: > They say if your if you're good, you will carry and win https://ibb.co/fapA5d So this is my smurf, Bronze 2 0LP to Gold 5 0LP in 47 games, in order to get my rewards. Numbers are KDA - Gold - CS - Towers killed - Max kills - Max deaths - Damage dealt - Damage taken That's a 81% win-rate, I have won games even 4v5 with an AFK that ran it down mid 3 times till he was 0/3/0 and quit, after the remake window elapsed. I single handedly destroy 2+ towers each game, take most of the drakes/heralds solo. Place wards for my teammates, place deepwards to prevent enemy ganks and be able to countergank, and so forth. The "my team feeds" is utter bullshit. Yea, it's bronze, what did you expect ? 2 kills / 20 mins? Everyone dies. If you're good, you'll put your feeding team ahead, while you being 5 lvls over the enemy jungler, farming 2 jungles at the same time, getting 10CS/min. This isn't rocket science. You feel that you hit a cap and climbing got hard, cuz that's the harsh truth - you DID hit a skill-cap, and you won't progress if you won't improve. 66% of people are under Silver 4. You're a part of it. That's like 700K players under you, feel good about it, it's an achievement for now. When you hit a skill-cap, everyone plays like you, and your personal impact diminishes in games. Hence you can't 1v9. If one player screws up from ur team, and none from the enemy, it's lost. You can't do anything about it. By improving, you'll be able to have the impact of 1-2 even 3 silver players and be able to 1v9, not necessarily by fighting 1v5 but creating pressure and fights that give you the advantage. This isn't a 3 week project, achieving this takes time and effort. I see that you're around the same rank since 3 years, if you want to be a casual player, play for fun and such, it's ok. If you take lol ranked seriously, and have the competitive spirit, it's unaccepted to not progress for 3 years. And by writing this post I take that you take it seriously indeed. So why no progress? Have you asked yourself this? You won't magically learn new things, by playing vs bronze/silver players, in the same ELO for 3 years in a row. You will make the same mistakes over and over again, not analyze what's wrong, and will never improve. What you need to do, get some information, some private coaching sessions, anything, that puts you in motion, that helps you move out of your comfort zone and onto the path of climbing the ladder.
I just lost an auto fill game. I was ADC and my jung, top and mid were feeding their asses off, literally inting, they would chase across the map for kills and die because they were chasing someone who was 10/1 and not 0/5.... The only two people on my team that wanted to win that game was myself and my support..... I often get asked if I'm a smurf because I'm actually quite decent at shaco IMO so I'm pretty sure it's not always to do with myself. Don't get me wrong! Your right there is a lot i need to learn and improve on but I know I should be climbing atleast a little bit, not falling back into bronze after almost getting to gold. And I always seem to get the actual bronze tier players on my team where the enemy only have silver... Maybe that's got something to do with it, who knows. All I know is I should be fluctuating up and down silver not losing almost every game and falling back into bronze. I actually play a lot better now than I did when I climbed from bronze 5 but I seem to be going back into bronze now haha.
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: How is everyone today?
I keep getting placed with teams with either no hands or no eyes... What do you recommend since you're a Riot employee.
: you might have hit a wall you think you are gold 4 -5 but in fact this is a lie or you would climb you most likely have the dunn kruger effect and cant see the mistakes you do ingame there for cant improve heres a vid about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMxYjjzneUw&t=428s might help and from somebody thats in silver 3 i feel out of silver 2 and flopped both my promos xDDD Its not a hard elo to climb out of < coming from the guy thats flopped 2 promos since falling {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} anyways just learn from your mistakes and ps your not the only one my adc seems to feed every game lol you just got to find ways to play around them and when i climbed out of bronze to silver 3 start of season i had a 86% winrate <--- no longer thats long gone ! anyways to sum it all up you think your better then you actually are take this as criticism and improve or dont and stay in your elo where you belong best of luck! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks for the reply man and don't worry I wouldn't have made this post if I was gonna get butt hurt :D And thank you for the criticism and help.
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: Serious Team LF Mid and Jungle
Name: gimme a try Rank: silver 5 Role: Jungle Champion Pool: Shaco, Lee sin, amumu, rammus, diana, fiddle, cho, nautilus, elise, fizz, xin zhao, hecarim, kha'zix, malphite, master yi, pantheon, nocturne, shen, shyvana ,sion, volibear, warwick, wukong and zac. Availability (When can you actually play):Majority of the time but hopefully I'll have a job soon so it will be whenever I'm not working. Have you been on a team before, what was your experience? I've played with many different people in teams and duos but not seriously and I have an irl friend that plays competitively and I've played games with him and know how he plays. Just wish i could apply what he does to me games ;). Tell us why we should let you join: Honestly I'm nothing special, I'm just a shaco main with a large champion pool and I'm diverse in all roles.... A lot of people like to speak down about shaco and shaco mains but when they see me carry their sorry shit asses in a ranked game they then say I'm a god. At the end of the day it is in the lower elo we're talking here. I love league but I'm not some moron that gets mad and has a hissy fit about losing because it's just a game. If you want someone that wants to win as much as you but wont get mad or cry when you lose just take it on the chin and wants as much criticism as possible to better his gameplay then I'm your man.
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