Player 00 (EUW)
: An advice on how to improve ranked games experience for every one.
you get a panic attack if they dont have skin? are u %%%%ign insane? what assummption are u basing this on? are u like challenger with 10k games played in 7 year or something no? oh right.. stop assuming your good and be nice. labeling people based on a skin who da %%%% are u dude xD
: Will there be a future change for getting 99LP, instead of rounding it up?
Hopee (EUW)
: Hard stuck in diamond 4
well tbh, what is the problem being d4? atleast ure not silver or gold? why would u go higher? only stress and more hardship will follow there, and also your grammar needs fixing so maby you are the problem to your own demise? your chaotic writing is also can be a implication that you yourself is your biggest enemy. who knows. {{champion:120}}
: Yummi and leaverbuster
would be kindergarden textbook too not make her get a laeverbuster while attatched but hey i quess some people will abuse this as Cheating Kappa or softitin.
: Well done RITO
hahahaha xD now that is funny.
N4rlie (EUW)
: Should Rakan get a minor rework/buff?
duno why u think rakan is bad, but ohwell he just got hes soul back after a hard nerf 1 year ago ish, and simply hes q ? is high dmg LUL he has one of the highest ad ratios so i think you should read about stats some more.
Recrited (EUNE)
: Aatrox after changes
well then you are brainless, giving back hes double E will screw up aatrox more then u think. take notes from Hashinshin how he outplayed the whole team with a single E 4 times in a 1 teamfight. attrox is static hes Q is what make him so trash and unbalanceble he simply is in a rough spot and nothing they do will change hes Q so therefore its just a flawed design.
Holymanster (EUNE)
: What if RIOT would make a big change?
: yuumi adc
only you can put ure dreams to become real.
: In my 7 games, I'm always the ACE or MVP
tbh league feels like when i que up, like a bunch of programmed robots with negative attitude on my team, like when you get to this qoute " if you dont carry u u dont win" has gone trough alot of mental prosess so like you need to go out of your way and be extra careful and extra nice and overlook any detail of negative feedback becus its always gonna come no matter how good you played, YOU will NEVER be reconized as a good player or did anything good even as u win the game. teammates just that negative. having a sink for a midlane well, what i ask myself should i que mid or shall i keep going as support? shall i start main another role? no ? que up again wins flawlessly goes for another get stomped so hard my gramna turns LUL its wierd how skill can be forseen.
Arx77 (EUW)
: Agreed. I just feel like "full ap" is a predictable option
: > [{quoted}](name=NormantXxM,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OVbkQzcc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-30T17:39:11.152+0000) > > yeah that very rare too see. congrats iu only get 2 if i carry a good game. seem this great community was offended
ofc anyone gonna hate if someone is braggin noone likes that becus their life suck so gotta take it out on others. dont worry post with all your heart contents.-
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: I'm not sure what was reason for you to post it?
is it allowed to be a proud suppport ???
: They loved me
yeah that very rare too see. congrats iu only get 2 if i carry a good game.
Vertizo (EUW)
: Weird LP gains when u hit diamond
isnt it affect by how many players is in a division?
: Dream becomes true ♥ Finally <3
congrats i never gotten 1 ticket LUL duno how either i made 145 tokens for that icon skin last in winter but not these .
Arx77 (EUW)
: I am worried because I want their more experimental designs to work and I'm worried because I want to enjoy the game. Just accepting that a champion is going to be blatantly overpowered is, in my opinion, a rather lazy approach. Additionally, I don't really see where you're coming from. I'm not running around Screaming "Oh no! New champion is OP! Game is ruined!" I mainly wanted to point out that her design seems extremely fragile (after all this wouldn't be the first time a champion gets played completely differently than intended and suddenly is unbelievably powerful) and Maybe talk to people who disagree so that I can see it from a different angle.
riot cant figure out if something is op or underpowered until they make people play it and see what crazy tactics they will test out. aka using the gamers as playtesters and the ygather their data.. nothing we cna do aboutit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=B9PohMH5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-26T15:11:28.281+0000) > > Lol haven't seen a sylas since they gutted his w. In midlane, sylas has a 46% winrate, a 2.4% pick rate and a 2% banrate. His average kda is 6/6/7 so sylas is in no way strong right now. Thats for platinum+ I understand..but still dont get it what are they experimenting with akali since she has low win rate already....and for akali mains including me these changes are just bs{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
u say its bs becus u dont like something, stopthinking with your feelings and start use ure brain :) unbaised
: Why the f**k they nerf akali even more
haha haha? are u kdding me? akali is a untouchable queen of the shadows relax buddy, she has ruled the land long enough to strike fear into the enemys heart. so if she becomes benched for a while are u gonna cry u mained a broken champion that is unfair? riot doesnt say shes unfair but we all know assasins are unfun when they 1 shot u.
Arx77 (EUW)
: Yuumi had better get some weak scalings
why are u being worried about someone scaling before release? U KNOW ITS GONNA BE OVER pOWERED BEFORE NERF ANYWAYS BECUS RIOT NEEDS THEIR META DATA U KNOW SO RELAX ! u going bald at this point bro relax
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: What is the differnce between plat and gold?
difference between gold and plat, is gold is known as high tier casual gameplay, forget the small details your being told. plat players has just grinded and gone in for ranking up more then golds.. sure teammates can make u being stuck sure but u can also learn to see the opertunities better and rotations and or then those who dont care. its a matter how much do u invest into the game and many less mistakes u do. in the end going dmg to the enemy is what matters to get the gold. are u the one being hooked or are u the hooker? or poker. devour the game min max ure early game has made me gone from a 4 game losing streak into a 10 game + winning streak. sure i lost 2 after becus i was tired and got hooked and screwd the game but u know.. you know know before you try and taking a risk might just end up win the lane instead of being passive not looking, :) have a nice weekend
Vuchic (EUNE)
: Renekton bot bug
its bots to level up on who cares,
Rioter Comments
500BC (EUNE)
: Well you are funny. Almost nobody picks this rune anymore except when karthus goes into jg. Even champions like brand that used to pick it now go for Arcane comet. Might as well remove the keystone all together and no one will even notice. BTW, riot has noticed that jg has become too limited in champ select which is why they are changing some stuff next patch. And I didn't say revert dark harvest back to what it was before; I just said make it stack off jg camps so some junglers can pick it. Don't you remember that they said "we are changing dark harvest to make it usable on more champions"? If anything, less and less people take it now. If a certain champion is OP with something, you adjust that champion itself not almost EVERYONE else or are you... whatever.
thats wierd u say that, becus what i see only is darkharvest my friend says i dont care its easier to play darkharvest getting procs when theylow, and he plays karthus mid. sure darkharvest is good lategame i say but u have NO dmg early.. oh i know he says and continues.. iam like uhm why tho, dark harvest is shit rune and needs removed it uniqueness is so on auto pilot no skill required to get stacks at all. like killing people with arcane comet is more satifying then oh i know i got 15 staks dark harvest TIME TO KARTHUS R and boom.. i dont like domination three overall i think the small runes sucks to much and yeah, precision and green and blue three only for me.
: Yuumi is the best champion design ever
I AM GONNA MAIN THIS KITTY CAT ! only silly humans buys a dog becus they cant find a wife Kappa cats are independent and cozy dogs are sure not so smart and loyal and a " gaurd" dogs will always be a butter unit then a cat but cats are more cooler, and u dont need to pick up their shit and walk em. imagine actually strapping ure cat in and walk it LUL ive seen some crazy people walk their cat in a city LUL my lord.
: Reverting Aatrox
yeah dont do it, sure hes stattic but when u see Hashinshin play him u see the potential of aatrox being broken almost to the sense of conquer healing and sustain.. i rather remove pyke or reduce hes execuionteer ability of ultimate.
: New Mordekaiser
for me its already respectable lol duno how they can make it better imo. but i am just clueless on ideas. i think it does to much dmg over to long period of time on champions so prob fixing the burst dmg of it instead or something.
: Please get rid of auto fill
i never knew why people are so mad over auto fill? if you played ranked, you should have studied the %%%%ig lane operations from the beginning to end. i never have problems with auto fill at all maby becus i am a main support and i dont look opgg i just win my games straight up. sure i can lose 3 in a row to but its just a bad day imo. unlucky timing and bad invades or good invades, the game becomes what you make of it. going afk first min in ranked makes u open for a early throw that is how i climbed by simply telling my team to 5man invade with me and we get kills on afk vayne or something is always funny to me. if u go afk in lane under default position and or in a brush ure the one being idiot and throwing the game and blaming auto fill when it doesnt go well for u. AKA losing by default.
: my iq must have dropped a few points after reading this title
Shamose (EUW)
: Well when they say it's gonna be right around the corner I would guess it's gonna be patch 9.10. So with MSI starting next week and 9.9 being the patch they play on my guess is that next week we'll see something about the new champ.
no its reveal time today i heard it yesterday its gonna show us new champion to put on pba the 30ths
l C18 l (EUNE)
: Twitch
ure complaining that champions has unique treats around them.. hilerious sorry dude.
: Master yi being such an bullshi champ
yi is slow AF in the early game what are u talking about? LOL there is a reason why hes prefered in the jungle u need rageblade and wits end and hydra to even manage to kil newwer champions hes so godamn useless against rengar and kha and nunu its insane how someone complains about a yi.. in 2019btw hourglass him and hes useless i dont like hourglass either but hey ga also counter him.... hook him and hes insta ded.
: Help me Understand Kai'sa.
kaisa can be played aggressive af, your E auto Q back off combo is strong and highly must react to. when u get plasma from having e up and autoing u get more plasma to upgrade so u become invis with E so now shes a kha six ultimate behavior right? play crazy play aggressive with champions and u will understand hopefully opertunities and play making situations. i prefer jhinn and kaisa myself as a support main they so easy to pik up and do well with.
500BC (EUNE)
: Dark Harvst
what u smoking i want some, u imagine karthus getting 12 stacks and ulti? LUL 1 shots galore btw.. not working for stacks btw nasus powercreep btw never in our life seen such huge monster raidboss. oh well hey RIOT HOLD THIS GUY BEER WHILE U FIX DARK HARVEST AGAINE?
: Riot, maybe fix your game pls.
yeah this is normal interaction ga has a slight delay like jax bug had so ofc it would go off its called low ms.
: Why does leblanc do so much damage whether she's behind or not?
ap items are overtuned and riot wont nerf them. thats why lb is point and click deth either avoid her or insta kill her. imo
Mada (EUW)
: I recommend using fullmute with extreme prejudice
i dont like asuming asshats like yourself that insta fullmute becus u think ure smarter or something, its so wierd to me how u can how the aduacity to cut all form of comms becus ure easily tilted.. i recommend u change ure attitude and uninstall or play normals becus u prob ruined alot more games that u could had won.. imo its pure childish to mute anyone ingame, "u simply saying i am weak and i dont like it outside my comfort zone so piss off but i still gonna waste ure time if ure mean to me."
Rioter Comments
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mks96 (EUNE)
: Okay so how do you actually play vs rengar top and what do you pick?
ban him, or counter with tryndamere or a range mage. ez clap i ban kha rengar anythin that has stealth and abusers
zLvKNelly (EUW)
i like the change. i also dont like it, but who cares right? its not my fault my teammates leave after 2 death :)
: Perm ban
you prob naiva nd getting teased into carrying, thats how people in a competetive sense will try to make u do more to " prove ureself" its kids logic mentality, but it works somehow. but see trough that is another level of grow up stay calm logic. u will hopefully learn with time.
Crockito (EUW)
: Should i be chat restricted for this...
what is that spam? jesus christ... nowonder typing 1 sentence word spam for 15min is bannable lol
: What would you do in this situation?
play it out, high ping makes u just stronger if u survive / win. being able to predict with high ping 100ms ish, only makes u train better etc. depends on the mentality u turn onto it. but recently i noticed that everytime i wanna play a game of aurf of something i have 1 dc 1 afk or 1 high ping. then i need to go out of my way to tell them to restart.. kinda annoying that they cannot think for themselfs when it haoppends.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Getting flamed farming
hey bro, same as me, i main support and i feel trapped becus i cannot get a good support when i do other roles, but i spam pinged whenever i do mistakes or do an action my team dont believe in xD its super funny to be have more game sense then my teamamtes and then get pinged rapidly for it and then get praised for getting 2 kills 1v2 xD ignorance is not blizz just gotta be the bigger man and stay calm.
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: Can you recommend me a game
there are no other games beside league that is in a good state. everything else is worse dota hojts only thing that is funnier to play is smite and battlerite i quess.
: Just played a game as Morgana
tbh, first of all dont play morgana as a new player play naut and tanky support like alistar and blitz and sona range mage makes u understand how to play easier, but that being said, watching imaqtpie or any streamers that is informative you learn quiet fast. but my tip is, too understand the entirety of the map and gameplay is too first pur yourself in the the other lanes situations right? then reflect on it by how you are playing, dont be afraid of doing risky moves to test your ability to micro click etc. also normals are where you train until u get lvl 30 , your only lvl 10 so 50 more games and some study makes you learn so fast, also guide on youtube for faster understanding like heimer says. glhf summoner!{{champion:63}} I JUST WANNA SEE THE WORLD BURN! "
Takumaron (EUNE)
: I know exactly what you mean. It's even worse when you try to play adc, because you know what the support should do-but he never does.
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