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: I just want to get it out
holy gosh, you are taking it a bit too hard on yourself...
whyrawr (EUW)
: Why Yi in splashart is right handed and in game is left?
holy moly this si huge. Please bump this thread up. Riot must either fix this embarassing misunderstanding OR give us the possibility to change hand in game (it would be just an estetical feature, no damage or skill changes)! I have played two years meeting many master yi-s and sometimes playing him myself too, but never noticed this. Or...are you trolling? will check next time i see an yi.
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: Profile Customization [With Images]
Skins in the background would be such a great idea, i could even agree with riot enabling you to only set the ones you bought. That would just be another good reason to buy them. Personal message is a bit too far I think. League is a community but it's not facebook, plus there is that huge risk you also stated, that people may use it for advertising, which would be just sad. Still, I don't know if I'd prefer to be able to choose which champion to show in my background or if I like it showing the most played recently. I feel like both those things deserve to be represented on one's profile.
Beodeo (EUW)
: General features
Message sound is indeed a bit too soft, something a bit more distinguishable would be perfect. Sometimes you recieve messages when you have the champ select music playing, for example, so the sound should me more distinguishable
Makujones (EUW)
: Setting Masteries in champion select (Visual)
or maybe keep a small window with the timer, which is the most important thing.
: Now Testing: Ranked
I probably won't return to the old client anymore now. Good job Riot! The design is definetely on point, and no bugs encountered so far.
Eambo (EUW)
: Instructors - Who are they, and what do they do?
But how do i contact an instructor? I'm asking because i think that this is a great idea. In every online game there are those people willing to teach you something you would otherwise miss or take long to learn by yourself alone, but League absolutely needs a somewhat official "equipe" of instructors since it's so huge and crowded, aiming to be an official sport! Good job!


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