: I've been getting autofilled hard recently.
me too, since like one year ago
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Riot implemented "autofill" to shorter the queue times, but honestly id rather wait 5+ more minutes than playing a 30min game beeing autofilled. A short queue is necessary not only for the sake of a short queue but for better quality matchmaking, the longer the queue the more system has to broaden the search area meaning wider skill gap between the players. So you will lose not because role main is facing auto-filled player, but because of a huge skill difference. Riot was testing positional ranked, which would've addressed that, but the community was against it. At the very least positional matchmaking did work and it will still come in some form. Lastly for someone as high elo as you are auto-fill is a lot more necessary than anyone else, and queue without auto-fill can increase to quite massive numbers, there simply isn't enough players that high in the ladder.
quality matchmaking is not having autofills
: Sadly, autofill is needed. People should recognize that versatility is also a (neccessary) skill for solo queue. Possible ways to fix (and remove) it: * remove autofill: queue times will explode - the majority does not like to wait (S1 queue times in high elo could exceed 2h!) and the current method to circumvent this is: * increase skill-range: results in the same problems you were describing only to have skill gaps among players of their main role * positional matchmaking: players like that even less than autofill and they are just trying to game the system or troll to prevent this system from happening * no seasonal reset: this would improve individual skill evaluation which could enable better matchmaking even with MMR gaps, especially combined with positional matchmaking but at the cost of artificial progress ("climb") and the need of more grind * PID/SSN-verification to battle (anonymous) smurfing and boosting - many regions are strictly against this, especially NA * remove soloQ and replace with teamranked - I guess nothing needs to be said about that * bigger penalties for dodging: afaik autofill dodges do not remove that state so at least autofill already has dodge protection I could go on. Almost every viable option to increase ranked-integrity is/will be rejected by the community so autofill is the least evil atm.
1. As we said, we prefer to wait. 2. We don't need skill in other positions, like sportsmen don't play other position in matches, only training. 3. If there was no autofill, we would not need that skill in other positions. 4. Nothing to do with solo/duo or teamranked, we consideer that we can have the right of playing our positions even if solo/duo, why not? 5. I personally don't have so many problems with bigger penalties for dodging.
Smerk (EUW)
: > Today ive played 3 games and autofilled in 2 of them I'm pretty sure that's not possible. After first autofill you would get protection. Are you sure you aren't talking about your secondary role? Also dodges make it more likely that you'll get autofilled. And they also remove your protection if you have it
I don't lie, ok? I had 13 ranked games in a row having my secondary role. Yesterday 8 in a row. It is not normal. TOday 3 in a row being autofilled support. I am sick of this. There is no such protection. It happened to me many times.


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