: > As I said I don't ask about lifting of any punishment. Right...that's why refuse to improve after Riot didn't grand your wish to give you your account back. But you are right, HERE you are not asking for that directly.
I am not asking for recovery of account, because that is simply impossible and I know it. When u get banned there is no way to get your account back, and I already accepted loss of it. But what do You guys know? You only see numbers, and instead of stopping cause of toxicity, you try to stop toxicity which is unstoppable. In the past nobody would care if u flamed him or something, or would just talk back to u, while right now it feels like LoL is becoming kindergarden rather than real game, instead stopping trolling you just protect that few snowflakes which won't even spend money on this game.
: Just too much text.. Just try to send a ticket to support if you feel like you got banned for nothing.
I flamed, I am toxic I deserved chat ban for that BUT NOT PERMBAN
: This is unbeliveable.. I literally rage and flame 90% of my games cuz my team mates always sux. I flame so hard and get tilted, and never got a ban, not even a punishment. I could only imagine how toxic you have been..
Did you read chatlogs? Apparently saying into trashcan here ya go, and are you smurf? after killing 3 ppl solo on mid is now permban offense, because on this account only thing I did was mostly passive aggresive like gj when someone die, and telling trash a trash. Simple. Just read chatlogs and tell me if I am that toxic.
: > ALSO YOU DIDN'T TELL EVEN ONE THING ABOUT THAT 14 DAY BAN ACC Why would I? You have no intention to improve, what's the point? It is plainly obvious that what you want in this thread is attention. You basically celebrate yourself here, trying to make your lack of social behavior look cool (Want an example? You mentioning how you beat Tylers "record"). Sorry, but I'm not going to feed that. There is not much to discuss here: You broke the rules, so you got punished. That's it. Deal with it or don't, but don't try to make yourself look good because of it. It's not cool and you there is no way to see your behavior in any positive light. You can keep telling yourself whatever you want, but please leave us others alone with it.
As I said I don't ask about lifting of any punishment. And I expected you will tell me how that account got 14 days ban while mine got perma with 10 times lighter things. I wanted to improve long time ago, and get my account back, however Riot had no intention in doing it. Happens, if they didn't want me to reform why would I want to do it?
: here we go again with "you're unranked, so your voice doesn't count for shit." sorry for rephrasing it for you to the extent of how your mind is working. Ever heard of unranked by choice? do us all a favor now and just remove yourself.
I simply won't respect people that don't made it up to deserve respect, either by showing reason to respect them, or being superior to me. And one of reasons is not being bsilgol (B5 to P3)
Sefi (EUNE)
: 79 accounts and you STILL refuse to take a hint. I am dumbfounded.
What do you mean by take a hint? I have nothing to lose so why would I stop myself instead saying what I think? And I propose you read my latest chatlogs from this account that I gave link to (other acc not mine).
: > cut money from him Due to the fact that toxic player ruin the game for other players, they cost Riot way more money than they spend. Banning toxic players is absolutely in Riots financial interest, due to the influence of toxicity on other peoples spending behavior. > Yes this accounts aren't even mine but who cares? You obviously care a lot. Why else would you keep on emphasizing how many of your accounts got banned although nobody asked you? Why even write this thread if you care so little. You obviously care and you obviously want us to see you in a certain way. You know, the cool guy, the guy who doesn't care, they guy who gets permabanned and doesn't even blink. Yet in reality you are the guy who got permabanned and made a thread about it. > Right now the player that say %%% will get either 14 days or perma while that troll is still running rampant. Yeah. Because that's what the majority of players want. I see nothing bad about it and neither do the majority of community. > There is no way to stop someone like me Yeah, maybe. In the end it's your decision how you spent your precious lifetime. If you choose to be a jerk and waste your time by getting banned again and again and again in a game...so be it. Not my kind of lifestyle, but whatever suits you.
You are saying that I care, while all I have to do is 3 clicks to have another account I can play on. Do you really think we level that accounts from 0 or something? Its either people that think they can get free boost or idiots with password same as nick. Permbanning person isn't better for riot's money simply because that person will proably still play but will be even more toxic, since he can't lose anything right now. I genuinely loved this game in older seasons, now it is just addiction. As for my amount of banned accounts I gave it because I wanted to tell you flaws of your system, and show my experiences with it. ALSO YOU DIDN'T TELL EVEN ONE THING ABOUT THAT 14 DAY BAN ACC AND MY PERMBANNED ACC TO WHICH I PROVIDED CHATLOGS. Because acc that I played on where I don't say really hard flame, compared to person with nickname Adolf Hitler and spamming things like %%%%%%%%%% and lets slit that %%%%%% throat getting 14 days ban is just literal joke out of your system.
: > There is no way to stop someone like me, because I got nothing to lose, and I will keep on playing. I don't flame everyone just because they are there, I flame only one that deserve it. there is a way. hence why you've been perma banned 79 times. are you really trying to break a record for beating tyler1? if you are. please just do us all a favor. and remove yourself from this platform.
I am not sure, but I proably beat tyler 1 year ago or something, (not even sure if he ever had more permbans than i had at time) from what I remember he had around 30 bans max. But why I even try to discuss with someone that know toxic players from league recap videos or t1 cuz he is person holding NA alive.
: > This just shows how ridiculous the system is. Except that it doesn't work that way. Not at all. Report feedback you receive is not necessarily related to the last player you reported, but ANY player you recently reported. Amount of reports is completely irrelevant. > like it will change anything. It does change something. Is it perfect? No. But it helps. And you can not ban the cause of toxicity. People having frustrating games, people having bad games, people lacking self control & manners, people having anger issues, people being mentally ill, people being unable to deal with frustration or their ego...that's nothing you can ban. So no, you can't ban the reasons for toxicity. > My chatlogs that I got perma for were nothing compared to his chatlogs that he got 14 days for. Your previous history matters. Don't underestimate Riot. > In other words You can do whatever you want, as long as u don't chat, but I guess that everyone know it. Let me rephrase that: As long as you are not a jerk to other people. > And by permbanning someone, there is nothing that You can do to control him No, but it usually makes people leave, which is the intended effect. People like you are the absolute exception.
Humpel, You took few things out of context. I said like it will change anything, because I know that even if you permban toxic player he will either stop playing (and cut money from him) or will make new accounts (or buy them hurray boosters) and play without any boundaries because he can't lose anything (because after u get permbanned u simply don't want to spend any more money on this game). As for previous history I got permanned today on two accounts. On one I played 8 games on this from which I write right now I played 5 games. Yes this accounts aren't even mine but who cares? This account is already permbanned so I can write all that I think and whole truth about dark side of this game. I remember how this game was back in season 3 and before, where you could tell your toplaner that he is %%%%ing idiotic silver trash when he was trolling by playing veigar or jinx or whatever toplane and literally inting. Right now the player that say %%% will get either 14 days or perma while that troll is still running rampant. I even did experiment one time where I went 20 games in row running it down mid (many high elo streamers also did that and got banned only after someone got that to front page reddit). There is no way to stop someone like me, because I got nothing to lose, and I will keep on playing. I don't flame everyone just because they are there, I flame only one that deserve it.
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