Merpedy (EUW)
: This is happening far too regularly these days, like is anything even being done to avoid it these days or?
you think this is too much? you should've played in season 2 when we literally had 10 hours login queues and when we reached number 1 in the queue the game bugged... day after day, after day
: Can a team surrend in LCS/ Professional scene ? Did it ever happen before ?
TSM surrendered against GGU in game 2 of the LCS Finals in Spring 2013
: I think I'm on my 7th or 8th champion shard in a row now and I have many other friends who are not getting skin shards either, maybe Riot needs to boost the drop rate a little more. I think they made the drop rate lower after the honour system because of capsules but you're right it's getting absurd
It's quite weird tho, for me that play about 4-5 days per week a couple of games (more now since i'm on holiday with actual decent ping) i drop champion shard after champion shard... my brother stoped playing a while ago, he went over to CSGO and yet whenever he plays, once a month or even less, and gets keys to open boxes, they're ALL skin shards... i don't get it
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: R.I.P. EUNE servers
Not just NE, i can't play on EUW either
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Do you happen to be situated in or around Bulgaria? We're aware of some issues in this region and are continuing to investigate.
Bulgaria? i'm from Portugal and can't even play the game since i got disconnected from a ranked for apparentlly no reason (internet was fine), couldn't even log-in for the rest of the day (tried it since 11pm until 4am) and today, when i finally log-in, i try to start a game and it says an unexpected error occured during the afk check... so no, i'm not from arround Bulgaria
: The client bugs out and, as usual, we the players are the one who are being punished
And guess what, after this that was stated here happenned yesterday arround 7pm (London), it happens again, today at arround the exact same time! Tried restarting the computer and still the same shit... what now Riot? 10 more low priority queue games for me and not adressing your awfully bugged client?
: Useless? He spots you, he will make sure you see a black and white screen for 60sec, He has a great team fight potential and disengage with his ult, what more do you need? Not to mention a hard cc for auto attacking,
Poor soul doesn't know the terror of release Xin Zhao
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himanwho (EUW)
: The client keeps saying that I have entered a wrong username or password.
same here, better wait low priority queue for 5 games for afk and not even an answerd from riot, as per usual
LeCruz (EUW)
: Client: "Username or password incorrect"
Just Riot %%%%ing people over.. another loss and probablly a 20 min per 5 games of low priority queue when the game didn't even connected, yes i'm also having the same problem
raps1355 (EUW)
: To be fair a lane can be decided off of missing that 1st wave simply because of all in lvl 2 plays or youll always be on the defensive its totally legit to call for a remake but it is annoying to have a laptop overheat etc and you plan to be strait back but the problem is the rest of your team must assume the worst because it affects them so harshly.
on a tank lane tho? (i was top lane), it isn't that impactfull... you can make up for it with decent ganks and tp expendures for example, so... and if there is fb already there shouldn't be a remake at all
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bob0r (EUNE)
is this a "dia de los muertos" reference? it's pretty cool

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