is to become the shadow of your carries, and make them shine as bright as possible. --- **Supportive pros:** * If done correctly you can make scary players or champions even scarier. * Generally it is easier and safer to peel for carries than to kill them. * Although Sona is item reliant, she isn't as item reliant with this kind of build. This means that even when you're behind you're still providing for the team. --- **Supportive cons:** * You're heavily reliant on your partner, whether he is a random or a premade. If he messes up big time it's hard to fix the situation. * Might not feel as rewarding or fun, especially when not premade with your carry. * It might be frustrating to deal little damage, and thus not be able to finish off enemies. --- 2.1) Items that'd be iconic for a supportive build: [Ardent Censer](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ardent_Censer): This item features great stats which Sona makes use of, without exception. The unique passive is also one that Sona can actively use due to how her kit works, which makes the item all the better. However, in my experience I've always found that this item is very susceptible to being all-inned. It doesn't provide any defensive stats, which makes it hard to stop an all-in from the opponent. Although generally a good item it's not of much use when you're dead. Mostly bought as second, third or fourth item. [Athene's Unholy Grail](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Athene's_Unholy_Grail): Again another item that works well with Sona's kit. The stats are mostly worthwhile, however Sona can't make very good use of the MR that the item gives. I'm personally not a great fan of building this item on Supports- it doesn't work too well in my experience- however it's great on paper. You generally only want to build either Ardent or the Unholy Grail. This item is generally built in the later stages of the game, so as third, fourth or fifth item. [Locket of the Iron Solari](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari): Although Locket probably features the worst stats it features the best active out of all the items in this list. The stats aren't bad on itself, however resistances have to be accompanied by Health to be cost-effective. This means that Sona has to build other items specifically to compliment this items stats, which she tends to not do. The active is extremely good for stopping burst such as Zed ult, and the active is an AoE. With a good use of the active you can block up to a few thousand damage, which is insane. However, as this item doesn't provide any offensive stats it doesn't help at all with pressuring your lane and is thus built later on in the game. You'd normally buy this as third, fourth or fifth item. [Redemption](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Redemption); Redemption is a god-tier item currently, featuring great stats and a great active for a low price. Although this item has a few cons, such as its build path not being optimal and it not giving too much pressure early game, its a must have for supportive support players. You generally want to use the active for healing rather than damage, as hitting enemies is tricky with the activation time. Generally this item is built rather early on into the game, as it can then be used for the rest of the game. [Mikael's Crucible](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Mikael's_Crucible): Mikael's is a great item for peeling, as it removes most of the CC, and gives them a hefty MS boost if it did remove CC. Although it is primarily features defensive stats, the active can be a game changer. Do note, however, that this item does **not** remove suppresses such as Warwick-, Malzahar- and Skarner ult. Generally built on in the later stages of the game, and as a niche item against certain comps that rely on their CC. [Zeke's Harbinger](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Zeke's_Harbinger): Ah Zeke's, what an underrated item you are. Although not all of the stats that this item gives are equally useful, such as a combination of Armor and Mana, the active is a gamechanger. Yes- it's hard to proc at the right time, especially with randoms, but boy can it be worth it. The AP can be used very well, however because it features Armor but no Health you'll need another Health item to compensate for the lack of health. I'd strongly recommend building this item with a carry you trust, as third or fourth slot. --- Two notes to finish it up: I) It should be noted that when going for the offensive build you normally take Ignite, whereas with the supportive build you'd normally take Exhaust. Ignite helps with pressuring the lane, but falls off later on. Exhaust stays relevant throughout the game, but it makes you more reliant on your laning partner II) It is unlikely that you'll only build items from one category or the other, as you'll normally build items from both. It is important to understand what each item offers and how builds compliment eachother though, and having a gameplan as to what you want to build that game often helps with building correctly. It, for example, makes no sense to build Lich Bane with four supportive items. It doesn't make sense either to build Locket without any health items- so try to come up with a few builds in advance, rather than making it up on the spot.
Wow, your knowledge and your time taken to answer a question struck me again. Thank you a lot for this huge amount of information you provided. For Example, I've never used Zeke before - but I'll definitely try that one. Thank you for reminding me of cat 40% CDR cap - I have heard that before, but I have to admit I am still forgetting things in game ^^' May I ask you what you generally think of Zz'Rot and Banner of Command? I guess they are both not working too well with Sona - But are they generally support items to buy?
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: I'm surrendering if I actually see the game is lost. If we have an AFK and they're extremely fed it's time to give up. I'm not surrendering when: 1. My team is in a 4v5 but we're stomping them regardless. 2. The first surrender vote failed and someone is spamming /ff 3. I see the enemy with low hp near Baron and one teamfight can win the game 4. Someone is toxic because of w/e reason. I'm gonna hold that guy hostage so he can't flame another 4-9 people in his next game that early.
Your fourth reason is the best! I like that. Should be holding people hostage some more.
Iao (EUW)
: You've gotten some decent advice so far, but I'll throw in my two cents for the hell of it. As you might've noticed yourself, teamfights are rather tricky due to multiple reasons. First off there's the fact that many things are going on at the same time, as teams finally coalesce. Missteps _really_ get punished, not to mention the fact that every role has their own, well, role to fulfill. Then, indeed second, we have the fact that you need to fulfill your role in these fights. Third, last but not least, you have to make fast decisions under high pressure, this point being a combination of all the elements at play. I'll start off by addressing these main points, as they're the most important, and then move onto some particular elements. (Sidenotes are at the very bottom) --- Like I said, many things are going on at the same time. This is where most people write **keep your cool** and **just do what you should do**, although I think those sentences come rather cheaply. My primary advice would be to keep it simple. When there is absolute chaos going on, aka your average teamfight, you have to focus on one thing and drop the others. Accepting the fact that you're not a good teamfighter currently, and that you won't be able to react correctly to the situation, is fundemental in improving, at least in my opinion. You seem to primarily play assassins (Noc, Kha and Rengar) so I'll try to explain what you should be actively looking for. Keep in mind that assassins are generally the hardest role to play correctly, as they die fastest. Tanks generally get you more into it, as mistakes are allowed and threading the line is easier. --- Assassins are (obviously) all about assassinating (key) targets. Do notice that I put parenthesis around **key** targets, as this is an important point that many players tend to miss. Your job is to assassinate players, if you can get off cheap by helping your backline kill their frontliner then that's completely fine, by matter of fact that's sometimes even preferrable. You feature high damage, but low survivability, so sticking with your backline and protecting them against beefier, less DPS characters is often a good way to get started. This becomes especially true when you notice that you either can't get to their backline due to peeling or because their DPS's can straight up duel you, after all you're no good dead. (1) --- # First off, creating oversight It is particularly important to have a plan previous to the fight. If you plan ahead of time you have more time to react to various situations, especially when you're still inexperienced or are struggling on the particular point of teamfighting. If you make it a "goal" to only fight their carry when he's completely out of position _and_ at low health, you only end up wasting very little time looking for opportunities on this target. Following through with this plan can be extremely beneficial, as you keep your eyes on the important bits of the teamfight, while still being able to react to opportunities to some degree. Accepting that you're coming on short, and thus won't be able to play it perfectly most of the time, is also fundemental. You will make plenty of mistakes and making mistakes is completely fine. Looking at streamers should also give you some level of clarity on what should be done. Although I disagree with this method fundamentally, it's undeniable that when you're stuck you sometimes need a "fresh" insight in how to play. Try to think about why they do the things to do, and how their playstyle differs from yours. If you want to be even more active constantly wonder about what you'd do, and compare it to what they do. If they do something completely different than you do, look at whether this is fundamentally different (fight instead of flee) or whether this is simply a variant of what you'd do (Flee right side instead of left side). Then try to look at whether your differences are systematic (You always flee when he fights, or you always fight when he flees, et cetera.) --- Although the last part went ever so slightly incoherent, I'll try to sum up the ways in which you can keep some kind of oversight in the chaos that is a teamfight. 1) Make a plan, and stick to it. (2) 2) Don't try to be a perfectionist. You're not going to do everything right, so you might aswell try to stick to one thing and do that one thing well, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. 3) Looking for help by watching streamers isn't something to be ashamed of. However, this does not help you at all when you're not actively trying to figure out what they do differently. I'd suggest following the steps as I wrote them down, but merely thinking about the why's and how's is just fine too. --- # Second up, knowing your role This one sounds very simple, and I'm sure everyone thinks they know their role. However, roles are dynamic. They are not static, as players differ, situations differ and champions differ. If you are better at peeling, even if that is with assassins, then it is non-sensical to force fights and play a risky high-risk high-reward situation. Especially not if the peeling has been working out for you so far. Try to figure out not only what your champion excels at, but also what you excel at. Then try to figure out what your opponents' champion excels at, and to a degree how he likes to play. These last two are rather advanced though, but they're note-worthy enough. --- Defining roles seems very simple on the surface, but like I've said previously it really isn't. Only fools think the essence of your playstyle will _always_ remain the same, regardless of the situation. This is why I'd suggest experimenting with playstyles, champions and preferences. Alas, getting to the point. In the first paragraph I already elaborated on the fact that the normal role of assassins is to assassinate (key) targets. I also pointed out that you're more useful alive than you'll ever be dead, which means that your sacrifice has to mean a lot to justify the death. --- Opportunities are normally the word you're looking for when you're playing an assassin, as you often don't have the survivability to engage a fight, nor do you have the sustain to stick around at any place in the fight for longer than a few seconds. Thus it normally ends up you picking an opportune time, especially on Kha'Zix, to jump in. This is very alike to how Katarina plays: both look for timings when the major cooldowns have been blown, as they just need one kill to either get out or continue their streak. Whether this kill be on a tank, support or carry doesn't even much matter. I'll refer to the (1)st side note again regarding what the ideal time for you to fight is. Sound reasoning and trial and error get you a long way, and since it's so case-to-case based it's hard to make any rule of thumb for it. If something doesn't work you have decent odds on it not working the next time, especially when you can **not** point at a certain cause for your death such as a blunder from your part. If you get outplayed then you can put decent odds on that you'll get outplayed next time, too. --- So to sum this part up 1) Roles are dynamic, don't play different games the same 2) If going for their carry doesn't work out the first time, you can put good odds on it not working out the second time either 3) You're not very useful dead, try to stay alive even if all you can provide is just the threat of you --- # Third and last, Making fast decisions under a high pressure environment, how should you go about it? This is pretty much a continuation of the first point, as planning correctly takes away a lot of the high pressure and will improve the speed at which you make decisions. However, that isn't all there's to it. I'll go ahead and assume one thing, and that's that teamfights will always be a high pressure environment for you. Experience tends to numb this down a bit, making you less susceptible mistakes that happen due to (too) fast reactions, but experience is relatively hard to come by. It's a pity there's not much advice to give here, as this is an issue that seems unavoidable. I'd propose two things, one being more supportive of the other. These two suggestions are: 1) Distancing yourself from the fight, especially as an assassin 2) Playing *your* game and not being influenced by others --- If you distance yourself from the teamfight, and as a plan have thought out that you shouldn't be joining the teamfight in the first five seconds, then you can lay back and see how it plays out for a bit. Not only are the biggest cooldowns blown at this point, but you also get a sense of calm over you as you're not joining in anyways until it dies down slightly. You will get a lot of backlash for this, as people see you alive and with full hp, however you shouldn't be too bothered by their comments. You're improving, and you're doing you. --- Ran out of character space. RIP. Hope this helps at all... If you've read it anyways. Long read, this is. (1)(As a side note, some sound reasoning or trial-and-error often teach you these things very quickly. If they have something like a Janna-Caitlyn, and you can't reach the Caitlyn no matter what, then you should only look for **opportunities** on a target such as Caitlyn. Whether this come in the form of her flashing towards you, wasting her escape tools, being chased around by your frontline or being completely out of position. Otherwise you should look for other targets. This could be, like said prior, their frontline or even their support.) (2)(Second side note, doing this will create some level of peace of mind, and give you something to systematically do. Playing systematically (Thus always doing the same, such as assisting your backline untill the opportunity arises to go for the carries if they're out of position) also makes it easier to improve can improve, as you notice systematic mistakes far more easily than you notice chaotic and random movement; it is easier to reflect upon.)
Not my thread, but I saw this answer and I really appreciate your posting!! Thank you for taking your time!
Catchdown (EUW)
: I found my true love in League of Legends number 2
Congratz! I did not meet my wife on LoL, but in another internet community. We met after a month, got together, married 9 months later and now we've been married for three years counting. Internet relationships can work out perfectly fine. Youo just have to be yourself and not somebody you want to be =) Good luck for you two!
: I played Sona a lot and i really like her. I use to build her as a tank + CDR , while opting for AP + CDR only if it's clear that the game is going to be an easy one. The reason is that, in mid and in late, skillfull use of E and R to get good engages are more important than damage through Q, and since in low elo is very likely for opponents to engage on whatever they see moving regardless of what it is, it's really fun to frontline as Sona, lure enemies to waste important skill thinking you are squishy, and reward them with a nice R in the face. It's amusing and works like a charm.
As someone who likes to play Sona, but still is new to this game: may I ask what items you chose for a tanky build? Thank you :-)
: You mean it ironic. The thing is this is reality just as much as i've seen players completely new to ranked going to silver5 with 2 wins out of 10 placements. Hard to explain why someone with 5/5 has to go from silver5 to bronze5 then.
This is why I don't even try my placements atm. I don't want to get ranked too high, facing all those plat players at the beginning of my first season.
: Why do people tell me what support to play?
Wow. I am astonished by the amounts of really helpful replies I got. Thank you all for taking the time to give me a lot of great advice!
Tiichu (EUW)
: You know what is worse than people telling you what to play? They pick a champion for you (because they are first pick) WITHOUT EVEN ASKING. IN RANKED. Because 'I pick an OP support for you and I wont need to worry about getting counter picked'. And in game, you are FORCED to play that champion, unless you dodge. And if you are unlucky, and doesn't play the champion well. They will FLAME you for playing poorly. Because 'It is your fault that you didn't learn to play xxx you noob!' That my friend... happens every now and then, luckily...not all that often. ^^
People DO this? Well, I really haven't been around long enough here... Wow. I'm speechless.
: I am a Thresh main, if you got any questions feel free to ask me :) He has a higher skill floor then a lot of other champions but he is fun and strong. If you look for easier tank supports to start with i would recommend leona or blitzcrank they are easier to play (although weaker in my opinion when you are good at them compared to thresh). Another option is Braum he is somewhere in between as far as diffeculty goes. As far as the rest goes, just play what you enjoy. This game should be about fun and if you prefer sona just play her :). It might help if you pick a champ that fits your team and more specific the botlane but it is no must. You better pick a champion your comfertable on then just 'the best' for that game.
I really do have a question about thresh :) What can I do with Thresh when I have a really well positioned enemy who basically has minions in between us all the time (walking to the other side when I try to surround the minions)?
: In the long term: You have to play adc a ton to become a good support. Plus something to help you understand why you should some times pick tanky support. Let's say your adc is immobile but has the potential to do tons of damage. Best example: Miss Fortune I had 100% win rate with MF when I had Braum support. Tanky supports have hard CC on their kits. If you play AP Support and you miss your skillshot it's over. Your adc is dead. If you play Braum all you need is an auto attack and the target that gets close to your adc is stunned and dead.
Every now and then I play adc (then I get a Sion support who kills Minions all the time *coughing*) because I feel comfortable on bot lane. I'm still crappy at doing huge amounts of damage though. ^^
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: I'm always adding the following short introduction, but I feel it is necessary to rate my level of expertise (which is low-ish): I don't often play normals or Summoner's Rift, but when I do, I main support. Now as for why people demand you to pick a tank. Imagine you don't and take Sona for example. She is a very suitable champion if you play a harrassment-heavy style, because her Power Chord passive can easily outtrade with enemy champions. However, she is "squishy" how many like to call it. If the enemy team is smart, they will focus on you in trades. If you have to leave the lane frequently to heal back up, or even get killed, you will be a lot worse regarding your role, because you will get delayed core items (for example very late Sightstone) and later level 2 ult etc. Also, you cannot roam to set up wards, because if any enemy member finds you setting up a ward at dragon and your team is not around, you will be fried alive or at least lose Flash. I believe this is the main reason why people tell you "it's lost" when you pick support Sona, because often she is the easy target to get kill gold and advantages from which snowball into a massive lead. But at the same time, it is also the reason why you do _not_ always lose, because if your opponents don't use that opportunity because they don't try or fail while trying, you can do well with her, because when equally levelled she _is_ strong in trades. So all in all -- although she has no skill shots except for her ult, which makes her prone to jokes like "you don't need skill for Sona" -- it requires a considerable amount of skill to thrive with Sona support, and once behind in gold and items, it can be difficult to come back. For tanks however, you have a bit of an easier time because you won't be focused as much, and if you are focused, it's more likely to be what your team wants. It is much easier to just run around and "annoy" people in team fights than to actually try to position for a good Crescendo before getting blown up by an Akali passing by before you can even get it off. Conclusion: I think mostly people ask you to go tanky because they are afraid of losing by you providing an easy target. It is difficult to "recommend" anything in this case. Try explaining them you feel more confident with a champion you know, than picking a champion you don't know. Unfortunately I guess what most people will answer is "nothing to know about it, just get tanky and peel". I suppose they will never accept that peeling is a skill you need to learn and not given to you by the champion you pick, but meh... However, I'd also advise to extend your pool with a tanky champ, not just to please your team mates, but also to learn how they work, which is an important part of learning how to play against them. I would recommend Leona -- build lots of health and resistances, keep an eye on your mana consumption, and if you are unsure, try to learn how to peel for a carry and then use your kit defensively instead of engaging, because the latter can be difficult to coordinate with random team mates. Some other good support-tanks are Thresh and Alistar, however these require a considerable amount of skill to be really useful (oh, the thousands of saves by failed Headbutt-Pulverize combos, knocking the enemy to safety). As a side node: another reason could be because they think "we need a tank", tanks are considered "boring", and they hope you do it so they can play the fun champions. People are selfish...
Thank you for that long post. I really appreciate your words - some of them of which I already thought when playing Sona, others who I did not really think about. :)
: Yeah Leona is a really good shout, relatively simple mechanics, But learning when the best time to engage is key really, I would also advise you try thresh, he's normally a favourite of a support main, not only is he a good pick in every team comp he's also really fun to play All respect lord thresh {{champion:412}}
I tried Thresh once and I absolutely failed - But you're right, he seems to be fun to play - Guess I gotta watch some yt videos of him as well and learn how to make a hook ^^
: {{champion:89}}
I'll try her. I've had her for about as long as I play LoL but I haven't played her once until now ^^''
: Heya, If you're a support main I would definitely advise learning a tank support so you can change to a tank when required. And they may ask you to change if they believe its bad for the teams comp but I wouldn't listen to other people in games too much though, Always better laerning wit your own judgement. I would suggest if the team hasn't taken a tank or somebody with good cc to play a tank champion with cc. A lot of people arn't so flexable when picking so you should be and it will be easier to climb the ranks. :)
Can you give me a hint on which tank support is a viable choice for a beginner here? I know there are a few but what would be not too difficult to learn (I don't talk about mastering ;) ) for a start? :)
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: New famous phrase of the game "I try to win"
I recently had a game where I had to play adc (I usually play support - but these days I somehow often get my second role...) and the guy chose Sion and I was fine with that, but he only killed 'my' minions all the time, did not protect me (I played mf) and engaged 2 vs 1 all the time while I just could not engage properly because I hardly got any minion kills so I was FAR weaker then the enemy team. No wards, no sightsone at all. When I tried talking to Sion I just got shut down ("Do your job, let others do theirs" - Well...). He always went under enemy turret and got killed over and over again. The game ended after pointless 40 minutes. I just could not make up for the "lost" minions all game.
47857 (EUW)
: How does Riot force you to play ranked ? I don't get it
By removing normal draft from EUNE. We in EUW do not share this problem.
: I7, 16gb of ram and maybe a bit slow, but not lagy at all for me :)
Same tech stats here but VERY laggy client.
KsaBrkan (EUNE)
: Client alpha feedback , the client is quite laggy
Lagging doesn't even describe how bad it is. I dropped out of champ select because I could not change my Masteries within 20 Seconds..... I'm so annoyed.
: Well this is the Riot player feedback system just being the Riot player feedback system. Firstly, the Rioter who replied to you probably didn't read chat logs, watch your game log, look into your teammates behaviour etc... This support Rioter probably just didn't read your ticket and just pasted his (or her) most generic, default reply to a support ticket. This reply probably works 90% of the time, but not in this case. Second of all, "your account was found to be affecting a lot of players negatively"... ~long pause~ ~coughs~ what about the ~cough~ huge number of ~cough~ extremely toxic keyboard warriors that play this game. Would I rather a Singed support who: gives me a few laughs, does Singed things, draw all 5 people behind inhib tower in a 5 minute goose chase around their base, and is *not toxic*; Orrrrrrrr... would I rather a self-centred lvl7 YAHSWOH (who thinks he's ArKaDaTa), Vayne (thinking he's Gosu's baby) or Riven (aka BoxBox stuck in elohell) main who: flames continuously, loses first blood- threatens to int- then ints aaannnnddd tries to do the Yasuo/Riven/Vayne 1v5 pentakill play after they're 0/20 from inting... Very. Hard. Choice. Thus I conclude the statement "your account was found to be affecting a lot of players negatively" utter and complete Alistair-Yasuo. "Whilst playing Singed support isn't inherently bannable, refusing to communicate with your teammates is." Wait a second. Fire. This. Rioter. Haven't Rioters repeatedly since the beginning of time said we DON'T have to type in chat. It's OPTIONAL for a reason. It's O.P.T.I.O.N.A.L. If this Rioter actually means this, and I mean ACTUALLY, not just he copied and pasted this without thinking...he is going against fundamental Riot Games theodicies. Anyway, what does he mean by "refusing to communicate with your teammates is." Does he mean: yasuosweatlordminecraftrobloxmemer: "HASAKKKKKIIIIIIHHHHHHH SINGED WHAT U DO. IDIAT TROL 3 STRONK 5 ME Y U NO PLAY MALPHITE SUPPORT SINGED SUPPORT REPORT ALL REPORT SINGED TROLL OREKADESOHHHHH"... singedsupportplayer: [says nothing]. riven1v5pentalordadrianrivenstuckinelohell: "GNIYUHHHHH SINGED NO ROAM TOP LVL2 SINGED TROLL NOOB REPORT ALL REPORT SINGED NYIUHHHHHH" singedsupportplayer: [saysnothing] typicalvaynemain: "AHHHUUUUUUHHHNNNNN SINGED TROLL SUPPORT REPORT MY SUPPORT NO SPOONFEED ME KILLS NYUHUUUUUUUUHHHHHGGGNNN NOOB SUPPORT NOW I HAVE TO SOLO CARRY EVEN THOUGH I CANT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY SUPPORT LIKE A TYPICAL VAYNE MAIN" singedsupportplayer: [saysnothing] It's highly likely his team were flaming him...he might have said a few words...and that was apparently refusing to communicate ...(even though it's an optional thing...) Also, would I rather a first time Azir in my ranked games, or a support singed main. If this guy is a specialist at support singed, and has the games under his belt, I would welcome him. I would still welcome him regardless because he is entitled to play what he wants. Then what about all the people who type nothing in chat...or /mute all at the start of the game...or don't spam ping. That would probably be classed as "refusing to communicate" yet they don't get banned, PRECISELY BECAUSE the only bannable offences are: "Unsportsmanlike conduct: passive aggressive, negative chat etc.; Verbal abuse: Harassment, flaming; Intentionally feeding: trolling, assisting enemy team; hate speech: homophobic, racial; inappropriate summoner name (and a few more that are truly irrelavent)". "Refusing to communicate" is NOT bannable. Nor is "not buying sightstone" nor taking smite on support. Granted, it is off-meta, but playing off-meta picks is not bannable. If so, then Riot should properly implement a ban for not playing things that are God tier. Furthermore, this Rioter is implying that you can only do such things with a group of friends................................................................................................................ I've played Darius support full ad, Sion support full movespeed, Ezreal support hybrid. It worked, it was fun. But even if it doesn't go so well, AS IF this vayne main doesnt feed once in a while, AS IF this yasuo main doesnt flame once in a while. You get my point. Basically, the mindset these idiotic teammates PUT THEMSELVES IN is what causes them to tilt. It's their OWN PERSONALITY and therefore their OWN fault that they tilt. NOT because of this singed support. The whole point is to have fun- it's a game, a lot of people forget this. A game, not your A-Levels, not your degree coursework, not your make-or-break opportunity at work. It's a g.a.m.e. Anyone can play whatever they like. Anyone can build however they want. Anyone can do whatever they like. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Riot, seriously. If you want to control the meta, just full out announce that you will. However, don't do these sneaky, underhand things without properly justifying yourself. I think I've covered all bases. To take away: Everything this Rioter said is complete utter Alistair- Vayne {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} DISCLAIMER: Any keyboard warriors who want to flame me for "having no life" go ahead, I really don't care.
Hope to meet you ingame one day. On my side of the rift. Great thing you've written there!
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Let me guess, it was something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP0m3KmK7os
Why haven't I seen this yet? Are there more videos like that? xD
: But is it gone for good? This wasn't mentioned anywhere I think. I played both queues. Blind when I didn't care what role i got and didn't have much time and draft when I wanted to play a specific thing. I'm not a fan of ranked and played a lot of normals.
someone posted this link here: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/how-rank-2017-season
: Ultimate skin is the highest tier of skins, costing 3250 RP. They are rarely made (Pulse Fire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr and DJ Sona are three already released ones and arent yearly). These skins have multiple models and top tier (at their respective time(sorry PFE)) sound, voice and visual effects. When acquiring an Ultimate skin, you also get a summoner icon/s, summoner banner and the in game champion icon is changed to the more appropriate one (in Elementalist Lux video, her icon was different and it changes, depending on what Element you have).
Thanks a lot, this was really enlightening! Now I get why there is such a hype about Lux.
QneL (EUW)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEgxV-RTiPY
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I think unranked players are initially given around silver elo. Frustrating, I know, but the system has to try them out somewhere - just remember it's only one game out of many.
This explains why I always get matched up with silver/gold even though I am unranked (and yet we are not losing every game because of me, even though I always am the most unexperienced player in both teams).
Rytia (EUW)
: If you want good ADC Videos here is one adc mains youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnJZa7v3YI5OzOCZOWLRheA/videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1Pbk_coK4I also tyler1 is good adc with draven
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: There is Playmaker which is exactly this coming next preseason. :D
Rioter Comments
: I love meta players who failed though.2 days ago in a ranked game we got a vayne top with exhaust.Enemy's top picked gnar and their jungler was hecarim.She ended up with a 2/19/3 score.Although mad at her i actually laughed hard. Heca and Gnar were diving her under tower non stop and where laughing at her xD.Ofc our jungler never ganked her.She gave Gnar first blood for free without reason because she just wanted to 1 vs 1 him from lvl 2.She had 0/5 in 9 minutes.
I am wondering whether I played with the same Vayne in Normals xD (Probably not, still... ^^)
Declined (EUNE)
: A Guide to Understanding the Dynamics of Bot Lane.
Just wanted to leave a small thank you note! I really appreciate this guide and all those links to other helpful information. Great work!
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings NoSunToday, The subject of ks, is mostly seen as a nuisance to many, but in truth, there are very few clear cases of ks. There are a few things to consider. 1. If someone kill an opponent, without receiving aid from anyone, the total amount of gold is actually lower. This is because the people who supported you, receives a prize as well, considering +50% of the total gold value (if I remember correctly). So it is actually beneficial for the team if you go in and participate, even if it just a basic attack, and if that basic attack, spell or whatever you use kills the opponent so be it. 2. It's more important to keep your teammate alive, so unless you can spoon feed them the kill, without endangering you (or them), then they should be thanking you for keeping them alive, compared to complaining about not getting the kill. If it's not either of those two scenarios, then I wouldn't worry about it, what matters is that you get ahead as a team and work together. But if you take a penta because you can.... well then I'm not surprised if people suddenly don't like you.
I didn't even know your first point about the gold - thank you for stating that out. Like I said, I'm still new here. And I am farther from a penta than I can measure - with any champ at the moment xD
Farce (EUNE)
: KS. Doesn't. Exist. In. This. Game. Even in a scenario where someone were fighting and left his enemy at 1% health, your auto killing him is actually a good thing. Your ally gets an assist while you get a kill, thus increasing gold income of the team by 150. People flaming for KS are just those who play for KDA and/or are egocentrics thinking they "deserve" it. KS is a thing in MMORPGS maybe, when someone lasthits a mob or enemy just to steal loot from it. In a game where both of you get the profit tho? Naaah.
I like this thought. But I am one of those ppl who do not care about KDA at all. I like teamplay. The faster the enemy is dead, the better.
Smerk (EUW)
: Who said that supports can't take the kills? You shouldn't save your spells trying to get that last hit, but in a fight you should not bother about ksing, kill is a kill no matter what. Never stop attacking if there is risk that someone will die in your team. You did good there, in all three situations. Same goes for warding, if he engaged alone and died than it's his own fault. Don't bother explaining things to him, such people never learn
Thank you. Usually I try to harass with Q on {{champion:37}} but back off when the enemy is low on health so my adc can take the kill - so no, I do not save my spells intentionally.
tortsY (EUNE)
: U did nothing wrong some adcs just get pissed off when someone steals "their" kills. When u go warding it is OK but I think you shouldn't go far away from your adc if u aren't sure that she can manage some time alone in the lane :)
I actually thought she could survive - I guess I should not take that for granted ^^'
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: Your biggest mistake - the chat.
This is what I tried to tell my teammates today when they were fighting because of a guy that just trolled toplane because he did not want to play jungle. We lost the game eventually even though we did not start out too bad - but they pinged and spammed in chat all over so not only they were distracted but the other teammates could not concentrate on fighting either. I - and I've only been playing for a month - have already realised that I am likely to make more mistakes while trying to write something in chat. So yeah - you're right. Hope some other people will start thinking about that as well.
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