Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Do you main Mordekaiser or something, i barely see any bugs.
The recent start game bugs,among many others.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You know i always thought that all this talk about game dying was BS, but hypothetically if there as something that could kill it then i think this would be it. Of course, it's still gonna take time, but this could be the beginning of an end. Prepare for the first transgender, non binary champion of color.
Suggesting a name for that champ - Transanniesha. On a serious note, some people here throw a lot of money at the game having in mind at the objects - skins and so on will be permanent, but let's say that they don't agree on the game becoming SJW central stage... What are they, we going to do? Just stop playing after all of the years and money spent? Nah, don't think so. I think that there will be some sort of riot in this RIOT Game. However we already see that the actual service is going to hell by every patch so far -bug after bug after FPS issues after bug... I know that it's a free to play game, but isn't the game created for the players who play it and are happy to spend money for the additional in game content and by that support the company? I haven't heard a game raised to the top of the lists and made a sport by people that complain over it. I haven't heard about a company that is based purely on a non-supportive, non-diverse group of people focusing on looking for flaws and issues in everything and everyone. There isn't something, someone, some way of bringing down the gamer community. We aren't racist, misogynists, haters, toxic, sexists, rapists and every other silly word we have been called. Yes, we are competitive and yes, we are able to lash out over "just a game" and yes we "BM", but it is just a part of everyone of us and everyone does those things if he/she has a passion for something. Don't flame, turn off the chat, focus on your gameplay, don't use those words because they will offend someone, don't do that because it will offend someone, don't play that character because it will offend someone, don't make the female characters look that way, don't make the male characters look that way, do this, do that... Why am I doing this to myself? I already have a meta to obey, and in game rules to follow in order to win... Without a chat and without a focus on the whole team, without teamplay and without the consequences of you communicating with the other players am I not playing Singleplayer? If that is the case, I can play a whole lot of other game that are better in every single way, shape or form that won't ban me for the way for anything i say or do because someone wasn't raised right by their parents and now their "feefees" are all messed up. And let me say one thing. MOST of these Singleplayer games are cheaper than the average Skin bundle in League or Skin Line. Yea maybe i should go and play another game, but I actually do enjoy the game and most of the time I end up wining or losing because of my actions in game and I take it well. I am not mad at the game, and rarely I am mad at the people. I am mad at the SJWs that are trying to spoil and take over something that they don't understand. Something that I and many (MANY) other people love to do and appreciate by supporting (actively) this company. Also I want to add-there are only two genders.


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