: Legendary Snowball - what did You guys get? :)
Dragon Trainer Trist > Siren Cassiopeia. Which was the only Cassiopeia skin I didn't own. iaintevenmad.jpg
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: I am talking about the 3 new items, I don't know why would anyone NOT get the new items if they are concerned about vision.
Ah, my bad. I misread your comment. Thanks for clarifying it.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: A sightstone carries 4 wards, not 3 , you can only have 3 placed at a time, but it carries 4 charges. My warding as a mid laner won't be anywhere near the support's warding. 2 wards and a pink vs 4 wards, a pink and a sweeper.
Correction: it HAD 4 charges. In the pre-season, they nerfed it to 3 charges and gave Ruby Sightstone 4 charges (I forgot on the other 3 items; I think they still only have 3).
: GP Skin Disappeared
Send a ticket to support. Here's the link: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us Hope you'll get your skin back. :)
: Which Skins did you get!?
Left to right: El Tigre Braum (30% - not buying; prefer Dragonslayer). Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao (50% - not buying; not a fan of it). Commando Garen (50% - not buying; I got my personal favorite already, which is Rugged Garen). Artic Warfare Caitlyn (50% - not buying; I rarely play Cait and I dislike that skin). Urf the Nami-tee (70% - bought as it's my favorite Nami skin). Silent Night Sona (20% - bought, because it's awesome).
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Dr Sup (EUW)
: phrase meaning (not related to league)
From what I understood on some of them (not saying they're accurate, just how I always figured they meant): SOUND OF SILENCE: You've been around loud noises (e.g a concert) for a long time so when it finally turns quiet, you enjoy "the sound of silence" because you give your ears a chance to relax. Basically, you go from something chaotic to something peaceful and calm. SHEATH YOUR SWORD ONCE IT'S OUT: Are you fighting an impossible enemy? Stop fighting. Defend and wait for your enemy to give up. From the top of my head, there's 2 prime examples of this in video games: FINAL FANTASY IV: CECIL vs DARK KNIGHT: You can deplete his HP (he got 4500-ish), but it'll take **forever** as you'll deal like 100/blow and need to keep your own HP up (you got 600). Or you can just defend for ~3 turns, thus winning automatically. FINAL FANTASY V: VS MIME: You can't deplete this guy's HP. Well, you CAN if you cheat or some such. But otherwise, don't do **anything** for a while and you'll win by default. "What a strange game. The only winning move is not to play," is one way of looking at it, too. NIGHT IS DARKEST RIGHT BEFORE DAWN: Exactly what it sounds like. "Light at the end of the tunnel" is a similar metaphor; basically, it's been rough/hard/dark for a very long time and right before it all turns around for the better, it's when you've hit rock bottom; from this point onward, it can only get better. WORLD IS VERY BEAUTIFUL, BUT ALSO VERY CRUEL: Again, exactly what it sounds like: While the world is beautiful (in a variety of ways; be it nature, people, animals etc), it's also a very cruel and unforgiving place. Basically, if you're not ahead or get assistance somehow, you're doomed (thus the cruel part). The world doesn't give a shit who or what you are. "You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper", as Robert Harris once said, holds true to this statement.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Its like whenever he presses enter to open chat, word "report" automatically writes. Yes this kind of behavior deserves perma ban. Telling people to report someone is one of most toxic things someone can do. Its annoying to ally team, his victim, his opponents,minions, jungle and baron. Respecting or not respecting pick order is not against rules. So he was abusing poor Ziggs for no reason, blackmailing and threatening him. Ye , noone wants him in this game.
> [{quoted}](name=alasarcher,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ora0TLJp,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-12-11T07:56:54.542+0000) > > Its like whenever he presses enter to open chat, word "report" automatically writes. > Yes this kind of behavior deserves perma ban. > Telling people to report someone is one of most toxic things someone can do. Its annoying to ally team, his victim, his opponents,minions, jungle and baron. Respecting or not respecting pick order is not against rules. So he was abusing poor Ziggs for no reason, blackmailing and threatening him. Ye , noone wants him in this game. Now you're just rude. You didn't include the poor Dragon or Rift Herald in this. :(
Hyëna (EUW)
: So I just got a 14-day ban for being attacked and abused for 25mins.. gg Riot
You literally go from being calm to being passive-aggressive. At that point, you're no longer defending yourself; you're literally dropping down to their level. Which is what they want. If your team starts flaming you, put them on mute and gank whereever possible. Is bot losing because they won't ward and keeps pushing? Forget them. Win the other 2 lanes instead. It's better.
: NEW MAP! --- The Mountain Falls
First of all: I have no idea how your math checks out, because 800+800+600 = 2200. How you get that to 2300 is beyond me. Other than that, I have little opinion on it; while it seems interesting, you mention "some Summoner spells are removed"... Then list all of the ones that's available on SR. So... Where are the removed ones? Teleport? Okay, other than that? I honestly can't see any. Clairvoyance and Clarity is already removed from SR; Garrison is Dominion only anyway... I apologize if it seems as if I offend you; 'tis not my intention, but I have little interest in this personally. I'd probably try it out a few times, but likely not something I'd care much about.
: If YOU were a champion in LoL..
Type: How the skill works (e.g it's an AoE, it's a support skill e.g heal etc) Range: What the skill range is. Note: this is a 'had I been in the damn game' thing; don't complain. I warned you. Noibla, the Wanderer: PASSIVE: Silent Wrath Every 30/25/20 seconds (1/7/13), Noibla strikes the enemies throats, silencing the enemy hit for 1.4/1.5/1.6 seconds. He deals 20/30/40% more damage to a silenced enemy. Q: Clear Sight Passive: Noibla passively gains +12/14/16/18/20% more total AD Effect: An area around Noibla is revealed for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 seconds. Reveals Stealthed enemies (not wards) for 0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1 second(s). Revealed units are slowed by 30% (all levels) for 0.5 seconds. Type: Support Range: 1500 Cost: 30 at all ranks. CD: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. W: Broken Will Effect: Noibla enhances his next autoattack, dealing +40/60/80/100/120 (+0.6 total AD) flat damage and +6/7/8/9/10% enemies max HP bonus physical damage and slows the enemy for 2 seconds (50/55/60/65/70%). Type: Self Range: 125 Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 CD: 16/14/12/10/8 seconds E: Bone Crusher Effect: Noibla leaps to the target area, stunning any enemy struck for 1 second. Upon impact, enemies in the center takes 80/110/140/170/200 (+0.8 total AD) damage. Type: AoE Range: 600 Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 CD: 20/19/18/17/16 R: Wandering Thoughts Effect: Noibla silences all enemies in a target area for 1.3/1.6/1.9 seconds and deals 150/225/300 (+0.4 total AD) damage. Type: AoE Range: 2300 (cast range: 1500) Cost: 150/200/250 CD: 110/100/90 Intended roles: Top or jungle. If I'm going with in-game stuff: PASSIVE: Blood Well (Aatrox) - Free extra life! Q: Blinding Dart (Teemo) - I don't like you. Go blind. W: Feral Scream (Cho'Gath) - AoE silence? Well why not! E: Eye of the Storm (Janna) - Shielding turret, ally or myself. Why the shit not. R: Mimic (LeBlanc) - I don't like 2 of you. Both go blind. OR I get an extra AoE silence for a TF. OR I can double protect my turret/allies/extra AD them.
: What not to say if you are losing a game
If people start a flame war, I just say 'let's not play the blame/flame game'. If THAT doesn't help, I just stay silent for a few minutes, then say it again if I notice it starting to escalate. If it AGAIN doesn't help, I just stay silent for the rest of the game until either team loses (at which point I just say 'Good game well played all' - if either team had someone who went AFK/intentionally fed, I'm either saying 'well played' or stay silent). If someone says 'why' if I died (e.g was towerdived and my Flash/other escapes are on CD/I'm OoM), I just stay silent.
Durnahzor (EUW)
: After Paris atacks in my champion select...
"The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog." - Mark Twain. That perfectly sums up my thoughts whenever I read people being this stupid and/or toxic.
Meto The (EUW)
: what matters is that it made a problem did he do decent on mid? did you regret picking sup?
Had he told me in champ select "do you mind if I support, I can't mid," I'd have let him, no questions asked. He did poorly in mid (at the very least, he did warn us) but not comminucating beforehand *really* hurts the team. A lot.
: When I wait 15 seconds for Mr. Silence to pick, its not "instalocking" any more.
I've had that problem a few times. Last time was in one of my last ranked games. Our open roles were mid and support. Me and another guy were last picks and he didn't say anything, so I decided to be kind and wait for him to pick something. 16 seconds left (I'm not joking), I pick {{champion:201}} and lock him in. 4 seconds left and the other guy locks in {{champion:105}}. First thing he says in-game: "I can't really play this lane". ...So wait, instead of telling me that in champ select so I could have gone mid instead of you, you decide to... Remain silent. ...Why?
Pokku (EUNE)
: This is the part of the [Terms of Use](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse) what Riot is using to justify the name change. >V. CODE OF CONDUCT L. Selecting a Summoner name that is falsely indicative of an association with Riot Games, **contains personally identifying information**, infringes on the proprietary or non-proprietary rights of third parties, or that is offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable. You may not use a misspelling or an alternative spelling to circumvent this restriction on Summoner name choices. Riot Games may modify any name which, **in the sole and exclusive judgment of Riot Games**, violates this provision without further notification to you, and may take further disciplinary measures, including Account termination, for repeated violations; or (I don't know why that last "or" is there; it doesn't seem to refer to the next paragraph, either.) One reason to change "Project 1993" would be "1993" which could refer to personally identifying information (such as one's year of birth). Yet, the number 1993 can mean so many other things that it doesn't justify the change. However, Riot can judge as they wish as stated in the terms. Another thing I can think of is that "Project" is used in the recent skins, which could be "falsely indicative of an association with Riot Games." Nevertheless, I believe you chose your name before those skins, and "project" is a regular English word. All things considered, I don't see any viable reason to change the name "Project 1993". This is not the first time I hear that Riot has made a mistake which their Customer Support won't revert. Furthermore, I find their way to handle forced name changes quite poor from what you have described. First, they choose it, which I have never heard any other company do, and they don't give a free name change to fix it. Their pretendendly "free" name change isn't quite free when you have to play 50 games.
"One reason to change "Project 1993" would be "1993" which could refer to personally identifying information (such as one's year of birth)." That honestly makes no sense, should that be the reason. A friend I used to have had "1986" in his name (though he was born 1990). "1986" just refered to when his older brother (who had passed away) was born. He later on changed his name (because he felt like it) but kept 1986. Riot never made a complaint about that back then. I'm not saying your argument is invalid, I'm just saying it'd be a stupid reason. Had it been like: 1990-08-16, THEN I can understand it (as that might be your date of birth; if it is, happy (belated) birthday buddy! And to anyone else who might be reading this post!) However, I have seen a TON of people having numbers in their names, such as 93, 91, 95 etc... Why are those allowed when "1993" isn't? Frankly, that argument wouldn't hold water. If they think he's referring to a horrible project, THAT would be another story (e.g some mass genocide event called "Project 1993"; from the top of my head, there has been no record of any such event, however.)
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: [BUG] Is Summoner Spells cdr capped for 15 % or have i just found a bug?
I vaguely recall reading that if you pick the Masteries, {{item:3158}} won't give you the CDR. If you pick {{item:3158}}, the Masteries won't give you the CDR. I'm not sure how much of that is true, however.
: What if I play and demote between 11 nov and 17? as diamond 5
If you were Diamond 5 at 00:01 November 11, you get Diamond rewards. If you were Plat 1 at that point, then you'll get the Plat stuff.
: New graves + Infinity edge = 10 shots. Crit damage = more shots?
IIRC, it's like this: He'll shoot 4 shots (normal) Crit doubles that (8 shots) He then shoots +2 shots due to Infinity Edge making crit damage become 250% instead of 200% (so 50% extra due to IE giving 250% damage from crits instead of 200%). So from how I understood it, 10 shots is max. Sorry buddy. :(
yapla (EUW)
: Demotion after 11th???
I'd say don't play until it starts up again. If you're Gold V or above at 00:01 tomorrow (November 11), you'll get your rewards. Regarding your demotions worries: Do you play against Silver V people (like, a lot)? If so, you should worry about demoting. Do you play against Silver IV or higher people? Then don't worry. Unless you play against Silver V people (and lose), you won't get demoted.
: Well, if i'm mid in this game i'm sure as hell not saying anything either, would probably be a waste of time anyway. But then again, i rarely say anything in game anyway.
I rarely speak either; I mostly rely on pings to comminucate or say "good job" or similar. My problem with the mid was not warding (ever). My mid laners would (on average) put down 1.6 wards. Per game.
: Yes, there is a time when the jungler needs to take a break from farming.
I've seen junglers that got good pre-6 ganks (e.g Xin Zhao or Vi) that keeps farming until lv 6... And then continue farming... And got a {{item:3707}} (any of the variations, really, my point is it being the Warrior upgrade)... Despite a lane or two being pushed and could easily win it if they got a gank and the enemy got killed. But no. They keep farming. For some reason. The only time I AFK-farm in jungle is if I have bad ganks ({{champion:102}} and my {{summoner:3}} is on CD, for example; even then, I try to help out by running up behind the enemies and use my ult to push them towards our turret). Or if my entire team (literally) is pushing, winning and keeping it warded, meaning that ganking is meaningless at that point. A game I had the other day was pretty 'fun': We had a {{champion:35}} jungle. Who went {{item:3710}} (note: it never turned into a {{item:3930}} - I'm serious. The game lasted for 38 minutes and the person was lv 4 as Shaco; when I checked his match history, it turned out that he mostly played Shaco in ranked and had bad K/D/A, such as 1/9/2 with 12 CS and lost the game and similar). My lane was Jinx+Braum vs Ashe+Sona (I was Jinx). Me: Hey Shaco, we'd need a gank down here (they pushed hard and my Braum had problems with his internet; it got better later, thankfully) Shaco: *ignores me* *Fast forward ~3 minutes* Me: Shaco, can we please have a gank? Shaco: no Me: Why not? Shaco: becuz shaco is bad at ganks Me: ...You can do lv 2 ganks as Shaco... Shaco: no his pre-6 is weak (Shaco was lv 6 at this point. And hadn't ganked a single lane. And his ult was up.) Me: You're lv 6, so can you gank us? Shaco: ult cd (He **literally** used it when I asked for the gank and kept AFK-farming; he got Devourer ~13 minutes into the game and when he got it, he never took the large monsters. He ended up with 16 stacks; 10 from the 2 Dragons we took, which was his one good thing, and 6 from Rift Scuttlers). Post-game: SHACO: wtf dis team so heavy cant carry (note: 0/12/1; he kept being caught solo in the jungle or tried to 1v2 or 1v3 w/out his ult) BRAUM: You didn't gank any lane, either... Ever. SHACO: i said pre-6 shaco ganks are weak YASUO (enemy): LOL srs? Shaco got epic ganks at lv 3! SHACO: i play 3k+ games with shaco pre-6 his ganks are ghey YASUO: ive only played Shaco maybe 50 times and i could easily gank at lv 3! SHACO: k ignored u annoy me trash Yeah... It was weird. Then I've seen people with weak pre-6 ganks (and no red buff!) that tries ganking (such as Warwick ganking at lv 3). Warwick: *Pings 'On my way' to bot* (I was top in that game) Me (thinking): He's lv 3... Got red buff? ...No? Uh... *Pings him back because bot was pushing anyway* Warwick: *ignores me, tower-dives and dies, giving away FB and letting enemies hit lv 4, causing in a massive snowball effect* (Yes, I'm serious; all that happened from one bad move) Warwick: wtf why no follow??? Tristana: WW got bad pre-6 ganks Warwick: k ignored this trash team (He then AFK-farmed in jungle for the rest of the game, never helping out in teamfights, never counter-jungling, no nothing...) I'm not sure why people think that they should AFK-farm, especially if they got strong CC (or ganks in general) pre-6 (Sejuani), powerful dueling power (Xin Zhao) or fast ganks (Shaco). I've been flamed for farming (as Warwick) while all lanes push for not ganking... Then when I DO gank (w/ my ult), people won't follow up and blame me anyway ("WE WERE OOM TRASH"... They literally just came back from base).
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: +28 for short game It's on the right tracks.
: Mine is... a bit gone rogue... can jump between 20-32+ and 14-20 - .
Yeah, if you're on a winstreak, you should be in Gold V after about 6-7 wins. Hope you'll get there. :) (Silver 2 personally; only did the first 10 games and didn't care afterwards).
: I m gold 4 but i wont get any rewards due to a ban in august lol sad moments
If your ban ended before August 10 (August 9 23:59 at latest), you'll get it. If it ended after that, too bad. :(
: From S1 0LP that would be minimum... durrr.... 7 wins... am I right? I hope, I'm right...
Depends on your MMR. Do you gain like 25-30 LP for a win and lose maybe 6? Then it's 6-7 games at most (if you're on a win-streak). Do you lose 30 and gain 5? You are doomed. Sorry buddy. :(
: > vi has a cooldown to break someones armor No that doesn't have a cooldown... you can proc it as many times as you like... you are only limited by how quickly you can apply stacks to people.
While you're correct, I'm just adding this: it's her passive (shield) that has a CD, not her W.
: i think this will be next seasons matchups: Riven, Garen, kennen, yasuo, lee, zed, aatrox, vladimir, rengar + low mana cost champions for mid
Sounds pretty accurate, to be honest...
: would you gank the 0-4 bot lane that is harassing you about how everything is your fault..?
I'd put them on ignore, then say "given how you guys can't play safe, I'm ignoring you and gonna help the other lanes".
: Galio is OP and should be played more often
Unless your opponents are AP heavy (e.g Heimer mid, Vlad top and Sejuani jungle or something), he's very easy to shut down as he only counters AP damage, not AD. If your enemies are Yasuo top, Zed mid and Xin Zhao jungle, Galio's doomed - his passive scales with MRes, not Armor. (Both games were examples and not actually something I've encountered as of late).
: I dont even want to play anymore.
Your argument is literally "YEAH BUT THEY WERE PREMADE AND DIDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH" ...So? Mute them. Problem solved. I rarely speak in-game; I comminucate through pings. Faster and way more effective. The only times I speak is when I say 'good job', or admitting I screwed up somehow (e.g dying due to being greedy). The argument "THEY SAID SOMETHING ELSE" is childish behavior, to be honest; we got no proof what they're talking about, only your word. For all what we know, they did, in fact, speak English. Your behavior is frankly toxic for the community as you flatout say "you refuse to gank them" and tell them they're reported.
bronix2025 (EUNE)
: Need help with the new Masteries.
If you go 21/9 with the new masteries - you're doing it right. Note: You can't. New masteries looks like this: 2x5 Masteries (2 Masteries, 5 levels in each) 2x1 Masteries (2 Masteries, 1 level in each) 2x5 2x1 2x5 3x1 Masteries (Keystone Masteries) You can only put 18 points in 1 tree. The new ones work like this: In tiers 1, 3 and 5, you have to put in 5 points total (going 5/0, 4/1, 3/2, 2/3, 1/4 or 0/5 are all possible). In tiers 2, 4 and 6, you have to choose EITHER of them. Tier 6 is the Keystone Masteries and the only one with 3 options. Example: I'm going left to right with this (both in the trees and the actual trees): 5/0 0/1 0/5 1/0 0/5 1/0/0 That's in tree 1 (left most tree). That's 18 points. Note: I don't have the tree up, so if they don't make any sense... Well, whoops. It's just an example anyway. In tree 2, I pick nothing (0 points) In the third tree, I might go 0/5 1/0 5/0 0/1 That's 12 points and all my Mastery points. As for what you're gonna put them in, that's up to you. It's still too early but there's a tool for trying them out on the forum (I don't have the link at the moment). EDIT: Here's the link! http://pyroblasty.github.io/masteries/ And it turns out that tree actually works... Huh. Well, the AS in tree 1 is bad for a mage but w/e. :P
: The season ends tuesday, but at the beggining of the day or when the day ends? :s
It 'offically' ends 00:01 on November 11. If you queued up for a game at 23:59 on November 10, that game will count but after that, it's finished.
: Still feel with him lol.. Next season will be the season of energy and non resource champions if the mana regain doesnt get balanced very GOOD
Some champs are getting +,5 MP/5, whereas others are getting +50 flat mana, but -3 per level (end value: -1 at lv 18). I'm looking forward to see how bad this'll go...
: am i illegible for ranked rewards?
You have two options: Check your mail and check there; did your ban end before August 10th? E.g 11:59 PM August 9th at latest? Then you're fine. File a ticket to support and ask them for that info. If your ban ended on August 10th or later - sorry buddy; better luck next year!
: Can Riot please try to make ppl understand that playing bad is no bannable offense?
I've been told to be reported for "intentionally feeding"... When I was tower dived at lv 1 by top, mid AND jungle (by the way, they were {{champion:39}}, {{champion:103}} and {{champion:64}}). At once. I ended up giving away First Blood, causing my mid to say "omfg noob top report for intentional feed" I ended up going 4/2/6 while my mid ended up going 0/17/2. Who did, indeed, intentionally feed (would run solo against 5 under their turret "because the game was lost" and similar). We won due to enemies having a DC'er but it didn't make it less irritating to deal with... Especially as our mid kept spamming "surr @ 20 this team so bad". Our support ended up saying "im support and my stats are better than yours..." (at that point, our support had 0/1/8 - she only died due to being too greedy at one point). If someone's curious - no, it wasn't the fed one who DC'ed (it was their {{champion:39}} who had 2/1/3 at that point) but we kept focusing and shutting down their 14/2/9 {{champion:67}} - she ended up having 15/7/10 in the end). If I see someone say "report X for intentional feed" I'm like "...What? There's literally no reason to report them..." I might think to myself that I don't really get why my opponents do something that's likely not getting them a kill or other advantage (e.g tower dive with half HP while I have full or similar) but I don't say 'REPORTED' if my team does the exact same thing, I just tell them to play safer and not dive under the enemies turret unless they know they can get away with it (having a {{champion:51}} who can just ult them and only needs to tank 1 or 2 shots at full HP).
: I think it's discussable if it's "negative attitude" or "verbal abuse".
Verbal abuse is more so "YOU'RE FUCKING TRASH GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF SHIT" Negative attitude is more so "WOW THIS GAME IS SO DAMN BORING I JUST WANNA GO AFK BECAUSE SERIOUSLY WHY AM I EVEN HERE" (or saying "LOL EZ" like this thread is about ).
ModMayhem (EUW)
: Ranked Teams question?
You need to play 5 games to be available for the rewards. You need to WIN 10 games to actually GET the rewards.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: That moment in ARAM when you ask to change champs...
Happened to me a few times. Had a person get {{champion:82}} and asked to change with someone. I play a lot of {{champion:82}} and had {{champion:40}} (IIRC). I tried trading, he declined and... Rerolled. He got {{champion:81}} so I thought "Oh, okay, that won't be too bad then." Couldn't have been more wrong; he ended up going 3/15/6 and flamed our team when he jumped in 1v5 under *their* turret. When I asked him why he didn't trade {{champion:82}} for {{champion:40}}, he replied "because {{champion:82}} is a trash champ on ARAM". ...Yeah. Seriously.
Eambo (EUW)
: Suggestions for champions to play?
Given how you like {{champion:89}} and {{champion:111}}, I'd recommend uncle {{champion:201}} - I could write you a guide on how to play him, including synergy/bad synergy champs but I'm gonna avoid making this a wall of text. Summed up version: For lanepartner, you'll want someone who can either poke from a distance to proc your passive (such as {{champion:51}}) or you want someone who can proc it quickly (due to AA reset or similar), such as {{champion:236}}. {{champion:81}} is also a viable option. For skills, it's R>Q>E>W. Awesome as a support. Otherwise, I'd say {{champion:44}} because let's face it, the man's *outrageous* (also got an armor aura, armor shred, stun AND heal. What's there *not* to love?) --- I've rarely played Malzahar, but he's (from what I know) a poke/psuedo-initiate (and strong duelist) so maybe {{champion:69}} will help you get a new champ for mid? I'd assume that {{champion:268}} would work as well, though I've only played him a few times. --- {{champion:54}} is a good top laner (especially against an AD champ). {{champion:150}} is pretty decent, too, though I rarely play him personally. --- For AD, which admittingly is my worst role, {{champion:51}}, {{champion:67}} or {{champion:21}} are my 'go to' champs should I have to AD. It depends on the team comp, really. I can't give you much advice here other than poke, farm and poke some more. --- Jungling... {{champion:5}} and {{champion:19}} are the exact opposites when it comes to jungle - {{champion:5}} is better early game (for ganking power) while {{champion:19}} is more of a duelist who gets his powerspike at lv 6 (especially for ganking powers). However, both can be considered 'farm' champs (note: I generally run Devourer on {{champion:5}}, so I'm semi-biased on this one). Do you prefer farming in the jungle all day long? {{champion:102}} is a good option, especially if you got Devourer on her. Needs {{summoner:3}} for ganks, however. Do you prefer half-jungle, half-gank? {{champion:113}} can do either one pretty well. Once you hit lv 6, your ganks will increase in power by a lot (especially if you land your R perfectly). Or do you prefer ganking all day long? Pick {{champion:35}}. Hit lv 2. Gank all day long.
: An idea for the new champion select screen/teambuilder (s6) :)
You can actually type (e.g) "Mage" and all champs that got 'Mage' as a primary tag will appear. I'm guessing it'll be the same in the future, too.
: The new last whisper's passive "bonus armor pen"
The current Last Whisper ignores *all* armor. Here's an example: You lane against a Garen who got 100 Armor. You grab a Last Whisper (current), which ignores 35% of his armor. That means he only got 65 armor against you. The NEW one will work like this (I forgot how much armor% pen it got, so I'm going with 30% for the sake of simplicity): You're laning against Garen and he got 150 armor total (50 base +100 from items). The new Last Whisper will ignore 30% of his bonus armor (so it's 70 instead of 100 bonus armor). Which means he got 120 armor now (a lot, I know, but it makes a dent at least). That's how I understood it at least.
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
The problem with Zilean is the fact that it's easy to avoid popping his ult. Someone used it? Kill everyone else! Tryndamere? Everyone's lv 6 - NO ONE CAN DIE. (Well, for the coming 5 seconds, at least - if timed properly, that's a total of 25 seconds of well... Not getting an ACE. Or a turret.)
Krestek (EUNE)
: Which champ is good for the jungle?
Xin Zhao - powerful duelist, can gank starting at lv 3 (start Double Golems/Gromp > Blue/Red > whatever buff you didn't - gank!). You can build him glass cannon or off-tank (I usually go for the latter). Not too bad at splitpushing due to Q being a AA reset+damage boost and his W gives 80% AS boost at lv 5 (my opinion). --- Shaco - lv 2 ganks? Yes please! Falls off late, not too strong in teamfights, but VERY strong duelist. His lv 3 ganks makes most enemies cry. Strong splitpusher due to his W being able to hit turrets (or just tank a blow extra for you!) --- Jarvan IV - Off-tank and powerful duelist due to his passive. Also good for teamfights. His split pushing is kinda mediocre (from what I've seen - I don't have him personally). --- Kha'Zix should be possible. He got pretty strong ganks and decent enough clearing for early game. His 1v1 is insane (especially if his Isolation is activated on that enemy). His split pushing is (from what I've seen) plain "Yeah, you guys can AFK now because you lost 3 turrets now". --- Lee Sin - Off-tank? Tank? Full damage? You choose! Strong duelist, good ganks (though you need to be able to hit your Q properly). His split pushing, while not bad, isn't ideal but it works. Just some from the top of my head.
Myllox (EUW)
: quinn ultimate bug?
Yeah, a *lot* of people have reported this bug (including being eaten by Tahm Kench while as Valor, for some reason). Hope Riot'll fix it soon...
Trymer (EUW)
: oh really? welp time to feel less special and riot don't get {{summoner:3}}
Trymer (EUW)
: [BUG] Tahm Kench's ult is NOT listed in the Team Builder overview
Again? This is the, what, third or fourth time I've seen this bug been posted at the forums. Seriously... What the hell...
: Harrowing treasures
The reason it won't show up? It's a fake site that gives you nothing. It's likely been closed down. *ALL* those sites are fake. Very. Very. Fake. Don't trust them unless Riot themselves said "Yes, it is a legit site". Free Steam Cards? Fake. Free RP Points/Skins? Fake. Free *anything* really for any game that normally costs money, just by "linking people with your unique link"? It's fake. I assure you.
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