: But Trick buys it and hits challanger in NA, so it must be good
I believe that he is challenger not because of that item, but because he knows how to play the game. Another fact is that you can't tell if an item is good just by analising one player.
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: Through all the cry posts I have seen on the Forum, you my friend take the medal.
Why, are you being sarcastic?
RazerX (EUW)
: 6 seconds is ample time to wreck your opponent. It just gives opponents ever so slightly more ability to abuse a mistake made by a Yasuo player.
In the Yasuo perspective, he can do 2 things: -Rush in the minions and tank all of it to E,Q your opponent or -Stay on lane just doing nothing Every champion must have his power in lane;i know that yasuo has a lot, but what about fiora,darius,warwick,lux,etc. Nobody talks about those because they are a lot less played than Yasuo, that's the only difference
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