noob infant (EUNE)
: wow, can I join in and we can live together in your bubble? nobody gives a shit about what time players prefer to play same as nobody gves a shit when hockey or football players prefer to play. all the timing is done to cater viewers in arena and around the globe to watch the event, looks like LOL is very popular in new zeland now and all the focus is done on the 2 viewers they are getting from there and who gives a %%%% about the other potentional few million around the globe.
Clearly Riot doesn't share your opinion.
Sygoli (EUW)
: LF Some nice people teach me how to play this game^^
Not sure whats with all the down votes :/
Fajerk (EUW)
: You don't train to be diamond, you are born to be diamond.
Joker Pete (EUNE)
: Haha yeah, good point! Because its not like 95% of competitive events take place at afternoon/late hours! Out of a sudden its a problem on a 7th season Worlds. This IS for the viewers, this is where the income is coming from and I doubt that players mind, they had a lot of time to prepare.
Actually no its for the eSport, viewers can leave and new ones will take their place. Create a bad environment for the players and you have no professional league. LCS usually starts later because they have less games to play especially since they handle them over multiple broadcasts. It starts at 12pm local time I checked the time myself. Assuming each match takes an hour that means the match ends at 6pm which is by far the best time especially for people watching in the stadiums and the players. Means they can relax without having to sleep at 2am because of getting back to their hotels so late. If this shit is so damn inconvenient for you maybe try watching the rebroadcast instead of selfishly ranting about how terrible it is for you to not be able to watch them play and demand that the peoples whos job it to play at their best and put on the best possible performance for their team just play at far worse times for your convenience.
Craftee (EUNE)
: Best worlds timing EVER (no, not really)
11am is a perfectly reasonable time to start especially considering it usually lasts 5-6 hours. Also its not just for the viewers its for the players because no one wants to wait until 8pm at night to play a match they need to play early to they can finish and get back to prepping and practicing for their up coming matches.
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Sefiroz (EUW)
: Yes, I'm just naming bad parts about it that can go away so more people can buy it.
You ever think that not everybody agrees the the things you are pointing out are bad points of the skin?
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Star Guardian Ahri makes me cringe
Have you ever thought know...not buying the skin if you don't like it instead of complaining?
Nellu (EUNE)
: Fix Tristana's rocket jump
It doesn't need fixing because this is how it is intended to be. It has a cast time making it a skill based ability. It means if tristana times it right then she gets away from cc but if the enemy sees it they can easily time their cc along with it this is why its particularly hard to lane tristana into thresh.
teemos (EUW)
: Why doe?
Out of all the shit that people have to put up with on this game, this is pretty light.
: what I mean is walk calmly a full circle around the turret without taking damage, not poke, or jump hope for a hit and then hope for an escape
Unless there's something else tanking the no he can't.
: Can you think of anyone lese who can do a full circle around the turret without 1 dmg taken? :)
Elise Edit: Infact actually I have no idea what you mean by do a full circle around a turret without taking damage but fizz is only untargetable through the use of 1 ability and he only has mobility in 1 other ability so whatever you mean by this that entitles zed, Yi, Ekko, Shaco, Camille, elise and even bard can do that by ulting the turret. Again I'm not sure exactly what you mean but I do find it funny that its always low elo players that believe the worst champs are actually the best. According to winrates there are 14 champions that are better than fizz in the midlane and 53 champions better than him in the toplane.
Etherim (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Asher2406,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=b4kkYJ7K,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-19T11:49:22.576+0000) > > Since when fizz is op? Since he was released in 2011. Good mobility Good damage (Works with AD and AP now, although less AP ratios) There you have it
Good mobility and good damage? So every Assassin in the game?
: well yeah it is.. its just if anything is harder its gona be that than catching an axe yet if he catches a axe hedoesnt just gain gold he does more damage than most champs full ability combo landing all skill shots its like if veigar could cast ults on his basic attacks pretty much
Lol you wanna bet on that I'll happily prove you wrong by testing out veigars ult dmg in a custom. Maybe at the lower level that you are at Draven seems easier but theres nothing difficult about what Kalista does shes literally one of the easiest adcs out there she literally just does what every other adc is already doing and makes it easier.
Dreadara (EUW)
: Your that desperate?
You're, and what does desperation have to do with it? The girl/guy knows what he wants and is short cutting to it, nothing wrong with that.
: No Point Playing ADC anymore Bye Bye League of legends
How is Kalista difficult in any way lol, you just auto then click where you wanna go its piss easy.
: most of the time you get 3-4+ its hard to find decent girls tho :((
Decent girls? Whats the difference?
: Looking for E-girls. ♥
Does this actually ever work?
...white devils? Was that really the only name you could think of?
: Sensei eSports is still looking for Jungle and Mid for our Female Competitive Team
I remember you guys (well girls). Well goodluck gonna be funny to see the response this thread gets.
: Thats op combo when Yi is stuned Kayle can just R him and he will survive cc or even get a kill! So yeah! You just need a team like who is tanking or defending Yi....
a team thats defending Yi when the two main roles that pick tanks are top and jungle except your taking Yi jungle and Kayle top. You'll get stunned kited then immediately killed the moment you come out of the Kayle ult then your team will get rolled over because you have a Kayle that built useless items and no tank.
: DuoQ Partner S4 (Kayle top & yi jung) OP STRATEGY
Nothing special about this combo really. He gets cc'd hes going to die same as always. You'd probably be better off with a tank toplaner or a proper secondary threat that can take the enemy teams attention allowing you to go off.
Miss Stress (EUNE)
: Serious problems with player behavior
The feedback thing only tells you if they are immediately punished after the report which isn't very likely to happen because it takes more than one instance of them doing some and getting reported for it to take effect. As for the system working it does work pretty well especially when they use vulgar language like the all too popular "get cancer" remark being extremely likely to land you a temporary ban. However for the smarter flamer such as I there are actually easy ways to insult people while never getting banned and all you need to do is avoid swearing and avoid popular insults and you're good. I'm not actually a flamer but I do let people pull me into arguments a little too much.
Vaxuren (EUW)
: New player here.
For toplane gbay is pretty worth watching for adc phy is pretty worth watching for jungle foxdrop is pretty worth watching for mid redmercy is pretty worth watching and that is it those are the 4 roles that anyone would want to play in league of legends.
: queue dodge timers are really unfair..
Because if there wasn't punishment people would dodge all the time if they didn't get what they wanted or didn't like the team comp. Imagine having to wait 15 minutes for a game every time just because people left 15 times in a row,
Valentin358 (EUNE)
: how to play good
: How about banning all smurfs ?
Theres already a system in place that separates players at low level based on performance you just have to play enough games.
: IN need of a high elo, free teacher or adviser
Gold plus eh? Setting your standards low I see.
: Plat 2 support lf DUO add : Marijane :)
lakii (EUW)
: You can join my discord if you'd like ( We're a group of people that play league, pubg, cs, overwatch and other games. feel free :)
The link doesn't lead anywhere except discord home.
: I feel so sorry for bronze players
You're basing your opinion of the entirety of bronze on one game? In my experience silver and platinum are both far worse.
Pababum2 (EUNE)
: Well, when o player gets punished you receive a message, and for the hundreds of reports i made, maybe 1 or 2 times they informed me that my report was reviewed, so no the system doesn't work. I know that in the lower leagues this happens more often than in the higher ones but, not every one has the time to climb up there, that doesn't mean i shouldn't enjoy the game like the rest of the players.
Those messages only appear if the person gets punished immediately after the report unlike most of the times people will get punished which will be hours or days later. It's not really about time its about how good you are.
Pababum2 (EUNE)
: LP loss
1: If people AFK on your team this much then it must happen on the enemy team as well. 2: How do you know they are not getting punished. 3: In my experience the system works perfectly fine.
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: Why are some players stronger than others?
Runes and masteries maybe. Maybe interactions with supports that you're not yet aware of such as sona auto attack buffs.
Vekhh (EUNE)
: Duo? Let's improve! (EUNE)
I did try adding you the other day and you accepted at first but then deleted me before I could say anything. Edit: Not on this account of course.
: Sensei Female Team is looking for new Jungle and Mid to play competitively
Why I don't really have respect for Female only teams
sit kid (EUW)
: {{champion:268}}
Was gonna mention him but decided not to since he is such a trash champ right now.
: Magic penetration
If you have to deal with a tank then Void staff should be all you need. In fact void staff is so damn good that most players in high elo rarely go more than 1 MR item because compared to armor pen Void staff is just your be all end all. The problem you're facing lies not in the fact that magic pen needs more items because it really doesn't, it lies in the fact that Taliyah and similar mages are terrible at dealing with tanks. Taliyah has 2 dmg abilities and neither of them are particularly high dps. Shes good at bursting down squishies but that's about it really. If you want to deal with tanks as an AP midlaner then you simply need to play a different champion like the following {{champion:112}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:34}}
Fish Aura (EUW)
: Gentlemens Club looking for dedicated staffs and members
Do you not think the name Gentlemens Club pushes away girls?
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imPugs (EUW)
: I need a coach (LOW ELO) (NO MONEY)
If you're still looking for one I'd be happy to help. D5 on my main and I've coached many times before.
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