: The big problem with TFT even before its released.
Thb I don't think thats gonna be a problem the game in it's natur ist close to poker everybody knows the best hand in poker still not everyone can get it you have to work with what you got
FixxeS (EUW)
: activate chat for non-premade teams
yeah a free Voice chat would be nice to have :) but than agai 90% of people who add me dont have a mic {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
neviss (EUW)
: Just bring back old urf with 10 bans
i played 1 game of Urf this time and was like "Nah its not as fun as i remember it being ^^"
: Permabanned
gl with that :P
VIPChiefo (EUNE)
: WTF riot ur system suck or u have to change the staff
you should really take some english classes
: So, im looking for new top/jgs that just straight up run the enemys down :)
{{champion:23}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:36}}
: I dont know, is this really a problem? Even in diamond, where theoretically the player pool is smaller, thus the chance of encountering a given player in that pool is higher, smurfs from master/challenger are very rare. For the last 2 season, after the reset i might stay for like 20 games in plat, before i get hardstuck in low diamond, with the occasional tilt losing spree visit to low plat and afterwards again a climb. I mean ofc, sometimes ppl stomp and snowball a lane, and it feels awfull to lose a game, where you won your lane, but your opponents happened to stomp harder. But that just how it goes, sometimes, it doesn't mean the enemy had a smurf. Bad games happen, good games happen. Matchmaking should in theory let smurfs climb pretty fast out of gold MMR. And in praxis, i often had ppl on my team talking about the op.gg's of an enemy and that he might smurf, but in reality, it was often pretty much indistinguishable from the average player...
i think even if every diamond smurfed at once there the top 2 percent so at the absolute maximum you could get a diamond smurf in every 50th game or so
: Hey o riot.
ahm youre level 10 o_0 so this should be like youre first patch ever dont worry there are more to come {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} gl hf
m3dyz4 (EUW)
: My second role - support.
since few people play support (and jungle for that matter) your chances of get your sec role increase ^^ for the best Chance on your mainrole just put mid in your 2 Slot :D and if you want to play support first role you get it like 90+% of the time in my expirience i cant recall any game were i did go support first rold and did not get it ^^ i will add you ingame maybe i can help you with some basic stuff
: While I’m here does anyone else have an issue with literally any patch however small or large. It failed to finish patching and I have to restart my client about 20 times in a loop of “restoring to previous version” and “restart to apply patch”
No i dont have that sometimes it sets me to Na but thats it ^^
Poramies (EUW)
: So why did you have bad cs in aram?? Let me guess you didn't even put any wards... boosted!! {{sticker:sona-playing}}
ye allways these guys who dont ward in aram :/ it really bothers me also my team never helps me with objectives like dragon and stuff and the enemy Jungle just sits in my lane every game {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: IM READY!{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
For some gameplay ? ^-^ {{champion:25}} +{{champion:22}} +{{champion:10}} ={{sticker:sg-lux}}
: I like you :D{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
youre a kangaroo (just couse it rhymes :P...kinda) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I have problems :D{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
i for my part ship {{champion:6}} and {{champion:27}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Dark Souls with a League Champion. Who would you pick?
{{champion:27}} or {{champion:6}} :P
: So where u start in Season9
Dont know yet 93% Patched ^^ but based on my Bronze 1 last Season i think me and ma Buddy Urgod are gonna be around Bronze as well Have a nice Day and fun matches {{champion:6}}
Riryz (EUW)
: Did you even read the day1/day2/day... yet in the client? it obviously says skins/event on day5. I'm gonna assume a gamemode is an event. (if not then shame on riot for not making it clear) tommorow ranked, after that sylas, then some lore stuff (i assume) and then come the new skins and ARURF (still not URF but ill take it)
Ranked Season is today or not ? o_0 i was sure it was today since my ranking got reset
Lari (EUNE)
: I get what you are saying maybe the numbers are a bit high for his R but think that there is a great downside if Vlad dies for example, he takes Hector with him
but you can just leave before your allie dies ^^
íGengar (EUW)
: You call 3.5 seconds of cc AND damage reduction AoE "some" crowd control? I don't know man it seems pretty over the top. Maybe 1 second on your Q and 1/1.5 on the smokescreen. Maybe have a passive called meditation or something that allows you to "evolve" one of your spells to be of the increased duration. Going to base allows you to meditate again to evolve a different one to swap.
ye even Leona who basicly is only CC ^^ has only 3 sec of lock down 2.5 of full lockdown 0.5 sec root on the E 1 sec stun on the Q and 1.5 sec Stun on R
: So nearsighted.
on bot with ranged carrys nearsighted is even worse lets say he "smokescreens" you for 2 sec and as it fades welp there is the enemy jungle behind you :P
: so you basically want to rework Shen in your own image? That is what this is Q: basically Shen E E: OP Version of Shen W R: Strange version of Shen R
not to ignore the 2!!!! Sec blind :P espacially bot i wish you good luck trading vs a 2 sec blind ^_^ and since he says Smokescreen he probably means a aoe
: To Gold players: How often do you look at the map vs farm?
I use the same rule i used back when i played mostly cs:go i look at the minimap every 3-5 sec and the whole time while just moving onto my lane or something that does not need my attention {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Cràp Bag (EUW)
: Well Played for the new season teaser .
The Cinematic Studio is credited in the Video discription if im not mistaken {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} But yeah it looks great also the Song is really nice Still waiting for Soraka tho {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Have a nice day {{champion:16}}
: Dark Souls with a League Champion. Who would you pick?
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: But it is stupid to punish me an other players for a top player who picks Vayne, when adc says I wanna play adc. In promos when this happens basically I am beging for someone to dodge, and when it happens I am usually happy that someone have dodged. It was a easy lose/hard win stuation. At least for once at least during promotion should be tolerated. Yeah people can dodge if their main is banned, the point of banning for me is: I don't wanna play against that champ.
Just saying Top Vayne can be a valid Hardcounter to any immobile Tank/Bruser if my enemy is a garen i would likely pick Vayne against it ^^
JesRect (EUW)
: No I like talking when I'm winning or when I'm in normals just to have fun.... Mind if I friend u after 14 days xD
JesRect (EUW)
: why is this community so delusional ....... what is wrong with u how long have u been playing?????
Since 2014 i still suck tho ^_^ and i did find out all the stuff on my own Have a nice Day {{champion:16}}
: Change resolution keep the same sensitivity
i dont know if it works like that ^^ but since 1280 is 66.67 % of 1920 maybe try a dpi of around 800 ? thats kinda what im using and its fine for me if you can only change ingame im sadly not sure what you need to use :/ you could also try to see how far you need to move your mouse to get the cursor across the screen then switch resolution and try to get your settings so that the cursor to mouse movement ratio is the same :) maybe something helps ^^ {{champion:16}} Have a nice Day
: The Champion Banning Issue With League Of Legends
i really dont get why people have a problem with it :/ i dont ban stuff my teammate select but if you wantto play some crazy offmeta stuff otheres might consider Troll dont show it ^^ like who bans a champ you rarely see ? thats why i usally dont give away what i wanna pick :D back when i did occasionaly someone would take it away but then oh well its a Moba not and Rpg it is not the point to only play the same Thing or dodge every game were you cant get it i had way more of a Problem with 1. Showing my Champ 2.Somone leaves 3.New Teams and someone from the last lobby on my side bans my Pick as the enemy so welp i guess having more than 1 Champ to play is not too bad ? Greetings by a {{champion:16}}
: last update everything worked fine...but well the problem is that since the last update i mostly keep loading up to exactly 79% and then it only goes very slowly so that sometimes my team surrenders at 3 minutes. two updats before that i kept loading to 40 ..then a break ..then to 60% and i could hope to get into a game
> [{quoted}](name=Yoda der MASTER,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=7WhRtEbr,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-22T20:26:40.656+0000) > > last update everything worked fine...but > well the problem is that since the last update i mostly keep loading up to exactly 79% and then it only goes very slowly so that sometimes my team surrenders at 3 minutes. > two updats before that i kept loading to 40 ..then a break ..then to 60% and i could hope to get into a game Thats whats happening too me 20%...40%...60%...80%...100% Sometimes i get into the match sometimes im Stuck i got a 5x20 min Leaverbuster multiple times becouse of it
Pro Hunter1 (EUNE)
: Loading Screen
Yeah i have the same issue ever few games i just stay stuck in the Loading Screen my ping is at 40-50 so that should be fine Its just plain anoying i used the Hextech tool tryed diffrent settings on my Account even reinstalled the game but it just keeps happening ive got a 5x20min leaverbuster becouse of it even if i cant do nothing about it i never dc if i manage to get in a game :/
FixxeS (EUW)
: how much BE does a win give you?
Nah it was worse before it took ages to get stuff


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