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This is magnificent and fixes my ruined day.
: Black Client
Yup, me too. I queued up for a game, someone dodged. I tried to cancel the queue but couldn't so i closed the client instead and re-opened. Now, like you, I have a black screen without anything.{{champion:56}}
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Qiyana and Arcade Event
[But timezones](https://puu.sh/DLR5c/63ca5ab3af.jpg)
Hansiman (EUW)
: And who would update the PR guy? Regardless of how many extra people you include in the chain, eventually you will be needing technicians to take time away from the issue to provide updates. The community manager, and PR employee, still has to get their information from somewhere.
Why would you keep asking redundant questions? Are you trying to make friends...?
: But tryndamere will almost never gonna join in a teamfight because he is a splitpusher.At least this is what 4 out 5 tryndameres are doing in my games and have very good performance no matter if they are 0/3 or 3/0 split pushing is split pushing . Old {{champion:83}} r was a problem too.
I get what you are saying, but that doesn't mean it's fair a champion can just press ZZ'Rot and R on CD** for the extra pushing power (+additonal ghouls) and straight push 3 towers and inhib at 12 minutes? Understand that this was a 2v2 scenario. Me + my jungle vs a yorick with zz'rot + his jungler. Turret armor means litterly nothing. So the new way to play is to just permaban yorick+nasus+tryndamere ever game just to have a healthy game? That doesn't sound fun to me at all. Or should we just play 3-1-1 the entire game once the enemy team has a yorick in their team that builds a ZZ'rot. **: With this i mean, he just presses R, he has no reason to press R. He's in no danger and didnt need the damage to defend himself, or kill me. He just presses it once it's up and A-clicks tower with demolish.
: tryndamereexcept with ghouls and a bit more fun
Tryndamere still requires a brain to play since you die in 5 seconds if you do it wrong. If i go 0/3 in lane as tryndamere i'd have to farm 20 minutes to even be relevent.
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Nah wont happen, better nerf irelia.
skinTDM (EUNE)
: Earning blue essence is a pain in the ass
Lets be real here people; the whole blue essence crap is nothing but a ploy to make you feel impatient, thus raising the likelyhood you will buy RP to get a champion. Combining IP + BE to make it easier, yeah right. <ô>
Shuxan DS (EUNE)
: riot do what they wants, not what we want, so there is no point of posting it, they will not even look at this post im sure
Thats fine, i have the draft in a notepad. There is always tomorrow.
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: You are making a little mistake: What you describe here is not the experience of a new player. It's the experience of a smurf. Riot is able to identify smurfs very quickly and matches them with other smurfs. While some smurfs create their account to play with friends, some others do it because their main got banned or because they enjoy stomping new players. In other words: Many smurfs are not exactly the most positive players in the community (euphemism!). If your friend would have played alone, the amount of smurfs he is facing would be much lower. You rarely see actual newbies complaining a lot about the community...but you see smurfs doing that quite often. That's no coincidence. Under normal circumstances newbies face other newbies most of the time and there is very little flaming. But if a newbie plays with a smurf friend, he will face many other smurfs, i.e. more potentially toxic players. TL;DR: Your thread title should be "I feel sorry for smurfs"...because what you see on your smurf is not the actual newbie experience, it's the smurf experience.
Everytime someone starts a spectacle of drama in the game i just try to remember what i read in a book: Law 22: Use the surrender tactic: transform weakness into power · When you’re weaker, never fight just for honor but surrender · Do not give them the satisfaction to win, surrender · Turn the other cheek to infuriate them My reasoning for this being; every person who flames you in all-chat or party chat (just mute them, by the way) is just venting his frustration onto the next person because he/she is unable to cope with their feelings. Do NOT give those kind people the statisfaction to recover from their feeling in a negative way, that just feeds them more. Let those people cook inside of their own anger, yes you might lose that game (or already lost it anyways, depending on the situation) but at the very least, this way, you can remain calm. Or even, as some guilty pleasure, think about how that person is going to ruin his mood for the rest of the day over a videogame. Thats my 2 cents

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