: It's probably gonna struggle to hit 60 even on low settings.
How come? The minimum specs are 2GHz, 512MB VRAM, 1GB RAM
: CPU and GPU?
2.0GHz Intel Core i3-6006U I'm guessing onboard graphics.
I used to have this problem, it was caused by popups/notifications- like discord, skype, windows notifications etc..
iluminati14 (EUNE)
: i actually play all the lanesexcepting jg i used to main supp for a period of time then i tilted cuz as a support i was dealing more damage than asssasin or adc and this also happened to when i was playing tank so the conclusion is urs, my opinion is still that riot should put some requirments to play ranked and not the only one that has now to be 30 lvl
At the end of the day, their matchmaking system is very robust. You're playing with people of the same skill level- if you feel like you aren't, then you need to make adjustments. Don't let them ruin your score or performance, play for yourself and keep doing so until your elo changes- and you get matched with different players.
iluminati14 (EUNE)
: unskilled players deserve punish
Here's your game plan buddy. Follow this, and you'll be shooting past those n00bs in no time: * Increase your minimap size. You should be looking at this at least once every 10 seconds, or using your tab to see who isn't visible on the map. That way you can guess where the jungler is and decide whether to risk a fight. * Disable all chat. And consider using /mute all at the start of the game- or just mute people who you feel anger towards or who say anything remotely toxic in the chat. You don't need the distraction of typing or reading- don't type unless you're saying good job, laughing with your team or calling out summoners. * You appear to be an ADC main. That means you are always going to have a fellow teammate playing with you. If for whatever reason your support is playing very poorly- ignore them. Pretend they don't exist and focus on farming, poking when your support is attacked. You can at least deny them killing yourself and focus on gold for the late game. * In a lot of your games, you die quite a lot. Take note of that and always play to survive. If you have the choice between a kill or a potential death- just back off. You'll get your chance eventually. * Remember, you have a positive win rate- that means that you're going up the ranks whether you like it or not. You might have win or loss streaks, but you're still going to end up climbing if you remain focused. * Consider finding a support main to duo queue with.

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