: Here's a list of champions we could have a nice vs event with: {{champion:266}} - {{champion:23}} {{champion:136}} - {{champion:80}} or {{champion:142}} {{champion:268}} - {{champion:101}} {{champion:245}} - {{champion:112}} {{champion:41}} - {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} - {{champion:50}} {{champion:222}} - {{champion:254}} {{champion:10}} - {{champion:25}} {{champion:121}} - {{champion:107}} ( probably the best for a vs event ) {{champion:89}} - {{champion:131}} {{champion:127}} - {{champion:22}} {{champion:236}} - {{champion:412}} {{champion:75}} - {{champion:58}} {{champion:516}} - {{champion:106}} {{champion:14}} - {{champion:59}} {{champion:15}} - {{champion:69}} {{champion:16}} - {{champion:30}} {{champion:161}} - {{champion:26}} These are the only rival champs i remember
Don't forget Zed and Shen
CJXander (EUNE)
: Legends of toxic players : This game is dying!
Well Riot tbh isn't the best company in terms of balancing and listening to the community (sometimes they do but not always) I mean for example the Irelia "nerf". Anyways, the problem isn't the toxic players, because there will always be toic players. The problem is that riot have trouble finding the real toxic players. And if you have a problem with them, please, use the mute botton. And, henestly, I think everyone has been toxic at some point. Everyone has. (Not inting, but flaming teamamtes) It happens to everyone. To me, your post is looking like you are attacking toxic players for no reason. Just don't be a snowflake, and deal with it.
253IQ (EUW)
: Thanks <3 {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Another tip i can give you is to die as little as possible. Because being dead means that you miss out on XP, gold, kills and well, being alive and helping out your team. You'll notice that as players climb the ladder, that they die less. And you'll notice that in challenger games, players die less. A friend of mine told me to try and die 4 times or less every game. I myself have to work on that too. Since I main Zed, I tend to die a lot. But yeah you'll notice big improvements once you start dying less. Also try to cs as much as possible.
253IQ (EUW)
: Repost "Help from high elo players"
The best way to improve is gettign a coach. If you don't want to pay and imrove by yourself, watching replays can be very helpful. Try and look for your mistakes. Then play a game, and try to stop making those mistakes (being greedy, not farming enough, not roaming enugh,...)
SAD Gekyume (EUNE)
: I wish someone told me that a bot bans people for some certain words without hesitation .____.
Yeah that really sucks. Just be careful now, because 1 bad game, 1 little swear word could lead to a perma ban, once again, dished out by bots. Which is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. But yeah good luck getting back to honor 2 and i hope you get this problem resolved.
: Last 2 seasons diamond 5 , but now I am a proud hardstuck D4 :DDDD
SAD Gekyume (EUNE)
: League of Legends Support
Takes a while, especialy when a lot of players right now are sending tickets, because they either got banned or chat restricted, asking Riot to remove them because it's the end of the season and they want their rewards. That's just my guess lol. Maybe they have problems atm. It usualy takes me about half a day to receive help about a ticket. So it's not normal.
: My Fanart of KDA Akali ~
Looks awesome! Gonna use it as a wallpaper :D
: ADC main. P2 during preseason, was really hoping to go for diamond. then mid season patch, dropped to gold. G5 now, see if i drop to silver before the season's over xd
Yikes, that sucks, good luck next season.
: Just as expected. Did placements got silver 3 in both solo and duo. Played a few games on both queues, then suddenly stopped because I remembered that I am scared of ranked, and completely abandoned it, again. 4th season I have chickened out. Because I am trash and filth.
I used to be like that to. I was bronze 4 seasons in a row because i played like 20 games each season. At the end of season 6 (1 week before the end) I decided to go ranekd and i ended up silver 4. The next season (season 7) I decided to not chicken out and face my fears. I ended up getting plat 5 and this year i got plat 2. So just play, you have got nothing to lose and it will really help you improve.
Antenora (EUW)
: Flex from Bronze 4 to Gold 5
mortal333 (EUW)
: Well i started bronze II in on month reached Silver 3 went to Silver 1 Then in 1000 games a was always Silver 3 - Silver 1 always ranking up and deranking , when i was one game away for reaching gold V i had someone running down mid with {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:1}} ... I got on rank up but expected way more with the time that i expended so it was horrible this season , i hope i can get some decent teammates next season...{{champion:157}}
1000 games? Wow thats a lot, at least you made it to gold!
Somb (EUNE)
: I went from S4 to Plat 5 I mostly played Jax and Kled and it worked out pretty great Hope you hit diamond next season!
Wow that's great, that was what happened to me last season. And thanks :D
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: solo > from gold to plat flex > from gold to plat TT > abused the old nunu to get from gold to plat c:
: Solo : Gold 4 - Dia 4 with 65% win-rate, than a tilt-demote to D5 0LP, in the last week. Flex : P2 - Dia 3, in 60 games or so. I'm not satisfied at all. Gotta invest more time next season if I want half-decent rank.
Gold to Diamond is great tbh wow
: from B4 to G5 (hit it yesterday and won't risk playing anymore till the season is over :D )
WhiteLiés (EUNE)
: from 2 permabans to 9 permabans
leprakil (EUW)
: im honor 5 and dont get keys, but yeah i like that idea as well
Or maybe Riot could allow every player to buy 1 chest per week/month in the store for like... maybe 1000 IP, for people who have tons of it.
leprakil (EUW)
: should Riot change the way chests and possibly keys are achieved?
That's a great idea. Maybe there could be a weekly or monthly mission, kinda like in events, where you could obtain keys or/and chests. As a one trick, i don't get any chests at all and i rarely get keys even though i'm honor 2.
: What will be your goal for S9?
I really want to try and get diamond next season, i'm currently plat 2
Rioter Comments
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: 14 day suspension.
: I am not touching ranked for the rest of the season....
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: Intereseting idea. It made me think a little bit but the problem which will come is what is gonna stop players which already have all champions to be toxic. In my oppinion the honor lvl 0/1 players should just get the border and nothing more. I actually like the example with the math test. Lets say your grade is your rank and even if you didn't listen the teacher when you needed to the only think which matters in the end is the grade no matter the circumstances (wow I sound like a harsh teacher xd). Riot went so far with the punishment this year because toxicity went out of any control. I am not sure will your suggestion scare the players enough. Something which I know is that Overwatch's playerbase is as toxic as LoL's one (maybe a little bit less but still they have the same problems).
Thanks for agreeing :D Finaly someone that likes the comparison xD
253IQ (EUW)
: Man... the problem isn't your language . The problem is that you speak french with the enemy or with your teammate . You speak french with the enemy . Maybe you are telling him informations about what are we doing and we don't understand it . Maybe you are doing a teamplan with your friend . And we can't understand you, maybe you are wrong .. This is the problem . I'm fine that you speak french with your friend . But please use mic, this is annoying
You do realise this is EUW and not UK server. I always speak english and when i speak french some people don't mind. And if you ahve a problem with it, just mute the guy lol.
AST Delter (EUNE)
: Considering honor system is totally messed up and won't ever work properly, while it just punishes people that should never get punished - I completely agree with the OP. Either fix your shit or don't tie it to something people have been working on for a year. I mean ey, why'd you even put an effort into being nice after having the only effect of your year of work taken away from you? Better to go grind in some korean mmorpg lul. Atleast noone will take away your sexy title if you insult someone in there. They may mute your chat but your sexy title will stay right over your head where it belongs. Because you might have been a %%%%% towards others, but you certainly were skilled enough to achieve that. Noone has a right to take that away from you. Not to mention amount of people actually getting their honor level drop unfairly at all. I myself got to lvl 1 because I defended a feeding toplaner when a toxic guy was beating crap out of him. Yeah, I did call the toxic guy some names he deserved. Because that's what he did - he deserved that. He deserved a ban and being called a toxic kid because all he was was just that - a toxic kid. And I am 150% sure that person didn't get their honor levels down, but I did get mine down. While clearly being more of a justice warrior than a toxic he was. Plus one more thing that I'm surprised never got considered by anyone making threads about the honor system. Why the heck do we even need that crap. Are people really so sensitive crybabies that being called a trash or someone '%%%ing' around on a chat hurts them so freakin bad they can't live with it? They should focus on banning actual afks, trolls from a game TOTALLY, not just dropping their honors, while muting the chat of toxic ones. Issue perma chat restricts and leave them their rewards they earned. Noone needs your overprotective system riot. Noone is gonna lose a life because someone insulted him online. We're not made of sugar and this game isn't the rain either. And if they actually are, well, natural selection anyone? :-;
CJXander (EUNE)
: I'm going to be neutral on this one, i don't really care if the Honor system is tied or not to the ranked rewards, i'm getting level 5 every season anyway, so... idc xD.
Well it obviously wouldn't matter for you but for honor 1 players it does. Man how did you get honor 5? xD
Rioter Comments
: Turk Racism
People have been toxic/ kinda racist towards me because I speak French, even though I'm English. Which is kinda funny. Anyways, point is that I don't mind or get hurt by it. You could just stop talking in chat if you really don't want people to know that you are turk, you could also try to speak english, like everyone OR you could well... MUTE whoever is being toxic to you ^^ You can also report "racist" players for being toxic/racist which will most likely get them banned. You could also try sending a ticket to riot. This post wasn't intended to be racist or force you to speak English. I'm only trying to hlp you out here by giving you solutions to your problem. I hope this helps.
Rioter Comments
: SoloQ games not starting
Same thing for me but i didnt lose lp... hmmmmm
: Connection Errors
Just got the same thing in ranked. But then i was back in the menu as if i never started a ranekd game. And i didn't lose any lp... Weird..
: League is down?
Seems like it. Can't play anything
: Broken client
Yup, same thing just happened to me. You can leave game without any worry. You won't lose any lp or get leaver.


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