Clears (EUW)
: Looking for G3+ mid or adc
hey i have a main account where i havent placed yet in flex que. but im g3 on this one (supp only). add me : xsmoelf i play adc alot and jungle secondary.
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Shírona (EUW)
ADD me im a supp main.
Dréwz (EUW)
: S3 D1 ADC Just recently came back to League, lf Support to progress with
ADD me if you want i only play support. I was a bard onetrick once so im pretty decent with him.
Zarauu (EUW)
: gold adc looking for a gold support for season 7
: Looking for friendly players
Writing from my phone so sorry for any mistakes Im a supp main so it could be fun to try and play with an adc main. Played to gold only bard Lol : I never tilt and never flame People. Im guess im pretty mature but my humor is kinda stupid. ADD me if you want to play with a chill person :3 NotBardo BTW is that a leda reference In your name?
: Adc looking for support
Well im NOT gold 1 since this Account is NOT my main. My main Got banned/hacked. And i finished this season gold 5 only Playing bard lolz. I never tilt or flame. Well if you want we Can take some normals and see how we work out?
: Main ADC Gold looking for a main SUPPORT this night ranked FLEX!
Main support here :3 READY for action! I dont flame or tilt.
A Dawg (EUW)
: Gold ADC looking for support to play and improve with...
Hey ADD me : i main supp and don't flame or tilt. I often Carry early game for my adc and midlaner (bard main) Im 18 and In the same time zone :3
: anyone wanna play ?
You Can ADD me : notbardo I main supp and don't flame or tilt :3
Pukion (EUW)
: ADC Looking for a team :)
hey i main supp we could take some normals if you want to at first and see how we work as a bot comb?
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: Gold 5 Looking for people just to play casually until S7 starts.
add me!"notbardo" - supp main / only. so fast que times :p
Limitless (EUW)
: it´s sad..I main yasuo myself with around 600k on 2 accounts and I admit he was broken during the Tanksuo Era,then he got nerfed but he still got more bans,now that he isnt so strong anymore and gets shitted on by jayce or kennen people still talk about him like he is super broken Yeah broken my ass,people on NA or KR already stopped banning him while we from EUW are still at the pre-nerfed yasuo from 2 months ago 51% win rate overall,44% win rate for new yasuos in ranked while 52% win rate for those with 125+ games..broken,pls nerf And by the way just looking at half the people aren´t even in 50% of the top database..why do you still complain..
i agree. also a fed yasuo is maybe your worst nightmare but at the same time he is super easy to shotdown if he's not that far ahead.


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