Tarolock (EUNE)
: the toxic community should be fixed, but thats impossible
I think there should be a system like there is in CS:GO to where depending on how many reports you have there should be a link to who you play against. For example say you're toxic for a few games you are paired up against and with equally toxic players. This should be redeemable through commendations so that you can make amends.
Devrost (EUW)
: Champs have more impact into the game then skills.Yet some "smart people"on forum deny that so badly.Era of skills is pretty done.I saw many gold players in plat diamond just because they abuse some broken ass champ like {{champion:92}}
ye I agree, I play a mix of roles but recently thought I'd try {{champion:120}} jungle. First game i went 9-2-14 with an S-, second game I went 10-0-10 with an S, and it really wasn't hard at all. Contrast that to me having 100k points on {{champion:157}} and I still int some games on him, simply because the balancing is horrific, and skill really isn't a factor anymore.
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