Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Thank you. Yea, there is no racial/homophobic slur nor death wishes. You were really toxic, but if 14-days ban as the first one is a proper one... Send a support ticket and maybe they will lower your penalty to chat restriction. Still even with a chat restriction your honor will drop and you will lost access to free rewards. Even if talking with support will take you longer than 14-days don't ignore that, because the next penalty after 14-days is most of times permanent ban, and it is given for even a small toxicy.
ye dude thats what im concerned about like this system is so flawed it makes absolutely 0 sense
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If you do not agree with your punishment, you should send a support ticket: But in fact you can get 14-days ban or even permanent ban after one toxic game. The patch 2 chat restrictions -> 14 days ban -> permanent ban is most often occurring, but not the only possibly one. You can get a higher level of penalty if you were excessively toxic, using hate speech, racial slur or wished someones death. If you didn't edit your chat logs, I do not see anything that would allow you to dodge chat penalties (of course if you are telling a truth and you have none previously) and go straight to 14-days ban. But no one on boards can help you, only support can. [Edit] Of course if I am right and in the %%%% is hidden the word that can also means a sex, and not the one bashing homosexuals.
its '%%%%ing' btw and here u go
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