: Heh, I agree that all FNC members are extremely talented. But it's not about talents here, it's about thought progression. I can't decide which one of the teams will win but I will give FNC a slight edge due to them being having Caps and a better bot. FNC will likely lose Mid and Top early due to Jankos early game and Wonder's superiority over Bwipo. But then again, Rekkles knows how to bring the team together and unless the games goes to late game FNC will always have an edge to win. BUT if Caps gets tilted early or Broxah makes a mistakes and then game goes to 40+ min, FNC will lose that edge due to their mental-tempo would be a loss. If anything that I seen in FNC is that they have horrible team play within Team-fights when everyone is full build. So assuming G2 have that idea how to play against FNC, they will try to dominate early game then be careful at around 1st baron then when they stalled the game long enough, start a teamfight and shut FNC down. That is if they can execute this idea, which I assume they will since it's fairly simple. I would say this fight is between adaption and cheese. Who ever wins the first game has the advantage, but the game will probobly lead to a 5 games. Also If FNC are willing to give up Swain after the nerf, either Perkz or Caps is gonna have troubles.
Dude, FNC smashed G2 with a late game composition. They are more than capable of losing early and still beating G2. FNC are a better team atm, they proved it time and again. G2 have come together just lately but their team right now is still a tier below FNC. I only see FNC struggle against extremely crazy picks and strategies, a la Vitality, but G2 are still a very standard and safe team who rely on their better team game to beat opponents. Their team is weaker than FNC = them losing.
Suptra (EUW)
: not true :) gl trying to compete in wave clearing vs an anivia or ziggs
: But G2 is actually play much more fun now than they used to do. If G2 get in finals I bet FNC will have a hard time. If spylse get in finals they will be stomped.
Still think FNC will take the LCS finals (now it is G2 vs FNC). I think Perkz has underperformed in the last few weeks and Caps is a monster atm, Rekkles and Hylissang are just better players than Hjarnan and Wadid. I give the edge to Jankos/Wunder over Broxah/Bwipo but if FNC can force Wunder off of carry toplaners (and I think they'll aim for that strategy in pick/bans) then their superior mid and bot will carry them through, no problem. Vitality tried to ban out Rekkles and he still showed up on a champ he hates in Ezreal, even in their loss. I think it'll be 3-1 to FNC. And Vitality to beat Splyce in 3rd place game and go to Rift Rivals.
: Reason why TSM always first in NA.
awh and then they went and got beat 3-1 by Clutch Gaming in the Quarter Finals. Just need G2 to lose to Splyce now and I'll have a reason to watch the LCS finals in both regions I pay attention to!
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > But am I the only one who thinks that League's player behaviour is at an all time low? In a community of 100 million players, you are not alone with ANYTHING. There are a few who share your opinion and there always have. Every season since day one there have been people who said: "This is the worst time ever". People tend to see the past with rosy goggles, so this statement was always popular. However, there was never any evidence or even a hint for it being actually true. > I feel Riot need to be much, much stricter Stricter is not better. This is a common misconception. Harsher punishments are NOT more effective. The opposite is the case. > MUCH clearer w/ regards to what they are doing to combat negative player behaviour. Riot already published quite a lot about it. It's literally (!) hundreds of pages of material. What exactly is not clear to you? Maybe I can point you in the right direction where you can look it up.
Fair points; 1) I honestly just feel the game, being much more complex and full of mechanically difficult champions, leaves it open to a lot more mistakes and more abuse. Hence why I'm seeing this particular period as being worse than any preceding. I've never needed the "muteall" command before but this season it's become mandatory. 2) I said stricter, not harsher. More rigid reinforcement of their rules. Which ties into point 3. 3) Communication being that people who feel aggrieved KNOW that their concerns are being acted upon. Other than a (very rare) little pop-up exclaiming that reports have led to a player being punished, there's no way for sure of knowing you're being taken seriously. I've reported many players for racial abuse, leaving game, intentional griefing etc but never do I know for sure that the player responsible is being adequately punished. Of course to tackle these issues, players themselves need to stop handing out reports like they're going out of fashion, for every tiny misplay or mistake made in-game. But that's a whole 'nother story.
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: Is running down mid with 5 man banable?
There are competitive "ARAM comps", so to speak, and it is a legitimate strategy. Just not a very optimal one..
Rioter Comments
: Is 65 MS good to play with?
So you get your account all the way to level 30 and still wondering about your ping? That's.... new.
: when riot will fix the hitboxes and acutaly make a 3d hit box?
Translation: "waaaaah I don't know how to juke!" Seriously, I've never had an issue with hitboxes.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheChosenOne TCO,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6Bp9fxQk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-28T19:21:40.380+0000) > > Best champions to one trick ranked from easy to difficult > > Top laners - {{champion:58}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} > > Mid laners - {{champion:45}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:112}} > > ADCs - {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:110}} > > Junglers - {{champion:19}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:102}} > > Did not include {{champion:157}} {{champion:122}} because they are banned most of the time LOL Varus, Lucian, Jinx, Tristana, Caitlyn harder than Vayne? I don't think so. More appropriate - (Easy to pickup, master and do well on) {{champion:22}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:21}} -> {{champion:110}} -> {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} -> {{champion:18}} -> {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:29}} -> {{champion:67}} -> {{champion:429}} -> {{champion:119}}
I think he meant that if you put in the time and play exclusively Vayne then your ability to hardcarry goes through the roof. Vayne, Twitch and Kog'Maw can absolutely demolish teams if unprepared... which Silver usually is.
Randáll (EUW)
: Best Champions To One Trick!
{{champion:8}} That, at least, is my current favourite champion who I've been performing okay on, even if my team hasn't always been quite up to snuff. - Easy cs-ing with Q. - Sustain god. - Massive teamfight power with R - Cheese escapes with W/Ghost combo - Decent waveclear with E Honestly if you've got any sort of game sense whatsoever then Vlad'll do you right.
: Just how the hell do you play Camille?
I'm no Camille expert but I'll give my opinions on how she works best. - In teamfights I feel she's best served flanking the carries; she has the burst potential to obliterate a squishy and the ability to keep champions like {{champion:236}} or {{champion:7}} near her with her ulti is excellent. - Yes she's a duellist but you have to be good at landing the E, playing around with the Q timings and disengaging to gain HP off W to trade effectively. I normally farm til I have at least Tiamat and Sheen (unless your lane opponent is making obvious mistakes) before trying anything funny with Camille. - Isolate a target. That's what your ult is for. If you can lock a squishy in your cage, the knockback should, theoretically, give your team time to destroy a carry before the enemy team can react. Then you're ina 4 v 5 and you ought to win. - Again, situational. Follow your lane opponent if they tp down or if the enemy botlane is massively overextended but otherwise, just hold on to it and farm your lane. - Titanic Hydra is better than Ravenous Hydra. The waveclear is better and Camille benefits more from the HP of Titanic than the lifesteal of Ravenous. - Both are good. Depends if you want to be a pure duelling split-pusher type or more teamfight utility focused. - Powerspikes are Tiamat + Sheen, then later Trinity Force. After that I don't usually build more dmg so that's about as strong as my Camille ever gets.
: [EUW][Gold3+] Team Looking for recruits
I don't want to join but I am upvoting you for Tits crank
xFataL (EUNE)
No, it's perfectly fair. If you don't understand you're being punished then you're just dense, aren't you? A promise is worth precisely jack shit. You didn't change when they gave you the chance, why should they keep giving you chances?
Rioter Comments
: I actually like they went for a more ranged juggernaut approach than artillery approach. It might not be as similar to his main strategy current (Spam Q, land E, spam Q harder) but it works better with builds we're familiar with plus gives him a more interesting niche. I think he's also potentially less obnoxious than Gnar given he's a melee-esque ranged champ though it does provide the downside of no clear windows to fight him. Also holy shit dat ultimate. Less utility than his current one but damn it makes more sense, works better with his playstyle and can be used to either guarantee kills or save resources on tanks with high effective health (looking at you Galio). Only major concern with me is that I wonder when his power spikes will hit. Early game ranged top laners are annoying as %%%% to deal with and I alway feel guilty to play them, and late game most juggernauts bar Garen tend to fall off since they get kited. Probably will be more of a mid game champ but personally, I hope he has decent late game scaling.
I have a funny feeling he's going to end up occupying a similar niche to Renekton. i.e strong early laning and great at picks when coupled with his jungler but pretty useless as the mid game transitions into late. I could be wrong though
: I don't look forward getting meat grinded by urgot. Keep that thing away from me. I guess rito nailed the "fear" aspect of urgot. a game against this urgot, warwick and Rengar becomes a survival horror game.
Don't forget Kayn (idk if that's how it's spelt) who'll quite happily walk through walls to obliterate you!!! Nerves'll be shredded
Rioter Comments
Couttsy (EUW)
: Suddenly Losing Games
don't worry dude, it happens in Gold and beyond too. Doesn't matter how well you're playing or what your team is like, eventually you just seem to get paired with absolute morons. the amount of times I've gone from 98 LP or so to 0 and back is astonishing. And there's no middle ground either. Either I'm winning them all or losing them all.
: Why League of Legends will never be ''balanced''
There are champions who are stronger and champions who are weaker in terms of pure power but is there one champion who you think has nothing to contribute to any team, ever? I think League is okay in that regard because all champions are pickable in the right scenario and all champions are killable. People cry about badly balanced champs... that's mostly nonsense. They just don't take the right champions into that matchup. Just my thoughts on the subject.
: I just got to Gold V :D
Gold V, 0LP is a %%%%ing magnet. I've been on literally 98 LP in Gold V and I keep getting sucked back down to 0
: Champ breaking bug up for 5 patches and nobody gives a pony Riot pls notice
Fador (EUW)
: Forming Gold+ Team for weekly tournaments+practices - Looking for more
My IGN as advertised Role: Eh bit of everything. Currently playing top right now although my ADC play got me to gold. Top/ADC.. (will supp if necessary) Rank: Gold V Top champs: Galio, Shen, Fiora, currently practising Kennen so pretty standard meta picks. Not a bad Gragas player either. Why do I wanna join? Never had a serious team before, I feel I could stand to learn a lot and it'd be nice to play League as it's supposed to be played. And considering it's the summer, I'm free.... pretty much always.
RazerX (EUW)
: G2 @ MSI
Considering they just obliterated Flash Wolves like they were Origen... Not too bad. To paraphrase what Mithy said: Their early games have sucked some serious donkey %%%%. Clean those up and look what they can actually do. Also they didn't help themselves in their drafting. Nunu... really? When was the last time Nunu was a thing?
: A day into Rakan & Xayah: what nerfs - if any - are they going for on them, next patch?
Only tried {{champion:498}} . - She excels at picking off people who are out of position. Q into W into AA into E and you're dead. - She's a shoving monster. Only Sivir matches her in that aspect I think. - Turrets? What turrets? One max W from her and bang, your turret is basically dead. Don't really have much more of an opinion on her other than that.
: Why are rune pages so expensive?
Pick a half dozen champions that can benefit from similar rune pages. Learn them Then prioritise getting say........ 10-15 rune pages as opposed to champions. Then when you've got a decent mix of runes over a good number of pages you can save up for new champions.
: "if u are good u will climb " line use by many forum user
Low Elo = Greed. That's literally it. I found since I've tried to cut back on my greedy habits that I win more than I lose. If you distribute kills rather than gobble them up for yourself (i.e your jungler is behind and comes for a gank on your lane when you're stomping) everyone comes out on top. It's much better to have 5 kills on everybody on your team than 25 kills on one person. If the enemy manages to remove the 25 kill carry in one fight... what are you going to do? Nobody else has any gold from kills because it's been dumped on one person. Kind of an extreme example but you get the point, I think.
: What is your favorite voice over?
Probably Candy King Ivern. It makes me chuckle, without fail, every time.
: Riot please add a reverse spacebar
I play half locked/half unlocked, situation depending. My advice is bind the lock/unlock of the camera to T. S'what I do. Works well enough. Just don't press R by mistake.
: Quality of life change to make playing against Yasuo less frustrating
Yasuo is the one champion I'll pull out Urgot against...
Byaka (EUW)
: Silver 2 Jungler looking for duopartner
sure, I'll play I sent you an inv
: In-game Question (About Rammus):
Rammus has officially got six in-game quotes: "Ok" "Yeah" "Hmm" "Right" "Yeh" "Alright"
mystipisti (EUNE)
: Help me find my main middle champion.
{{champion:134}} No repositioning abilities but fits that to a T
Rioter Comments
: Do you have any rare icons/skins?
I have Santa Baron icon... I don't see that one too often so could you call that rare? Also played with a guy who had PAX TF
: Ivern is seriously strong...
Just wanted to leave a comment to myself, reminding myself that Candy King Ivern is simultaneously creepy and utterly brilliant...
: What do you call an Ashe, that got hit by a a fed Lux' ult
Rioter Comments
: Blood moon jhin
Patches are (I THINK) bi-weekly. So next patch will be February 7th-8th, I can't remember whether they release on a Tuesday or a Wednesday... The skins usually follow the patch anywhere between a few hours to a day or two later...
abraklaas (EUW)
: Whats the best to drink when playing lol?
Tea. Since I'm British. But it also has the happy side effect of keeping your hands warm and quick on the trigger on a cold winter's day
Historically two of my favourite champions (Jhin and Diana) and my favourite Skin line (Blood Moon)...... #orgasms incoming
Podqueen (EUW)
: Looking for English player for improvement
I could help I suppose. Yes I'm British and yes, I'm a native English speaker and I'm also horribly pedantic about people using the English Language properly (not in a mean way, I hope) I don't know how often I could actually speak since I have my own work to do and during the evenings I'm often in the company of others. Weekends are good for me however. I don't know what help I could possibly give however. If you just need to talk in English I can do that.
: Looking for a Long-Term duo partner!
Sure, I could use a duo partner :-) And my roles don't overlap with yours so that's cool. Dropped you a friend request
: Master sonic the yi. . . . . Ok, im bad at this xD
You could have Legend of Zelda Yi... Dressing Yi up as Link might work
Rioter Comments
: Budget PC build that can run League @ 60 FPS on Medium High?
League is hardly the most intensive game in the world to run.. My Acer Aspire can run it 60FPS on High with zero problems and that's only a £400 laptop. My brother's gaming PC runs League at highest settings at a steady 280 or so FPS. If ya want my advice, find out the most graphically intensive game you're going to be running, take a look at recommended specs and work from there.
: have you tried running it as an admin? that fixes my problems usually
Yes, I've set most games I've installed to run as admin automatically. Short of totally reformatting my computer I'm stumped
Rioter Comments
: You can try to redownload lol.....is the only thing that you can do if you cant open the game.
Done that now, it opens the old client Click launch and nothing still.
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