NutterzUK (EUW)
: Mastery tokens not being rewarded?
Nevermind, I found this: It explains we need an S to get tokens for lvl 7 and only an S- for lvl 6.
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: Reminder: Third Party Applications
So - This means the sound packs are ok?
If we didn't have so many morons abusing the report system, it would work better. The issue is... EVERY game 2 or 3 players are shouting report x, report y. This way, there are so many reports it's difficult to tell the genuinely bad ones from the ones which are just there because people report everyone for everything! Oh you had a bad game? REPORT! Oh you started blue instead of red.... REPORT! Oh you picked Teemo... REPORT! Oh you missed your smite? REPORT! Who do you think has the time to go through all of these pointless reports? If you just report people for actual genuine abuse, not just having a bad game or picking a champ you don't like, then there will be fewer reports and they are more likely to be dealt with appropriately. I think players should be only able to report something like 2 players every 10 games. If there is a positive outcome (e.g it was reported for a good reason), they get their report back and can report someone else. These should be decided by the tribunal which seems down still, perhaps due to the sheer numbers i'm not sure. Therefore - if you report people for nonsense reasons, your report functionality gets taken away for a while. The issue with the current way it works is that the trolls themselves are able to ruin the system by reporting everyone! If this system is for the reasonable, non-troll players... then perhaps they should be the only ones with the report button available.
Kireyn (EUNE)
: Secondary support, matchmaking system
+1 to the idea of rewards for supports, since very few players want to play there - there needs to be something to level the playing field. I have nearly always played the bot lane - I can play all lanes but bot is my main place. I put bot/support, and EVERY time I get support. The only way not to get support is to put bot/mid. or bot/top etc, but then risk actually getting that position.
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Aniviated (EUW)
: Reset Que dodge and AFK penalties
An update caused the client to crash on the loading screen for everyone with Windows 10 a while back. Then it wouldn't let anyone in the game. It was fixed in a later patch (a known issue) - I complained to support for weeks asking to have my punishment (some low priority queue or something) taken off as it was unfair. Was it taken off? No. They just say tough cookie. This is how it goes with Riot. I quit for about 3 months because of it - I didn't want to play in the low priority queue because of some bug.
Voodoo (EUW)
: EUW Servers won't allow me to ban, I get punished
Why is the EUW server not exactly the same, or similar, to the NA server? Why is EUW always suffering this stuff? Last to get the patch.. last to start the season... first to break.
: One quick thing on Dynamic Queue
Also after selecting your "intent to pick" champ, this should be the default when it comes to locking in... it bothers me that I have to find the champion twice.
Riot tmx (EUW)
: You're still 0/0 and 9 games left to play. That particular game won't be counted towards your final placement.
I was on during this time - nobody in my game had issues yet one of the opponents said they also got "loss prevented". Does this mean that the win won't count for me, or does this only affect losses?
: How to improove the community
"some people need to get fired at riot" ... Developer to family,.. "Sorry, we have to move house and can't eat this month, I was fired because an abusive player (who plays for free) moaned on the forum.". Get a grip. "AT THE VERY LEAST, give us an indication bar" ... what... so you can abuse players right up until the point you may get punished? No. Be a toxic player and get banned.. that's the deal. Live with it. I've never been banned as I don't flame my team. Just grow up, take some responsibility for your flaming, stop saying riot staff should be sacked... that itself is toxic.


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