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Saijuki (EUW)
: ELO Hell
ELO Hell doesn't exist. It's just a barrier in your mind. In all the games that you are thinking "OMG THIS NOOB TEAM" etc. think about how you could have contributed more to the team. Then you can learn from your mistakes, and improve your play style. Btw, I dont trust OP.GG's MMR calculator. On my other account, it says that my MMR is below average but I still gain 24LP per win. Sometimes it says I lose MMR after I win a ranked game. Confusing...
: Word of advice, pick someone who can hard carry like an ADC (Ashe/Jinx/Jhin) or a strong AP mage like Ziggs. They really help a lot and can pretty easily win 1 v 5 beginner bots. Intermediate bots is a whole different thing though.
I've been playing jinx, because once you get Runaan's and IE, you can start to hard carry. But the problem is, with bots it doesn't become a 2v5 or 1v5, it becomes a 2v8 or 1v9, as they start to be a problem for YOU, not just helping the enemy team. I've been playing intermediate bots, because it gives you more XP = levelling up quicker. I don't really want to go to beginner bots, as it would take more time to get to lvl 30. But if I lose intermediate bot games due to bots on my team ruining it, then it would be quicker to do beginner bots. There's the problem...
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