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: Well, why did you play it for 7 year if the gameplay itself was not worth enough though? :/
it was worth it until one day you realize, well wtf thats 7 years im not getting bad or no one will even remember, i myself wont realize i spend 7 years in this game in 5 years, no reward or icon to symbolize it.
: I always wonder how "veterans" of LoL, who lived through an absolutely broken game during S3,S4 and S5...come talk s@@t of the game NOW. I REALLY wonder how that's possible.
the game from s3-s5 was 100x better than it is now, it was simpler, less kids played the game, the community was little so people's opinion mattered, now it's just instalock tank and win or troll with no consequences, because lets face it, it's harder to control 33m players than to control lets say 20k.
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