: are you for real? stop complain this is a bonus for the people that eat pringles already why the %%%% would you buy it if u dont eat it? srsly
To get legacy skins? I know right, weird idea.
: "If you're wondering why I brutally murdered a man 2 days ago, it's because he stole my sandwich."
Appeal to ridicule, I think not, let's make an actual proper hypothesis. You lend a stranger 100 euro, the interest is 20%, he pays you 100 euro back and mocks you for being greedy. Now you're a presented with a problem, you can plead the case with a higher cost and no return, or you can make an example so as not to lose reputation. If you put a punishment higher than feasible you will strongly dismay any future gains at the lose of current ones. There is after all an opportunity cost to be payed, if not the juice of stupidity.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Understanding Toxicity
The irony is that if the largest part of the community is toxic at a certain interval, then vote by majority will logically be toxic. For example the honor system is through social interpretation, with little to no actual support of what honorable factually means. The system encourages manipulation, rather than virtuous conduct. Which is in fact a byproduct. Fire with fire, or rather tit-for-tat works best on reasonable agents, not so much on immature minds that haven't fully developed yet which is the larger part of the player base. Not to forget that the Dunning-Kruger plays a large part in much of the behaviour, making self-justifying remarks en-masse encouraging of the said toxicity. It's a slippery slope. I agree that reformation is the lesser of two evils.
: Toxic players
I got banned for retaliating against toxicity.
: _Those damn kids from down the block. With their loud, obnoxious rap "music" and their disrespectful attitude. They had enough daring to throw toilet paper at my house and laughed at me while I tried to clean it up. So I went to the basement, got out the old rifle grandpa brought back from the war and put few rounds into those kids. And the **f**uckmothering court went and sentenced me for multiple counts of murder! They didn't even consider what those kids did, they just got stuck on the whole "shooting them indiscriminately" part. _
Well, let's not confuse a crime of passion with a sincere logical objection to the rules in place. I'm guilty, but making a legitimate objection to the best of my ability and resources. Even if it's but a fools folly.
: > As I do not even have the opportunity to explain my reasoning. Well there is no good reason for intentionally feeding. So why would there be need for a court?
Sometimes rules need, or at least, ought to be scrutinized for revision. The idea of _court_ is to evaluate if the reasoning is indeed good, or rather valid. Your reasoning cannot be self evident. I hope that helped.
: Well, banning your champion isn't against the rules, but feeding is, so, uhm, maybe don't break the rules? Even if they don't make sense to you. Those who made the rules pull the strings.
Tough but fair. You have a point!
: Basicly every justice system in any upper country will punish you for vigilantism.
: WTF bro change pusher now. ASAP.
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